Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs: February 20, 2024

Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs: February 20, 2024

Below are the Leon County Commission meeting briefs from the February 20, 2024 meeting.

The Board unanimously approved a status report on the Tallahassee-Leon County Local Broadband Technology Planning Team’s efforts to expand broadband access in unserved parts of Leon County and includes information on the Biden Administration’s plan for a National Spectrum Strategy to grow radio spectrum access for wireless communication by establishing a National Strategy.

The Board unanimously voted to adopt a Resolution to acknowledge and apologize for the history of slavery and racism in Leon County. All Commissioners expressed their support for the resolution, and Commissioner Bill Proctor noted that he cried while reading the resolution and thanked the Board for their “gutsy” step forward. He then made a motion to assimilate the apology by releasing an ad in the newspaper, broadcasting the apology on their channel and sending the apology to the archives at FAMU and more. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board unanimously approved the bid award for the Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail Phase II project to Sandco, LLC in the amount of $8,769,096 and authorized the County Administrator to execute the agreement. This project is funded through the separate joint project agreements with the City and Blueprint. Additionally, the project is located on Magnolia Drive between Pontiac Drive and Diamond Street.

The Board unanimously approved the status report regarding the extension of sewer services to properties in unincorporated Leon County within the Urban Service Area. This agenda item also identifies current planned sewer extension projects in those areas and outlines polices, plans and procedures.

The Board unanimously approved an amendment to the existing Florida Department of Environmental Protection Springs Restoration Grant Agreement to realize a total of $7,847,735 in additional funding for priority county septic-to-sewer projects for the Northeast Lake Munson and for the Woodville Sewer System Project.

The Board unanimously authorized the County Administrator to submit two Northwest Florida Water Management District Springs Restoration Grant Applications. One for the Woodville Sewer System Project for $10 million, and the other for the Munson Slough for $2 million.

The Board unanimously voted to nominate citizen Karrie Larson to Seat 12 on the Advisory Committee for Quality Growth, and Melissa Hill to the Joint City/County Bicycling Workgroup.

The Board voted unanimously approved an ordinance amending the Official Zoning Map to change the zoning classification from Single-Family Detached, Attached and Two-Family Residential to “The Dwellings II Planned Unit Development (PUD)” for 33.52 acres located at 5100 Blountstown Highway. The proposed PUD incorporates 130-unit tiny home development and community center with an approximate 200-unit proposed multi-family development in the northern portion with a maximum of 335-dwelling units.

The Board unanimously voted to formally abandon a portion of platted, unimproved right-of-way located within the Woodville Plat (ROW), as requested by the adjacent property owners in order to incorporate the ROW into their property.

The Board held a lengthy discussion regarding an item to adopt an Ordinance prohibiting solicitation on private property with postage signage. The proposed Ordinance would allow law enforcement to enforce the prohibition of unauthorized solicitation on private property when the required actions have been taken by the property owner, managing and authorizing agent, lessee/tenant, or person otherwise in charge of the private property. The motion passed 5-2 with Commissioners David O’Keefe and Bill Proctor in dissent. Proctor explained he wanted staff to bring back more information before he could support the Ordinance. While O’Keefe noted he had several problems with the Ordinance, he claimed the Ordinance would take away discretion from property owners and said that ultimately the solicitors would just move onto more public spaces.

7 Responses to "Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs: February 20, 2024"

  1. Followed by their awards they will present to themselves for their great humanitarianism which they will accept at the Amelia Island junket (funded by taxpayers). You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. “Commissioner Bill Proctor noted that he cried while reading the resolution and thanked the Board for their “gutsy” step forward.”

    So… apologizing for something no one alive today had anything to do with is a “gutsy” step forward? Well, at least Bill made sure everyone knew he cried about it. Do you think his crocodile tears will help stem the growing crime rate?

    Ignorance abounds among the County and City elected folks. Perhaps they should all apologize for the child slave labor used in Africa to mine the cobalt and other minerals needed for their warming globes EV push and Green New Steal.

  3. An apology! Suddenly the crime in my area disappears! No more litter! No more gunshots! No more break ins! No more vehicle thefts! No more murders! No more rapes! No more prostitutes walking in the neighborhood! No more drug deals!
    Now an apology is made, we can all rest peacefully!
    No? Oh yes, the door is open. Reparations next! Then things will change! Yeah…right…

  4. “ for the history of slavery and racism in Leon Count“

    This is preposterous! Every commissioner that buys cheap Chinese goods is supporting slavery in China. Shop at Walmart-you support slavery. Most of you bathroom stuff and medications-made in China where an estimated 5.8 people are living in modern slavery. How can you be truly against slavery when you buy good made in a country with slavery?

    70 percent of black births are out of wedlock. The black community is the major source of crime that I would argue are the direct result of the Democrat Party’s social programs… I.e. Welfare

    This apology is 100 percent Bovine Defecation that will not solve one problem.

  5. So the Board was responsible for slavery in Leon County? Vote.Them.Out.
    I personally have had enough. Higher taxes. Crime. Lack of affordable housing. Transgender
    preschool mandates(and that is one word, you perverts – NOT Man Dates),
    Amelia Island taxpayer funded Junkets, and now SLAVERY?
    This whole city is a mess.

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