Florida Attorney General Moody Praises City Commission for Increased Police Budget

Florida Attorney General Moody Praises City Commission for Increased Police Budget

During a recent luncheon hosted by the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody commended the City Commission for voting to increase the Tallahassee’s Police Department (TPD) budget.

Last year, the City Commission voted to increase property taxes 8.5% to pay fund increased law enforcement funding. The budget passed with a 3-2 vote (with City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter voting in dissent).

Moody commented that the increased budget was vital, stating, “A council’s engagement with and support for their law enforcement men and women and making sure that they have the resources they need to do the job is probably one of the most vital things to a successful city.”

Moody has made her stance on law enforcement well known. On her website, www.myfloridalegal.com, Moody highlights her “Back the Blue” program where people can nominate a law enforcement officer for recognition. Moody notes, “The Back the Blue Award is just one way our office will promote the great work of the men and women who wear the badge and the outstanding Floridians who support them.”

However, City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter disagree. In response to Moody’s comments, Matlow stated, “People in Tallahassee are tired of the never-ending tax increases and want to see cannabis decriminalized and women’s healthcare protected.” He continued, “Big government Republicans and the candidates they support in local elections are way out of step with our community.”

Additionally, Porter told the Tallahassee Democrat she is “proud to oppose the 2023 property tax increase that raised housing costs for Tallasseeans.”

Both Matlow & Porter have consistently been critical of local law enforcement.

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  1. Mr. Lyle,
    You really should consider getting some help before your hatred and anger erupts into a more physical form.

  2. Calls it “council” no idea what she’s talking about. Just another RINO Pam Bondi Barbie after a Fox News job except this one supports raising our taxes to support Richard Murphy’s expen$ive union dues

  3. As expected, the two Pro-Hamas Progressives (Pizza Boy and Porter) confirm their complete disdain for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and First Responders in general.

    Clearly, Pizza Boy and Porter want everyone stoned and stupid, and support killing innocent babies at-will. Who needs contraception and responsibility when you can just use an icepick, right you two?

    Don’t buy into their “anti-tax” charade either. The Hamas Duo of Dopes only vote against them because they know the votes are there to pass them anyway.

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