Local Politics: Mayor Dailey, Matlow Choose Candidates in City Races

Local Politics: Mayor Dailey, Matlow Choose Candidates in City Races

The longstanding tradition of local elected officials remaining publicly “neutral” in elections that involve colleagues has fallen victim to the battle for control of the city commission between the progressive movement in Tallahassee and traditional Democrats in recent election cycles.

This cycle will be no different.

With the city commission stuck in 3-2 split on major issues, Mayor John Dailey and City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow have recently made public announcements about who they will support in the upcoming city elections.

Matlow made his preference for Porter know back in March, when campaign reports show he donated $1,000 to the Porter campaign.

More recently, on social media, City Commissioner Matlow has indicated he will support Dot Inman-Johnson. who is challenging City Commissioner Curtis Richardson.

On social media, in a fundraising message, Matlow wrote, “Enough is enough. If you’re ready to bring common sense and decency back to City Hall, join us. Together, we are building a city that leaves the negativity behind and supports the public interest over the will of insider special interests. Donate now:”

At a recent private function related to Tallahassee’s Bicentennial celebration, Mayor Dailey made comments that indicate he will support Rudy Ferguson, who is challenging incumbent City Commissioner Jack Porter.

Matlow has become the face and leader of the local progressive movement, pushing his priorities during city commission meetings via motions and comments during the sharing of ideas section of city meetings.

Mayor Dailey, with a majority of Democrats on the city commission, has pushed back on progressive proposals with a number of 3-2 votes and has openly sparred with Matlow during meetings.

With elections almost six months away, the endorsements by Matlow and Dailey – much like party labels – will help candidates in fundraising and with name recognition.

13 Responses to "Local Politics: Mayor Dailey, Matlow Choose Candidates in City Races"

  1. I support the city commissioners and Mayor endorsing who they want to be elected. If I don’t know the candidates, I do know who supports them and I can use that as a guide.

  2. Ahhh, come on CommonNonsense… don’t be too hard on yourself, champ. It’s always tough when one is outed. It happens to all of us, even me. Don’t sweat it, slick, you earned your fee.

  3. Poor Mr. Lyle. Typical Democratic response to a completely non-partisan comment that presents a view different from his very limited belief system.

    For your information, I don’t even live within the city limits and have no party or organization affiliation with the city or their related organizations.

    I’m just a simple observer of the ridiculous going-ons within the city government who occasionally offers a commonsense point-of-view on various issues.

    No need to throw accusations at me. Just open your mind to the intent of the message within my comment. It may help you.

  4. CommonNonsense forgot to add the required disclaimer.

    “Political Advertisement paid for and Approved by the Progressive Marxist Movement of Tallahassee”

    … there, I fixed it for ya. I didn’t want you to get in trouble.

  5. That’s just changing one corruption for another. Power corrupts. If we want it to stop we need less govt, not just different politicians. Personally I’m moving as soon as possible.

  6. Some people may not like the personalities, positions, or ideas of Porter and Matlow, but without those two who would continue the fight against the corruption that still exists within the city government and commission?

    At city meetings, the critical remarks made by the citizens against the commission are quite revealing. Just about every criticism is leveled against the “controlling threesome” of Dailey, Richardson and Cox. Three to two vote outcomes on just about every agenda item of substance.

    If you haven’t taken the time to attend or watch a City Commission meeting, I encourage you to do so. It may change your perception of Porter and Matlow a bit. It’s much more informative than reading someone’s opinion about them in the Democrat or on some social media site.

  7. @ NE NotSoModerate… dude, dudette, whatever… where were you when I was selling bridges? If these two progressively-Marxist clowns get control, you’re bank account won’t know what hit it. You might have to find a cheaper trailer to rent.

  8. “Enough is enough. If you’re ready to bring common sense and decency back to City Hall, join us.” = Classic Alinsky Projection

    Jack and the Pizza Boy gotta go.

  9. You nailed it, Resident!

    And who are the conservatives on our commissions supporting?

    Oh wait…there are none.

  10. Matlow thinks everyone that disagrees with him is indecent. He leaves me no choice but to despise him as much as he despises me.
    Someone is always corrupt or lacks decency with him, he can’t just have a policy disagreement he has to assail whoever it is, whether he calls them corrupt or says they lack decency, its always the same with him, you’re bad and he’s good.

    I’ll bet Matlow’s really short…

  11. North East property taxes support the south side gravy train.
    If the NE would sever its ties to the rest if the city, it would financially ruin the City of Tallahassee.
    Yet, the NE has virtually no representation on the city commission.

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