Commissioner Porter Bills Taxpayers $1,185 for “SheCodes” Training

Commissioner Porter Bills Taxpayers $1,185 for “SheCodes” Training

Public records indicate that Tallahassee City Commissioner Jack Porter billed city taxpayers $1,185 in March of 2022 for coding training through a company called “SheCodes.”

SheCodes advertises ” Online Coding Workshops for Women” that will help “Access a new career in Technology.”

Receipts show that Commissioner purchased “SheCodes Pro.”

What is “SheCodes Pro”?

The course description states the participant will learn the “fundamental coding languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Advanced JavaScript techniques (ES6) to build your first interactive application, How to make your code responsive to any screen size, How to build a unique online portfolio, How to host your code on GitHub, advanced Bootstrap (Navigation, Utility Classes, etc.), Flexbox and more.”

Their website states that the Pro package includes, 4 coding workshops, 4 Verified Certificates, 4 real-life projects, 12 technologies and technical assistants.

TR asked Commissioner Porter – via email: “How did the expenditure for SheCodes serve the taxpayers and why was it required for your job as a city commissioner?”

So far, no response.

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  1. A substantial issue that has turned the City upside down: a positive drug test from a sworn officer. The subsequent firing of HR Director Ellen Blair.The fear that others may be fired for doing their job. What is your stance on this? I challenge you to obtain public records containing Blair’s personnel file, disciplinary actions leading up to her dismissal, and a statement from City management. They have remained silent for a year. While Reese rehires a retiree as interim HR Director for over a year? Someone who is not certified in Human Resources. Would the City save money by hiring a new director instead of paying a pension and salary with benefits to a retiree?

  2. Come on, give Miss Jackie a break. It was only $1,182 That’s chump-change to the city. By the way, she’s cute.

  3. Hi Mr. Lyle,

    This is part of the problem, I know its hard to believe that there are folks at City Hall who aren’t liberal progressives who don’t agree with city management. There is so much that I wish would be uncovered but sadly it won’t because if you do highlight those issues, you’ll automatically be labeled as a Porter/Matlow supporter. While I don’t align my political beliefs with either one of them, I have personally seen how city management has turned the city upside down. Why do you think Cassandra Jackson took an “early retirement?” I’m sure she was tired and ready to leave the city in good hands to Amy Toman but she was disgusted by her treatment of her colleagues. But unfortunately Tallahassee Reports won’t ask the hard questions and press why she left because they know if they do, they’ll lose out on their monthly revenue.

    If you are not a member of the “insiders”, then you are outed and you’ll be kicked to the curb.

    I’m not Jeremy Matlow but someone who knows the truth.

    1. List two substantive issues that has “turned the city upside down” and can be documented. I will research and write the article. If you are not comfortable listing here, call me at 850-766-6208. Steve S.

  4. This “She Codes” Training is not applicable to anything in North Florida.
    But would be excellant knowledge out there in Silicone Valley.
    I am prepared to approve payment of the $1185 provided she establish full-time residency in the State of California at which time we will mail the $1185 reimbursement paper check to her.
    Wait you mean she never actually used her own funds to purchase “She Codes”? So she put a personal item on a COT credit card?
    We fired a local school Board employee a few years back for those type of credit card shenagians.

  5. “My perspective is from a conservative Republican… As someone who knows the real truth at City Hall…”

    Ummmm… there are no conservative Republicans allowed in City Hall, nor the County seat for that matter.

    Try again, Jeremy

  6. My perspective is from a conservative Republican but I want to see a fair overview of what is going on at City Hall. Saying that, I get it Steve you hate Porter and Matlow but when are you going to disclose that you are a paid vendor from the City and Blueprint? Why don’t you preface every discussion about her, the city, and your love affair for city administration that you are paid vendor and you are jaded to tell the entire truth about city politics? As someone who knows the real truth at City Hall, I wish you did as well! There is a lot more there than this Matlow/Porter vs Dailey/Richardson/Williams-Cox battle that I wish would be exposed.

    I know you want to say that Porter and Matlow are playing politics with the TFD contract negotiations but that is in fact what the city is doing. Kind of interesting that the TPD contract was agreed to in only one meeting but after 22 meetings still no compromise.

  7. She Codes is a 501(c)(3) corporation and Porter simply, by law, cannot do this. Will someone in authority please call her out on this!!!

  8. Is she doing this so she can program City of Tallahassee data or other related data, and understand how the city works? Or is she doing it for a future job and a future career? Didn’t she have to file a request for the funds with a justification?

  9. So this moron Porter votes against tax incentives for Amazon (which has far exceeded expectations) but charging tax payers for her personal advancement? I blame the idiots that voted for this loser!!!! Progressive policies have failed in every city.

  10. if this ” news source” is just going to turn into a political campaign site where you try and influence only ONE SIDE of an election – you can cancel my subscription – do that on your own dime

  11. I wonder if Jeremy Matlow is going to call Miss Jacqueline “corrupt”? She’s a horrible little shrew, and if Tallahassee can’t see that? They deserve it…or her/him/Xi.

  12. With the property tax increase disaster, $1,200 rolls off the back of city hall trucks before 9 am. Curtis office paid more than $1200 for 2022 alone chamber retreat to get lobbied in Amelia Island

  13. Corruption knows no party affiliation. Another classic example of Alinsky Projection from the Progressively-Marxist Democrat’s… accuse the other side of exactly what you’re doing.

    … sad

  14. Just wait for it…. she will become a victim and blame everyone for picking on her because of her politics. Jeremy to the rescue.

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