Children’s Services Council Approves Summer Program Funding

Children’s Services Council Approves Summer Program Funding

On March 7th, the Leon County Children’s Service Council held their Governing Council meeting discussing summer programs and more.

During the beginning of the meeting, one Leon County resident spoke out against the letter that the County sent to the CSC asking them to replicate and fund a process similar to the Community Human Service Partnership for Fiscal Year 2027.

This comment sparked a discussion amongst the Council.

Member Paul Mitchell said the County pulled “a bait and switch” stating, “The taxpayers created the Children’s Service Council to fund certain things with a very specific mission and the County, like every organization is struggling for funds these days and saw this as an opportunity.”

The Council received a status report from Gary VanLandingham, Director of the Askew School of Public Administration, who is currently training CSC’s family strengthening programs. VanLandingham explained that the school is providing technical assistance to these program grantees to help them create strong accountability systems that inform operation and provide robust outcome data to the CSC.

The Council approved funding 12 summer camp programs which would serve 906 children in the amount of $1,716,951.48. Council Members O’Bryant and Mitchell voted in dissent, noting that the amount approved went over the original recommended budget for summer programs.

Staff explained to the Board that during summer months children (especially those who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods) regress in their math and reading skills. However, it was noted this can be prevented in children who attend summer camp programs for an extended period of time, which is why the CSC set a minimum threshold for the applicants to serve children for six weeks or more, for six hours a day, and for at least four days a week.

The Council unanimously approved a short-term mini-funding cycle to support nonprofit organizations that provide inclusive and enriching summer camp experiences for children with special needs. An organization may be awarded up to $75,000 in funding for a period of four months (May 1– August 30). These funds are to be used exclusively to provide an eligible child with financial support to attend camp for up to two weeks during the 2024 summer. The total available funding for these programs is $375,000.

The Council unanimously approved five different small investment programs whose categories range from youth development, school-age support and caregiver support. The rolling total for all of these programs is $135,000.

3 Responses to "Children’s Services Council Approves Summer Program Funding"

  1. Is any of this $$$ heading to anywhere besides Southside? The camp programs in the community centers in Southside are already free.

  2. So the CSC has “family strengthening programs”? That used to be a function of the church and was very successful. What happened? Is treating your neighbor like you would like to be treated and the 10 simple rules to live by too difficult? When did the local faith leaders turn their job of family strengthening program over to the government?

  3. I remember watching County Commission Meetings when the Nonprofits would show up and ask for Money. The Commissioners would vote on it and either Give them all they asked for, part of what they asked for or None of what they asked for. The Commissioners handled it. NOW, we Tax Payers pay a lot of People a LOT of Money just to decide. End the CSC.

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