Blueprint to Consider Expanding North Monroe Project

Blueprint to Consider Expanding North Monroe Project

At the February 29th meeting, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors (IA Board) will consider a substantial amendment process required to expand the North Monroe Gateway project by adding a new, unfunded, Phase 2 north of Interstate-10 (I-10) to Fred George Road. The proposed amendment was requested by the IA Board at the September 21, 2023 meeting.

Improvements north of Interstate-10 are estimated at approximately $15 million.

The agenda notes a potential leveraging opportunity though coordination with CRTPA that would use the funds planned to be allocated in FY 2026 to North Monroe Gateway project (approximately $4.2 million) as the 20% matching funds for a federal Safe Streets for All (SS4A) grant application for up to $21 million.

The IA Board staff does not recommend initiating the substantial amendment process at this time and recommends directing staff to bring an item back in the future to initiate the process should the SS4A grant be successful,

Currently, the North Monroe Gateway project has a total estimated cost of $22.5 million with Blueprint covering $4.45 million to complete the remaining improvements ($4.2 million to be allocated in FY 2026). To date, $234,000 in local (Blueprint) funding for this project have been expended or reserved.

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  1. @ Commonsense = The problem is, the City & County Commissioners do not think 10, 15, 20 Years ahead. They think 1, 2, 3 Years ahead, maybe 5. When they held the Town Hall Meeting on the new Subdivision to be built between Centerville and Miccosukee (Canopy), I was there and asked just one question. “How are you going to move the Cars?” I then had to explain it. “You are looking at about 3000 to 4000 Vehicles staying their once filled, You are between TWO Canopy Roads that you can’t widen or add Turn Lanes to, How are you going to move the Cars?” There answer to me was, “We’re working on that”. I just walked out.

  2. Let me see if I have this correct. Over many years, the city ignores how a major corridor into the city is developing but continues to approve new construction projects anyway. Years later, the corridor looks like_______(fill-in the blank with your favorite critical word). Then, they come to the tax payers and expect them to help pay millions to try to clean-up the mess they allowed to be made of that corridor. Please correct me if I have this wrong but that’s what I see going on here.

    Future prediction: That’s currently what’s happening along 319 and the section of Thomasville Road heading North of I10 on the East-side of town. Anything a developer wants is being built anywhere with no concern for what it’ll eventually look like. Years from now we’ll be hearing of the initiative to clean-up those sections of roads that look like _______ .

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