Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs: April 9th

Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs: April 9th

Below are the news briefs from the Leon County Commission meeting held on April 9th, 2024.

After a lengthy discussion, the Board voted 5-2 to accept a status update on the implementation and ongoing efforts related to the Lake Munson Action Plan, as approved by the Board at the October 11, 2022, meeting and modified at the March 21, 2023, meeting, including an update on next steps following the anticipated conclusion of the drawdown in May.  As directed by the Board, these Action Plan updates shall occur every six months during the ongoing drawdown of Lake Munson and two years following the refilling of the lake.

Commissioner Carolyn Cummings and Commissioner Proctor, who voted no on the item, preferred to include a workshop with the motion.

The Board voted unanimously to dedicate Courtroom 3A in honor of Judge James C. Hankinson, as provided by County Policy No. 97-3, by placing a plaque in appreciation of his service to the people of the Second Judicial Circuit. The cost of creating the dedication plaque is estimated at $1,500.  Should the Board approve this dedication, funding is available in the existing Facilities Management Division budget.

The Board voted unanimously to accept $2,395,366 in opioid litigation settlement funds and authorization to execute agreements with Big Bend Community Based Care, LLC, doing business as Northwest Florida Health Network, on behalf of the State of Florida, to receive and utilize the settlement funds for the provision of substance abuse treatment services resulting from opioid abuse and the purchase of EMS equipment to address opioid use disorders in the community.  The item also seeks Board authorization to enter into and execute an agreement with DISC Village, Inc. for substance abuse treatment and ancillary services for individuals with opioid and substance use disorders.

The Board voted unanimously to approve a counteroffer ($200,000) received from Ox Bottom Mortgage Holdings, LLC (property owner), for the County to acquire the property interests (the “Parcel”) needed for the Centerville Road at Harpers Ferry Drive Turn Lane Improvement Project (the “Project”).  The parcel needed for the project is 0.84 acres in size and the County seeks to acquire fee simple title. 

The Board voted to appoint Danielle Andrews to the At-Large seat on the Tallahassee-Leon County Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprise Citizen Advisory Committee for a two-year term ending April 30, 2026. 

The Board voted to re-appoint Judy Alexander and Jason Pappas to the At-Large seats on the Tallahassee Sports Council for three-year terms ending April 30, 2027. 

The Board approved a motion by Commissioner Brian Welch noting the 35 years of service by retiring assistant Sheriff Steve Harrelson.

The Board approved a motion by Commissioner Brian Welch for staff to bring back information the current Golf Cart ordinance.

Commissioner Bill Proctor apologized to Commissioner Cummings related to comments made at a Blueprint meeting that were construed by some as disrespectful.

Commissioner Bill Proctor inquired about the allocation of the fire services collected from the unincorporated area.

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  1. Before you spend $Millions (possibly $BILLIONS) on Lake Munson, shouldn’t you fix all the issues on how Raw Sewage keeps getting dumped into the Lake FIRST? What good are you doing Lake Munson if in 6 Months another Million Gallons of Raw Sewage gets dumped in the Lake. Fix the issues first THEN clean up the Lake.

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