Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: March 6, 2024

Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: March 6, 2024

Provided below are the Tallahassee City Commission meeting briefs from the March 6, 2024 meeting.

The City Commission voted to approve a settlement in a personal injury matter involving Jennifer Marks against the City of Tallahassee. The matter was negotiated through a mediation with Plaintiff’s attorney, Craig Richards, and the City Attorney’s Office in which we were able to amicably resolve all of Ms. Marks’ claims, including past and future medical expenses, past wage losses, past and future pain and suffering, costs and attorneys’ fees, for a total amount of $105,000.00, subject to Commission approval.

The City Commission voted to approve the recommendation of award and an additional $250,000 project contingency for the Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation Project to CW Roberts Contracting, Inc., and authorize the City Manager, or Designee, to negotiate and execute a contract. The project will provide for rehabilitating the pavement, lighting, signage, pavement markings, maintaining pavement drainage system, and improvements to the runway safety areas and runway object-free areas as required to meet current FAA safety standards. 

The City Commission voted to approve a resolution authorizing the City Manage to execute a State-Funded Grant Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation to accept and expend $1,000,000 for the Southside Transit Center. The item notes that the construction of the City’s Southside Transit Center, located on the corner of Meridian St. and Orange Ave., supports the City’s Strategic Plan objective to “Ensure public transit is accessible, efficient and equitable.”

The City Commission voted to approve a resolution opposing state legislative efforts to prohibit any oversight of law enforcement agencies in relation to the investigation of complaints of misconduct by law enforcement officers by a civilian or citizen review board such as the Tallahassee Citizen Police Review Board. The Florida Legislature is currently considering legislation (Senate Bill 576 and House Bill 601) that would prohibit municipalities from adopting or enforcing any ordinance relating to civilian investigations of misconduct by law enforcement.

The City Commission voted to approve a resolution, modeled after one recently approved by Leon County, acknowledging, and apologizing for the history of slavery and racism in the City of Tallahassee. The agenda item notes that “As part of a growing movement across the country to address racial inequity, cities and counties have issued apologies for historic injustices that occurred within their jurisdictions. While a resolution cannot erase past wrongs or solve multi-generational issues, it can signal a governing body’s priorities, including a willingness to continue engaging in efforts to remove barriers to equality and prosperity.”

During the sharing ideas segment of the meeting, Commissioner Matlow made a motion that the City request Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor join the City in negotiations with the Tallahassee firefighters in an effort to reach an agreement related to salary negotiations. The motion was not taken up. Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad stated that he believed if the rank & file firefighters had an opportunity to vote on the latest offer from the City of Tallahassee it would be accepted. Commissioner Matlow disagreed with the statement.

The City Commission unanimously passed a motion requesting a report on providing a comprehensive child care program.

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  1. You’re going to accept and expend $1,000,000 for the Southside Transit Center, so tell me WHY you spent all that Money on that same location to put in a Park for a couple Years just to have no one use it? I drive by their every day.

    What Offer does Mr. Goad believe the rank & file firefighters would Vote for?

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