Mayor Dailey Addresses Tallahassee’s Economy, Firefighters at NEBA Meeting

Mayor Dailey Addresses Tallahassee’s Economy, Firefighters at NEBA Meeting

On February 27th, the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates held their monthly meeting, hosting Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey and Leon County Chair Carolyn Cummings.

Dailey addressed the economic future of Tallahassee and the ongoing negotiations between the City and the Fire Department.

Dailey responded to comments that were recently made by Florida Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Wilson, where he gave Tallahassee an unpleasant economic forecast and noted the City and County lacked community vision.

Dailey said he believes Tallahassee’s economy is moving in the right direction, and noted that when he was elected one of the first things he did was created the Strategic Plan for the community, stating, “Our Priorities, in no particular order– the top three are still economic development, moving our community forward– and as a result, our economy is red-hot. We have one of the fastest growing economies per capita of any municipality in the State of Florida.”

Dailey also discussed the airport, citing it as a “game changer” stating, “Let us not forget that when we finish the international wing at the Tallahassee International Airport, that is a game changer folks.” He continued, “And our airport, by the way, has over $950 million economic impact on an annual basis, right here. But with the expansion of international opportunities, both flights and shipping, it’s going to be unbelievable.”

Additionally, Dailey addressed the ongoing negotiations regarding salary between the City and the Tallahassee Fire Department. When asked if there was anything in the works for a Fire Department salary increase, Dailey responded, “Let me be very clear, the City of Tallahassee has an incredible offer on the table. We are waiting for the union leadership to take it to the membership for a vote. I don’t know what’s going on within the union. We have been negotiating as well as we possibly can. I have a feeling that if they took our offer to the table, it would pass. They need to take the offer.” He continued noting that the City has been trying to negotiate with them for the past year, and that “the ball is in their court.”

6 Responses to "Mayor Dailey Addresses Tallahassee’s Economy, Firefighters at NEBA Meeting"

  1. Yet, the mayor fails to disclose that the “Burrell Aviation’s $20 million investment in TLH falls apart” in October 2023, per the Tallahassee Democrat.

  2. Not to say the millions of dollars the City is spending to plant trees and flowers on N Monroe St instead of using that money to expand Monroe St to 6 lanes to help with some of the traffic congestion. The backup is only going to get worse as. Tallahassee continues to grow. The City wants Federal money to pay for this mess. It is just another example of poor use of money and a waste down the line because eventually Monroe St is going to have to be expanded to 6 lanes all the way to the State Capital.

  3. Notice it’s all fluff that there are always big things to come, but no mention of any accomplishments; unless you include the high crime rate, numerous sewage spills, fiscally irresponsible spending, degradation of water bodies, and misuse of city staff and resources as accomplishments.

    When you have the Florida Chamber of Commerce president and the Tallahassee Firefighters, displeased with your performance, you know things are bad.

    Where is the report (cover up) on the sewage spills?!!!

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