Gillum Fails To Lead On Ethics

Gillum Fails To Lead On Ethics

The City Commission vote against the Ethics Advisory Panel (EAP) recommendation for an appointed Ethics Officer was bad enough. But to think the probable future Mayor of the City of Tallahassee could not see the wisdom put forth by the EAP is even more troubling. When the Tallahassee Democrat, Martha Barnett, the former President of […]

The TAPP Program Has A Bad Smell

When we learned that the City Manager of Tallahassee awarded a contract to the highest bidder we started asking questions. What we found is a disturbing network of insiders that use the need for clean water to secure tax payer dollars to fund a program that after 8 years can provide no scientific evidence that […]

Stop The Red Light Camera Program

Stop The Red Light Camera Program

The City of Tallahassee began a Red Light Camera Safety Program on July 1, 2010. Currently, there are 19 red light safety cameras in operation at seven intersections within the City. Recently, the City released and Tallahassee Reports wrote about data that indicate the use of red light cameras has resulted in more crashes at […]

On the Brew Pub Vote, Andrew Gillum Made A Good Point

Based on pre-vote intel, it was pretty clear that the City Commission was going to vote to move forward with the million dollar investment in what has become known as the Brew Pub in Cascades Park. What was not known was if there would be a discussion among the City Commissioners about the reasons why […]

Independent Smart Meter Review is Now Needed

It has been almost seven years since the controversial vote by the City Commission that approved one of the most expensive projects in the history of the City of Tallahassee –smart meters. The money spent on the smart meter project falls in a range between $50 and $80 million depending on what part of the […]

Taxpayers Deserve Answers, Not Shell Games

Taxpayers Deserve Answers,  Not Shell Games

Over the last few months, both the County and City governments have been less than honest with millions of dollars of money belonging to the people they represent. First up, the Leon County Commission and the five-cent increase in the gas tax that was passed by a vote of 7-2 (Commissioners Sauls and Proctor voted […]