Planning Commission to Consider 150 Acre Residential Development

Planning Commission to Consider 150 Acre Residential Development

On March 5, 2024, the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Commission will consider a request to conduct the first and only public hearing related to an an ordinance to change the zoning classification from Single-Family Detached Residential (R-1) to the Citrus Grove Planned Unit Development (PUD) for 149.35 acres located between Apalachee Parkway and Old Saint Augustine Road at their intersections with April Road.

On April 9, 2024, the Leon County Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed Ordinance.

The project proposes a PUD Concept Plan for a residential development that allows a maximum of 542 dwelling units at a density of 3.63 units per acre. The PUD Concept Plan identifies general areas for development (single-family detached, townhomes, and community facilities) as well as conservation and open space areas.

The applicant is Holtzman Vogel, which is represented by Robert Volpe & Darrin Taylor, and the owner is St. Joe Company, LLC, with Jorge Gonzalez listed as the company president. 

Provided below are applicant and staff responses to several issues related to Planned Unit Developments.

Consistency with Purpose and Intent of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) district.

Applicant response:  “This PUD provides a wider range of housing types and development standards than currently allowed under R-1 zoning. This flexibility allows the developer to provide more than single family detached housing and townhomes. This better reflects the varied needs of consumers who are demanding more than single family detached housing.”

Staff response: Staff concurs. The proposed PUD provides greater flexibility in its varied housing types and development standards than what is currently permitted under the R-1 zoning district. The proposed standards also provide for the ability to allow more compact development that clusters the developed area away from environmentally sensitive features. The proposed PUD also requires additional trail amenities and enhanced buffer standards that would not be required under the existing zoning district.

Encourage uses of land which reduce transportation needs and which conserve energy and natural resources to the maximum extent possible.  

Applicant response: “The PUD is located within the urban service area and is already designated for urban development on the County’s future land use map. The property is approximately 0.3 miles from the closest retail (Dollar General) with multiple properties zoned OR-2 or Commercial Parkway within that distance. The general area does not yet reflect a mixed use pattern but this PUD furthers the purpose and intent of the PUD district and the adopted Future Land Use Map. The PUD conserves the natural resources within the property by clustering the development to the eastern portion of the property and incorporates trails in the open space portion of the development to encourage walking and biking.”

Staff response: Staff concurs. The PUD allows for clustering of development areas to better preserve the natural and cultural resources that are on (and adjacent to) the site. The proposed trails will also encourage walking and biking.

Preserve to the greatest extent possible, and utilize in a harmonious fashion, existing landscape features and amenities.  

Applicant response: “This PUD clusters the development on the eastern portion of the property and preserves over half of the property as conservation and open space. Trails will be constructed in the open space areas as a public amenity.”

Staff response: Staff concurs that the project meets this criterion.

Provide for more usable and suitably located recreational facilities, open spaces and scenic areas, either commonly owned or publicly owned, than would otherwise be provided under a conventional zoning district. 

Applicant response: “This PUD gives design flexibility to the developer, which allows for the clustering of more trees and natural areas to be preserved in exchange for flexibility in lot sizes, setbacks and other design requirements. This could not be achieved under the standard R-1 zoning. The open space areas will also serve as a passive recreational amenity.”

Staff response: Staff concurs. The proposed PUD provides for recreational facilities and development standards that would not be achieved via a conventional zoning district.

Lower development and building costs by permitting smaller networks of utilities and streets and the use of more economical building types and shared facilities. 

Applicant response: “This PUD will allow for flexibility in site design which allows for more efficient use of the property. The variety in housing types will also allow for a wider range in housing costs. The development is also connecting to public facilities (potable water and sanitary sewer) which are already in place along US 27.”

Staff response: Staff concurs that the project meets this criterion.

Permit the combining and coordinating of land uses, building types, and building relationships within a planned development, which otherwise would not be provided under a conventional zoning district. 

Applicant response: “As mentioned, this PUD gives the developer more flexibility in the design and how the various housing types and the amenities are coordinated than what is allowed under standard R-1 zoning.”

Staff response: Staff concurs that the project meets this criterion.

7 Responses to "Planning Commission to Consider 150 Acre Residential Development"

  1. We successfully fought against the Old St. Augustine road access from the Mariana Oaks subdivision at the corner of Williams Road & Old St. Augustine. So keep up the fight.

  2. @ SHS = Most like not a Low Income Project because the Bus stops at Connor BLVD. April is farther out.

    @ Mark A Mahoney = April Road is a Dirt Road that goes to St. Augustine so, they will most likely just widen and pave it. Of course they will most likely Over Design it and Over Spend on it.

    We will most likely see an increase of 1500 to 2000 more Cars on the Parkway & St. Augustine. I have lived out past there for 10 Years now and have only seen one Car Crash on St. Augustine, you can expect to see them often once that place starts filling in.

  3. Please note that this proposal (if approved) will potentially allow for an outlet onto Old St. Augustine road, one of our most beautiful canopy roads. as a homeowner since 1999 who lives off old St. Augustine Rd. the an increase in traffic flow has been significant. over that time. Allowing for a substantial increase in traffic would be detrimental to the safety and environment of this unique canopy road. Add the potential for large construction vehicles on Old St. Augustine Rd. and we are talking real problems. The Canopy Roads Citizens Committee’s role is a crucial one in this matter. I am hopeful that they will “step-up” and realize that an outlet onto Old St. Augustine Rd, will have some serious detrimental consequences.

  4. Citizens need to keep watch to make sure this doesn’t look like the Boulos development.

    Somehow the Tallahassee Leon County leaders have dropped the ball on aesthetics, engineering standards, maintaining water quality bodies, and it shows. Their re-election campaigns and special interests have taken precedence.

    Candidates in this election cycle should have platforms that call for a new city manager, fiscal responsibility, no taxpayer dollars spent on Chamber of Commerce junkets, and securing a public report on the the state of the sewer systems and of water bodies.

    The candidates who are recipients of bundled contributions should be voted out. They are a detriment to the quality of life in Tallahassee.

  5. Is this development going to be low income housing or a more upscale neighborhood like Southwood? The Southeast side doesn’t need more housing. We need more restaurants and stores.

  6. With all these new Developments on the East-Southeast Side of Tallahassee, have you given any thought to School Zone Changes as well? I live 5 Miles out Apalachee Parkway by the old Land Fill and I am in the Rickards High School Zone when Lincoln is much closer.

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