City to Promote Public Safety Camera Initiative

City to Promote Public Safety Camera Initiative

At the next Tallahassee City Commission meeting, elected officials will receive an update on the Public Safety Camera Initiative.

According to the agenda item, the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) is embarking on a public-private camera partnership that will further leverage the resources of the Capital Region Real Time Crime Center to respond to and solve crimes.

Once launched, citizens can participate in the program by registering their cameras or by integrating their cameras with the addition of an edge device. In the event of a reported crime, this registry can be used by TPD to know where private cameras are so that investigators can contact businesses or individuals to seek videos that may be helpful in the course of an investigation.

Businesses and individuals can also choose to integrate their cameras with the program by installing an edge device that will capture and store 48-72 hours of video that can be accessed immediately by TPD as well as the camera owners.

Edge devices can be installed by homeowners, business owners, schools, apartment complexes, and any other business that wishes to participate. This immediate access to relevant video will allow for a quicker response, thereby aiding in the information-gathering phase of the investigation, decreasing investigative time, and more efficient use of investigative resources.

The next phase of the Public Safety Camera Initiative will act as a force multiplier, allowing citizens to partner with TPD to keep our community safe.

TPD now has 93 public safety cameras deployed throughout the community. These cameras have been instrumental in influencing criminal behavior, aiding in real-time response, and supporting investigations.

In one year, Duval County added approximately 3,300 registered cameras and approximately 800 integrated cameras. Orlando, in its first year, added approximately 6,500 registered cameras and approximately 1,700 integrated cameras.

8 Responses to "City to Promote Public Safety Camera Initiative"

  1. What the heck is an “edge device”? Do you install it on the edge of your domicile?
    Another poorly-written, hard-to-read blog post, one that “edges” us closer to a police state.

  2. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    ~~B. Franklin

  3. if these cameras existed in 1996, a certain Frenchtown excursion by a local kommisar would have been prosecuted and my tax bill would be lower

  4. @ the Spider = The City has their Traffic Cams On Line for Public Viewing. I used to watch the one at Monroe Street in front of the Capital, sometimes it would point at the Old Capital Building and I watch People do Selfies and even watched a few Demonstrations taking place there. I just can’t find their Web Site now.

  5. If they do it.. hey should put all the cameras on line available to the public. i would sit and watch for hours. i love that kinda thing.

  6. Cameras do not deter crime; they just film it. Here’s a thought… how’s about you just put more LEOs on the streets… then arrest, prosecute, and punish criminals.

    A novel idea if I do say so myself.

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