What will it take?

How can a relatively small town government have so many things wrong that a start-up newspaper can grow based almost entirely on reporting the misdeeds using the City’s own public records? With distribution now well over 10,000 copies of each edition Tallahassee Reports is thriving because the truth matters. But, does it? Will the truth […]

The Tale of Two Commissions

In the same week, just one day apart we were treated to a glaring difference between the Leon County Commission and City of Tallahassee Commission. Tuesday, November 19 the County Commissioners met to conduct business. The biggest topic of discussion was really not part of the agenda. The potential for a gun ordinance had been […]

A Lonely Profession

When I was young I quickly recognized when mom or dad shared an opinion. The tone was different. There was a sense of ownership, a heartfelt conviction. It revealed itself further when I observed their actions. Actions, and words, written and spoken, are born of heartfelt, deeply held convictions. Out of the abundance of the […]