Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: February 21, 2024

Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: February 21, 2024

Below are the Tallahassee City Commission meeting briefs from the February 21, 2024 meeting.

The City Commission voted to award contracts for Sidewalk Construction and Rehabilitation Services (RFSQ No. 008-24-CW), and authorize the City Manager, or designee to execute contracts with Hale Contracting, Inc.; M of Tallahassee, Inc.; Sandco, LLC; and Davidson Contracting Corp. These contracts will have an initial three-year term with an option for two one-year extensions.

The City Commission approved the renewal of existing maintenance and lease agreements associated with the operation of City technology for FY24, in the amount not to exceed $3,100,000. The annual equipment lease agreements and renewals protect City resources from external threats. These agreements also provide ongoing hardware and software support and upgrades to our infrastructure resources, such as virtualization, data storage, and physical servers.

The City approved the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) request for the utilization of funds from the Federal Law Enforcement Forfeiture Fund ($75,500) and the department’s General Fund liability account ($354,590) to support the provision of additional training, supplies, equipment, and facility repair. These funds enhances department expertise, operational capability, officer safety and wellness, and community programs, and improves an existing City facility in need of repair.

The City approved the introduction of an ordinance to revise sections of the Tallahassee Land Development Code (TLDC) related to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Currently, the TLDC allows ADUs to be built up to 800 square feet and be located on any single-family or non-residential lot.  Additionally, within the Multi-Modal Transportation District (MMTD), an ADU may be built on any duplex lot. Ordinance 24-O-03 has been drafted to update TLDC development standards related to ADUs to improve the ability to construct ADUs.

The City approved the selection committee’s recommendation of award for Griffin Heights Housing Improvement Rehab Program Administration (RFP-013-24-KM) and authorization for the City Manager or his designee to negotiate and execute a contract with the Tallahassee Urban League. The selection committee reviewed and scored the bid submittals and has recommended that The Tallahassee Urban League be awarded the contract to administer the program.

The City Commission voted to authorize the issuance of bonds by the Capital Trust Authority on behalf the Affordable Housing Preservation Corporation (AHPC). (AHPC) is a non-profit corporation that purchased the Plantations at Pine Lake Apartments located at 1833 Halstead Boulevard in 2021.? Plantations at Pine Lake Apartments consists of 108 units and was constructed in 1971.?

The City Commission received an update regarding Leon County Commissioner David O’Keefe’s actions at the construction site of the future Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) headquarters on January 25, 2024. TPD has confirmed that there is an active investigation into this incident. While investigative details remain confidential at this time, staff provided publicly available information related to the incident.

City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow criticized the Commission for the O’Keefe report saying thee investigation feels politically motivated. O’Keefe was with Matlow when the incident took place, and Matlow is often at odds with Dailey and City Manager Reese Goad, who Matlow says the police ultimately answer to.

9 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: February 21, 2024"

  1. The Feb 22 Commonsense seems like the authentic one.

    Of course that Gro Tallahassee crowd and the high paid city positions where they are using them solely to run the mayor’s campaign bullying takes over.

    Would TR be able to verify? This has been a problem before where people are able to take over identities on this forum.

    Tallahassee has a problem right now and the mayor and the city manager misused their positions and resources with a law enforcement agency to harass a political nemesis. This is wrong. This needs to stop. It needs to be addressed and there needs to be consequences.

    Why is the mayor’s former top aide doing the agenda on O’Keefe item for the city manager? The mayor and the city manager are busted on misusing their positions and resources. This is very serious.

  2. Stop using my name for pro Matlow posts! They’re all terrible but that’s besides the point – anyone can see what O’Keefe did and Matlow is acting like a buffoon. Telling.

  3. Does anyone know if the State of Florida has any legal authority to investigate and possibly remove a City Manager from office? Might be worth looking into. You obviously know the “3-2 commission” will never do that.

  4. Breaking news …

    TD has reported that the agenda item regarding O’Keef was not prepared by the city manager, but by the director of strategic innovation, a former Dailey top aide.

    This would be a second misuse of position and resources by Mayor Dailey and City Manager Goad in this latest drama.

    This is irrefutable proof that substantiates the constant, inappropriate and misuse of office and resources by the city manager continually misusing staff and resources to do the bidding of Mayor Dailey to carry out in this instance, yet another political vendetta.

    Should this be referred to the state attorney and the state for ethics reviews, I believe it should.

  5. Sorry Matlow BUT…….. O’Keefe jumped the Fence. There ARE “No Trespassing” Signs Posted. Those signs do NOT need to be every foot. ALL 3 of you saw the Signs. Even if there were no Signs present, he still Trespassed because he had to jump a Fence to get it. Fences are erected to KEEP PEOPLE OUT. 4′, 6′ 8′ 10′ high does not matter, it is a FENCE to keep People OUT. Anyone jumps my fence, they better hope I am not home because I own Guns and WILL use one. The excuse you all used, saying there was not a Sign on the section O’Keefe jumped just shows us the type of person you all are. All three of you, especially O’Keefe, needs to Apologize for your lack of judgement.

  6. Personally, I don’t agree with any fence jumping amd thing those involved should have gone to the on-site construction office, identified themselves as city and county comissioners and asked for a time and day for a tour.

    With that said, I think the reaction of other city commissioners is appalling and only wish they were so reactive to 1.3 milion gallons of raw sewage spills in 2023, staff’s REFUSAL to track the sources of toxic contaminants to our Class III recreational waters, and gross lack of transparency for spills, contaminated sites, and enforcement consent orders!

    Stay tuned, I’m considering starting a non-profit to address these issues more aggressively, including possible legal actions! Surveys being prepared to judge amount of community and regional support. Contact me if interested: terry@thetrakker.com

  7. If only this City Manager and Mayor would give as many updates on the sewage spills, special interests, kickbacks as they are on their politically motivated police investigation directed at a political nemesis.

    Who voted in this city manager? Was it, Curtis Richardson, Gillum, and Scott Maddox? Explains a lot that the city manager is there to run interference for their special interests and corruption and not serve the citizens of Tallahassee. Perfect example of a city manager facilitating political nonsense.

    There needs to be a nationwide search for a competent city manager who has the interests of the citizens on the agenda and not special interests of elected officials running their campaigns 24/7.

    Isn’t it a crime to misuse their positions to (mis)use law enforcement to conduct a political vendetta?

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