City Commission Approves Velda Dairy, Ox Bottom Road Intersection Agreement

City Commission Approves Velda Dairy, Ox Bottom Road Intersection Agreement

At the March 27th Tallahassee City Commission meeting, elected officials voted 4-1 to approve an intersection agreement related to the extension of Velda Dairy Road connecting with Ox Bottom Road and installation of a traffic signal at the intersection with Thomasville Road.

City Commissioner Jack Porter was the only no vote. 

The agreement provides for concurrency credit to the developer for the dedication of the land for the Velda Dairy Road extension right-of-way, and the cost of the land, design and construction of the stormwater management facility which will serve the roadway improvements. 

The agreement also provides for reimbursement to the developer for design and permitting costs for roadway improvements within the Thomasville Road right-of-way and on the east side of Thomasville Road (East Side Roadway Improvements).

Thomasville Road is owned and maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation. 

The agenda item notes that project will allow for trips to divert from the overcapacity intersection of Thomasville Road and Kerry Forrest Parkway providing congestion relief to the area.

In addition, the signalized intersection has received support from the Leon County School Board to provide more opportunities for improved traffic circulation for DeSoto Trail Elementary School.

FDOT has reviewed and approved the concept plan for the Velda Dairy extension and the signalized intersection. As a result of the operational and safety benefits, FDOT has also committed $1.5 million in funding for work within the Thomasville Road right-of-way in support of the project.

4 Responses to "City Commission Approves Velda Dairy, Ox Bottom Road Intersection Agreement"

  1. This really is awful – the development that is now going to be facilitated thanks to this. Pity the poor folks who have to travel on Thomasville Road during rush hour. But of course the commissioners, zoning people and developers do not care. As they show once again.

  2. What it is going to do, is increase the value of the developers land at the intersection, ;and promote business development, ;which is not needed.
    Poor folks who live on Velda Dairy will see more traffic in front of their homes, ;and congestion at that intersection.
    Ghazvini has cut another deal in his families favor, to the detriment of others.

  3. Developers should not get any form of a “concurrency credit” for traffic and/or environmental impacts they cause as a result of their development. Development Agreements should be used to “require” the developer to cover these costs in order to secure approval.

  4. I thought the City Limit was south of Ox Bottom. Can the City put the “Tallahassee City Limits” signs back up?

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