Campaign Fundraising Update, Two Challengers Raise Over $60,000

Campaign Fundraising Update, Two Challengers Raise Over $60,000

On April 10th, local candidates for political office filed their latest campaign contribution and expense reports with Leon County Supervisor of Elections. While primary election day, August 20, is still months away, the reports are beginning to provide information on what races will be competitive and which incumbents may not be challenged.

Incumbents without a challenger as of April 10th include, Gwendolyn Marshal – Leon County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Walt McNeil – Leon County Sheriff, Mark Earley – Leon County Supervisor of Elections, Doris Maloy – Leon County Tax Collector, Christian Caban – Leon County Commissioner, District 2, and Monique Richardson – Leon County Judge, Seat 3.

Judicial candidates have until April 26th to enter a race, while local candidates have until June 14th.

The table to the right, provides the latest contribution and expense information for nine offices that have two or more candidates.

The fundraising numbers indicate that there are only two races where two candidates have raised more than $50,000 each, an indication of a competitive race. These contests are the race for Leon County Commission, District 4 and City Commission Seat 1.

In the race for Leon County Commission District 4, the incumbent Brian Welch has raised $140,733 and spent $18,721. Welch told TR, “I’m grateful for the support of so many folks from all over NE Leon County and am looking forward to continuing our work to deliver results and advocate for the neighbors, neighborhoods and businesses in District 4…I am excited for the opportunity to talk with people about our success over the past 3 and 1/2 years and our plans for earning a second term on the Leon County Commission”

Welch’s challenger, Isaac Montila, has raised $84,352 and has spent $24,145 in his first run for office. Montilla told TR, “Our fundraising success reflects the strong support I’ve received from our community over the past 13 years. As a small business owner, family man, and a community advocate, I know where I stand, and I’m ready to bring my values to the County Commission. “

Montilla added, “These generous contributions are a testament to the trust and excitement within our community for a fresh approach.. Let’s maintain this momentum and continue working together to build a better future for all!”

In the race for City Commission race Seat 1, incumbent Jack Porter has raised $72,762 and spent $11,269. Porter has four challengers, however only one, Rudy Ferguson, has raised comparable funds. Ferguson has reported raising $65,542 and spending $7,573.

Ferguson recently stated that, “Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we’ve made remarkable progress, raising over $53,000 in the first quarter of 2024, bringing our total raised to $65,542….this momentum demonstrates the trust and support of numerous local residents, community leaders, and business owners in our efforts to bring positive change to the city hall.”

Other races that look somewhat competitive, based on contributions, include the contest for the Leon County Property Appraiser and the race for Leon County Judge – Seat 4.

The next financial reports are due June 10th.

Local Candidate Campaign
Contribution/Expense Update

Provided below are the contributions and expenses for local candidates in races with two or more candidates. The information is from the Leon County Supervisor of Elections website as of April 10, 2024.


Leon County Property Appraiser

Akin S Akinyemi (DEM) Contributions: $40,570.00 Exp.: $4,665.90
Kenneth “Ken” Preston (DEM) Contributions: $32,715.00 Exp.: $32,707.33

Leon County Superintendent of Schools

Joseph Burgess (NPA) Contributions: $38,981.25 Exp.: $11,379.88
Rocky Hanna (DEM) Contributions: $130,835.00 Exp.: $7,325.34
Genleah Swain (DEM) Contributions: $4,415.00 Exp.: 215.74

Leon County Commission – At Large, Group 1

Carolyn D. Cummings, Contributions: $76,370.00 Exp.: $18,896.52
David T Hawkins, Contributions: $7,500.00 Exp.: $0.00

Leon County Commission – District 4

Isaac Montilla, Contributions: $84,532.00 Exp.: $24,145.23
Brian Welch, Contributions: $140,733.00 Exp.: $18,721.41

Leon County School Board – District 2

Rosanne Wood, Contributions: $44,550.00 Exp.: $3,165.01
Daniel Zeruto, Contributions: $1,721.30 Exp.: $827.28

Leon County School Board – District 4

Laurie Lawson Cox, Contributions: $45,875.00 Exp. :$11,828.15
Jeremy Rogers, Contribution:  $23,660.00 Exp.: $166.08

Tallahassee City Commission – Seat 1

Anthony DeMarco, Contributions: $0.00 Exp.: $0.00
Louis Dilbert, Contribution: $20,958.44 Exp.: $19,831.54
Rudolph “Rudy” Ferguson, Sr. Contributions: $65,542.77 Exp.: $7,572.96
Jacqueline “Jack” Porter, Contributions: $72,762.09 Exp.: $11,269.58
David Wamsley, Filed, no contribution report required at this time.

Tallahassee City Commission – Seat 2

Dorothy Inman-Johnson, Contributions: $38,462.81 Exp.: $13,870.22
Curtis Richardson, Contributions: $79,660.00 Exp.: $4,099.31
Bernard Stevens Jr., Contributions: $250.00 Exp.: $214.63

Leon County Judge – Seat 4

Cydnee Brown, Contributions: $20,425.00 Exp.: $13,104.44
Robert Churchill, Contributions: $39,390.00 Exp.: $3,405.53
Melinda Coonrod, Contributions: $14,725.82 Exp.: $3,818.35
LaShawn Riggans, Contributions: $41,470.00 Exp.: $1,358.14

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  1. Please don’t go by how much the Candidate has raised when Voting. I feel anything over $10,000 is a waste and as of right now, I am totally self Funded so I don’t owe any Favors to big Donors and proud of it.

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