What will it take?

How can a relatively small town government have so many things wrong that a start-up newspaper can grow based almost entirely on reporting the misdeeds using the City’s own public records?
With distribution now well over 10,000 copies of each edition Tallahassee Reports is thriving because the truth matters. But, does it? Will the truth matter enough?

Some may describe actions downtown as corrupt, maybe even criminal. I am content to wait for the FBI to determine the answers to some questions. What I know is that the City of Tallahassee has deeply rooted problems in its elected body and many of the senior appointed officials. The mountain of evidence is overwhelming and it is growing.

This is not Democrats vs. Republicans…after-all, we run nonpartisan races. It’s not liberal vs. conservative. It is insiders vs. outsiders. Rest assured you and I make up the outsiders.
What will it take for apologists to wake up? Will it take seeing an elected official arrested? The old adage “just because its legal doesn’t make it right” has been on display for years. But, too many are unmoved. These true stories are recounted in the online archives of Tallahassee Reports and, as the current edition shows, there is no end in sight. I am privy to stories that are coming. There is no end in sight.

What is most frightening to me is that we might have reached a point where no one is willing to even try to run for office. The insiders seem so entrenched; no one will try to fight through the political “kneecapping” that takes place against all who would dare to oust the “insiders”.

My contention is that it will take a “team” who will run all at once and run together on a platform of “doing what is right” and pointing to the countless self-serving votes, single bid contracts, questionable decisions that reward the same “insiders”, quid pro quos, and more (which you will read about in the months to come in Tallahassee Reports).

On occasion I am asked why I pick on the City so often. The answer is found in minutes going through the countless stories at Tallahassee Reports.com.

Some City elected officials have uttered profanities in my direction, in fact on the night of his election one recently elected Commissioner told one of our employees at Clear Channel, “Tell Preston Scott to kiss my a##!” The “insiders” do not like being challenged…they never do.
2014 is a huge opportunity to change Tallahassee.

What will it take?

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