The Difference between Capitalism and Socialism

The Difference between Capitalism and Socialism

Socialism has finally come to the party without a mask.  Politicians at every level are openly and unapologetically advocating “Democratic Socialism.”  What is Socialism and what is its future in America?  First, some background: Every tribe and nation on earth, without exception, must answer three economic questions: What will be produced?  Who will produce it?  […]

Definitions (Like Elections) Have Consequences

The meaning of a word can change over time.  For example, “bully” used to mean darling, sweetheart or fine fellow.  It now means harasser of the weak.  “Gay” used to mean light hearted or joyous.  It now means homosexual.  “Freedom” used to mean escape from the controlling authority of others.  The meaning of that word […]

General Lafayette Would Be Proud

His name was “Marie-Joseph Paul Roch Ives Gilbert Du Mottier, Marquis de Lafayette.” He was a wealthy French nobleman and was responsible for giving Tallahassee a special historical tie to the American Revolution, therefore to the cause of liberty around the world. In 1777 at the tender age of 20, Lafayette sailed to America with […]