National: Biden to Give State of the Union

National: Biden to Give State of the Union

President Joe Biden will deliver his third State of the Union address tonight, a speech that comes against the backdrop of the ongoing influx of migrants at the US-Mexico border, the US role in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas wars, delays in the passage of a federal budget, and more. 

Biden is expected to tout positive US economic indicators, including 3% growth in 2023, as well as efforts to address lower consumer prices after nearly two years of persistently high inflation, which peaked above 9% in June 2022. Analysts say the appearance also marks an opportunity for Biden to address criticisms of his age and fitness to hold office for another four years. The 81-year-old Biden is the oldest president to hold office; his likely challenger, 77-year-old former President Donald Trump, would be the second-oldest were he to win reelection (see comparisons). 

The address will be aired on major networks beginning at 9 pm ET, with Alabama Sen. Katie Britt providing the GOP response.

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  1. @ David T. Hawkins. I will have to pass on that game. I simply cannot drink in those amounts like that any more.

  2. Big Tech is already screwing with conservative websites to block the reality of the Dementia Patient Pedo-in-Chief.

  3. DRINKING GAME: Every time Biden says Trump’s name, you take a Shot. Every time Biden says a LIE about Trump, you Down a Beer. It’s not the age that maters, it’s the Mental State, Cognitiveness, Biden has none. It’s going to be aired on major networks beginning at 9 pm ET, that’s pretty late for him to be up and be able to make a Speech that people will be able to understand and follow so, I assume it will be pre-recorded earlier today?

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