Leon County Schools Superintendent Presents New District Logo and Marketing Campaign

Leon County Schools Superintendent Presents New District Logo and Marketing Campaign

On April 9, 2024, the Leon County Schools (LCS) Superintendent Rocky Hanna debuted the district-wide rebranding campaign by presenting the new district logo along with a marketing video narrated by former LCS Superintendent Bill Montford.

It has been more than 40 years since the district has rebranded. In a post made by LCS on Facebook, they state the new logo is a symbol of, “excellence, innovation, and diversity”. LCS also notes that, “Each line represents the strength of our five school districts coming together to form Leon County. At the heart of our mission is every individual child.”

Hanna stated, “As the superintendent of schools and in collaboration with the dedicated Leon County School Board, I am immensely proud to oversee the unveiling of our new brand. He continued, “This moment signifies not just a visual transformation but also a visual commitment to excellence and our five strategic pillars. Our collaborative efforts, guided by the valuable insights from our community, have resulted in a brand that encapsulates the very heart of who we are.”

Originally, conversation surrounding the marketing campaign began taking place years ago. Superintendent Rocky Hanna noted that they had been discussing plans to combat the districts competition against charter and private schools when the voucher option began expanding in 2019. However, the Covid Pandemic hindered that process. Hanna stated, “We started having conversations internally and externally about our school district and the challenges that we were facing with the expansion of charter schools and vouchers going to private schools.”

School Board Member Marcus Nickolas stated the campaign is a “brilliant approach”, and Vice Chair Laurie Cox noted how impressed she was by the campaign, stating, “I like it, and the more I’ve thought about it and the intentionality of it, it is exciting, and it is time for us to rebrand what we do, and we do some amazing things in Leon County Schools.”

17 Responses to "Leon County Schools Superintendent Presents New District Logo and Marketing Campaign"

  1. You all should look at the difference between the estimated cost of the Turf fields versus the actual cost. We got lucky that it was only $100k over budget.

  2. what else do you expect from these 2 ” geniuses ” One fired for running the paper into the ground and can’t get hired so had to start his own business and the only clients are the ” friends and family plan” and another who lives off his wife’s salary and images found via a google search –

  3. I’m not sure who’s loosing more; Leon County public schools loosing students to go to charter and private ones or states like New York and California loosing residents moving to Florida and Texas.

    The “product” Rocky is offering is significantly inferior to that offered by his competition – charter and private.

    Changing the Logo and offering a bunch of “flowery words” of explanation won’t improve the fundamental problem with the public school system.

    That new logo is nothing more than the well-worn practice of “putting lipstick on a pig.” In this case, $100,000 worth of lipstick paid for by us taxpayers.

  4. Laurie Cox needs to be voted out. The superintendent does not need another cheer captain we need real leadership for our families. If she supports a new logo will she support a name change for “Cox Stadium”? Seems outdated as well.

  5. This is why over half of Leon County School students are functionally illiterate. It’s also why chronic absenteeism is tolerated. If Leon county schools were performing well they would not need a marketing campaign. Rocky needs the boot.

  6. I just don’t see in any way, shape or form the word ‘brilliant’ should be applied here.
    Just wasting taxpayers money on a terrible logo that just HAS to be a joke.
    And saying part of it covers diversity and inclusion is just a Progressive slap in the face
    after picking the taxpayers pockets. Dear God, please make this joke of a school board end.

  7. This just proves how screwed up the Leon County Superintendent and School Board are. They have no clue what their priorities should be. This is a Huge waste of money. They are constantly cutting budgets for essential services and yet they feel the need to spend $100,000 on a logo. Ridiculous.

  8. I get what you are trying to do BUT, since the Kids are several Grades below where they SHOULD be in all subjects, shouldn’t your first Statement be “Our Goal of, “excellence, innovation, and diversity” is in reach” instead of “The new logo is a symbol of, “excellence, innovation, and diversity”?

  9. The colors do not represent diversity and inclusion, they represent a dangerous and destructive mental disorder. Notice how the shape that “creates a safe and nurturing environment” has plenty of gaps in it so the creeps can slip in and out from multiple directions.

    I wonder who and what they paid for that mess.

  10. Not sure what’s more underwhelming…the logo or the attempt to explain it.

    Either way…seems like a cut-rate job. Doubt it lasts 30 years.

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