TR Comment Policy

TR Comment Policy

Beginning July 4, 2024, Tallahassee Reports will implement a defined comment policy.

Unlike other local news outlets in Tallahassee that do not allow anonymous comments, TR has tried to provide a venue for a discussion that does not require someone to reveal their identity. This approach has resulted in a robust discussion on various topics and important news tips.

However, with the growth in TR’s reach, it has become exceedingly difficult to moderate the inappropriate comments and those comments that use TR’s platform to promote an agenda.

Some people have recommended that we quit allowing anonymous comments. After considering that approach we have decided there is value in the anonymous comments and, for now, will not move in that direction.

Instead, we have decided to allocate more attention to moderating comments based on a concise, well defined policy. If comments violate the policy they will be removed. If a commenter continues to violate the policy, they will not be allowed to post a comment.

If commenters have questions about why a comment has been removed, we will provide a response.

We value input from readers and are interested in articulate, well-informed comments that are relevant to the topic. We also welcome satire and humor in the comment section.

We hope the policy below will help improve the discussion about issues that are important to our community.

Please remember, TR is one of the few local news sites that allow anonymous comments. Please use the opportunity to advance a discussion about issues that impact our community.

TR Comment Policy

Comments will be removed if they contain:

  • advertisements
  • profane and/or vulgar language
  • links to objectionable content
  • more than two links to external Web sites
  • personal attacks directed at another commenter
  • comments that are not relevant to the article
  • statements that are factually incorrect

7 Responses to "TR Comment Policy"

  1. Steve, I think you missed another important one that might be worth adding. How about not allowing frequent and repetitive name-calling?

    Some of the rather childish, cutesy names people have applied to individuals diminishes the credibility of the comment. It also makes Tallahassee Reports look like a tabloid similar to National Enquirer, Star or National Examiner.

    I think TR is above that level of publication and hope it continues to be so. Let’s keep the comments adult, civil, professional, thought-provoking and worth reading.

  2. A reasonable policy, and I’ll do my best not to violate it. Sorry if I’ve violated it in the past.

    BTW, spelling error in the 3rd paragraph… should be “quit”.

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