City Estimates $135M Cost, 2026 Completion Date for New TPD Headquarters

City Estimates $135M Cost, 2026 Completion Date for New TPD Headquarters

On Wednesday the Tallahassee City Commission will receive an update related to the construction of the new Tallahassee Police Department headquarters at the Northwood site located near the North Monroe and Tharpe Street intersection.

Based on the 60% completed design documents for the construction project, staff reports that the anticipated cost for the 137,000 square-foot facility is $135 million, which is approximately 985 per square-foot.

The estimated cost of the TPD headquarters has increased from a $60 million estimate in 2020 to the current $135 million cost.

City Manager Reese Goad has attributed the rising cost to inflation and an expensive post-COVID construction market.

TR found three other police department construction projects in Florida – see details below – with projected completion dates in 2025 or 2026 that had costs estimates ranging from $730 to $1,220 per square-foot.

The Update

The update notes that “deep building foundation work has been initiated, and construction of a new state-mandated stormwater pond is underway. The construction documents will be finalized in May 2024 with project bidding to immediately follow, and substantial completion is expected in 2026.”

Also included in the update is information on the master plan for the site which includes areas allocated to a mobility hub, community & arts, mixed use, and retail & hospitality.

The need for a new TPD headquarters was formally recognized back in 2016, during completion of a Facilities Condition Assessment which determined that the current TPD headquarters Seventh Avenue facility needed critical and non-critical repairs and was significantly undersized for the extent of its current and projected operations.

The City Commission, on January 29, 2020, unanimously selected the Northwood Centre as the location for the new Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) headquarters and provided input regarding future development of the entire Northwood site.

TPD Construction Cost & Statewide Comparisons


The TPD project calls for a 137,000 square-foot building with a projected cost of $135 million and an estimated 2026 completion date. The estimated cost is $985 per square-foot.

The population of Tallahassee is approximately 200,000 and the police department employees 550 people, which includes approximately 400 sworn officers.

Fort Lauderdale

The City of Fort Lauderdale has approved plans for a new 191,000 square-foot police building which is projected to cost $140 million and is expected to open in the summer of 2025. The estimated cost per square-foot is $730.

The current population of Fort Lauderdale is approximately 185,000 and the police department employees 750 people, which includes 480 sworn officers.

North Port

In March, 2024, elected officials with the City of North Port voted to move forward with a $122 million proposal for a new, 100,000, square-foot, police station. The estimated cost per square-foot is $1,220.

The current population of North Port is approximately 85,000 and the police department employees 180 people, which includes 131 sworn officers.


The City of Hollywood is moving forward with the construction of a new 100,000 square-foot police station at a cost of approximately $84 million. The project is expected to be completed sometime in 2026. The estimated cost per square-foot is $840.

The current population of Hollywood is 152,000 and the police department employees 480 people, which includes 355 sworn officers.

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  1. Seems consistent with updated building, construction and materials cost. Price of doing business! Tallahassee, SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!

  2. Do NOT give that Land to that Family to build their Arts Center, Lease it to them for $100 a Year and let THEM, with no City/Tax Payer Funding at all help, give them 6 Months to break ground and when it fails, the City takes full ownership. This may sound harsh but, the Citizens of Leon County has Voted NO to that Art Center many times, it is not needed.

  3. Your Retail & Hospitality area, isn’t that where Hooters and the Mexican Restaurants are located?

    I will bet it will jump from $135Million to $175Million by the end of the Year.

    Since it hasn’t been put out for Bid yet, I will keep an eye who wins the Bid and if the made any Donations

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