Leon County Report: 1,733 Entered Pretrial Release Program in 2023

Leon County Report: 1,733 Entered Pretrial Release Program in 2023

The 2023 Annual Supervised Pretrial Release (SPTR) report will be presented to the Leon County Commission at their March 19, 2024 meeting. The SPTR – which is required by Florida law – provides details related to the operation of the program.

The 2023 report, which covers program activities between January 1 and December 31, 2023, shows that a total of 2,680 defendants were supervised in the calendar year. The report notes that 1,733 entered the SPTR program in the calendar year and 944 entered during a previous year.

A total of 1921 or 72% of the defendants supervised had no violations. There were 759 of the defendants (28%) that violated their condition of pretrial release for one of the following reasons:

– 368 (14%) tested positive for illegal drug or alcohol use or failed to maintain contact with their Pretrial Release Officer.
– 261 (10%) committed a new offense.
– 130 (5%) failed to appear for a court hearing.

Other operational statistics:

-Funding sources for the Supervised Pretrial Release (SPTR) Division include local general revenue totaling $1,251,966.70.

-The number of persons employed by the Division totaled 14 staff members during 2023.

-The number of defendants interviewed and assessed for pretrial release totaled 1,079.

-600 defendants were accepted into the pretrial release program with dangerous crimes as defined under section 907.041, F.S.;

-580 defendants were accepted into the pretrial release program with non-violent felonies

-521 defendants were accepted into the pretrial release program having only misdemeanors;

-The number of defendants accepted into the pretrial program with no prior criminal conviction is 931

Cost Savings

According to the report, the average daily operating cost of the jail per inmate was $93.58. The use of SPTR as an alternative, costs $4.49 per day. The Program diverted an estimated total of 302,585 inmate days from the Leon County Detention Facility. This resulted in a daily savings
of $89.10. The total cost savings was $26,960,323.50.

5 Responses to "Leon County Report: 1,733 Entered Pretrial Release Program in 2023"

  1. This: “A total of 1921 or 72% of the defendants supervised had no violations” should read did not get caught committing new violations.

    The report doesn’t jive with reality. Just like Biden saying the economy is really great.

    I would argue the biggest group committing crime is our local black communities. Almost every day, the Leon County Booking Report has three of four pages of black men and women that broke the law, and many are violations of parole, failure to appear or failure to comply with pre-trial conditions.

    Once you are in the jail house, inmates can lay around and watch TV until the public defender’s office (fully funded by taxpayers) gets them released and launches their defense to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Inmate no longer can be forced to be on work crews. Instead the government hires workers to do clean up.

    Then the liberal community runs cover for them. Face it, by third grade the future is set for too many black kids when they start to fall behind in school. Social programs have fostered out of wedlock births in the black community. The democrats have dealt the black community a dirty deal and got them to buy-in 100%. Democrats pee down your back and tell you it’s raining.

    But that is just my observation.

  2. Everyone arrested for any type of Crime should be Booked into the Jail and some given Bail depending on what they did and if they are repeat offenders. To help pay to run the Jail and to expand it, I think you should ad a Bail Fee to their Bail. For every $1,000 in Bail the JUDGE sets, a $100 Fee is added. Example: Bail is set at $10,000, the Fee is $1,000. You pay a Bail Bondsman $1,000 (10%) PLUS the $1,000 Fee for a Total of $2,000. Before anyone starts crying about how some can’t afford it, maybe those people should STOP DOING CRIMES. With everything going on in the US and soon in Florida, we are going to need a bigger Jail so, lets get a jump start on it.

  3. So, you have a better chance of getting pre-trial release for the commission of a “dangerous crime” than a non-violent felony or a misdemeanor crime. The county saves money by exposing us to more dangerous crimes. There is no way you can make me believe the county saved 26 million dollars letting violent offenders roam the streets. That’s straight up bs.

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