Mayor Gillum Questions Sincerity of Fellow Commissioners, Maddox Responds

Mayor Gillum Questions Sincerity of Fellow Commissioners, Maddox Responds

The debate over the “Ban the Box” proposal, put forth by Mayor Gillum, received an endorsement by the City Commission, but not before Mayor Andrew Gillum questioned the “sincerity” and “legitimacy” of the arguments put forth by fellow Commissioners against the proposal.

The vote was 3-2 with Gillum, Commissioners Miller and Richardson voting to endorse the proposal and Commissioners Ziffer and Maddox against.

After Commissioners weighed in on the issue, Mayor Gillum had his say.

The Mayor belittled the fact that 11% of the new hires in 2014 by City Commission were applicants that checked the box, by saying things are not that “rosy.”

The Mayor indicated that the City of Tallahassee was behind the national movement on the issue and complained that the endorsement should’ve been easier.

He said ” I am actually very shocked at the kind of response from certain quadrants of the community.”

He called out his fellow Commissioners by saying there is “no legitimate argument” against his proposal.

See video below.

But Commissioner Maddox responded to Gillum  by saying, “I object to the statement that any argument against this is, is not a legitimate argument.”

See video below.

One subject that was not addressed during the discussion, was Mayor Gillum’s financial relationship with a national group that is pushing “Ban the Box” legislation around the country. Tallahassee Reports first detailed the relationship here.

7 Responses to "Mayor Gillum Questions Sincerity of Fellow Commissioners, Maddox Responds"

  1. Facts are the city saved a million dollars in insurance and Maddox should be commended and staff should be fired. The fact that a sore loser is posting on this blog is silly. Taxpayers will save 1 million dollars on insurance. The previous broker should be sued for the 26 year no bid contract they enjoyed. That is the scandal

  2. Well both Hope and Change were right, it is Play for Play as usual with Maddox. The reason why is clear, and all one has to do is follow the money trail of campaign contributions to Maddox from Brown & Brown and their employees, as well as from Roger Gunter owners and employees.
    Maddox once again went against the City’s Evaluation committee recommendation for the award of the City’s Property coverage and he made a Motion to award to PRIA (Brown&Brown)/Roger Gunter, over broker Gallagher, the firm selected by the Evaluation committee.
    Maddox over ruled the committee stating PRIA/Roger Gunter had more experience even though Gallagher cited a number of their accounts with electric utilities, which is the main part of the coverage under the City’s property coverage, and PRIA/Roger Gunter have no such experience. Maddox also claimed PRIA/Roger Gunter were Local even though all but 1 member of their service team is officed in Daytona.
    Maddox also stated Roger Gunter had public entity experience since they work with the Leon County School Board, except Roger Gunter doesn’t handle the property coverage, just the employee benefits coverage.
    Clearly Maddox isn’t concerned with any facts, and sadly has run roughshod over the Mayor and other commissioners to get his way.
    Maddox has single handedly move all the City’s insurance coverages to an out of town firm using Roger Gunter to appear local, when they are nothing more than a token figurehead, and all service and coverage is handled out of Daytona by PRIA/Brown & Brown.
    Hopefully the independent ethics board will take a closer look at these donations to Maddox and his overt actions to award tax dollars to these vendors. Pay for Play is clearly at work here, and the the citizens of Tallahassee deserve much better.
    As Mac said cut their pay and “Vote them all Out!”

  3. Mayor Gillum does not answer questions from the remaining reporters in this town, nor does he deign to answer questions from those he believes are hostile to him. His background is in community organizing, the same as you-know-who. The similarities don’t end there. We will soon come to miss Mayor Marks’ version of “integrity.” Also, fifth paragraph reads: “…that the endorsement should of been easier.” It should read either “should have” or “should’ve.”

  4. Hope is exactly right in this comment on the Property Insurance and the previous comment Hope made last Fall regarding Maddox’s interference with staff in the Aviation and Workers Comp Insurance. Maddox raised a red herring and got his employee the City Auditor to make a feeble attempt to support his baseless charge which was totally opposite of the recommendation of not only staff but independent consultants, and the City’s independent advisory committee. Maddox bullied his fellow commissiners to support his motion not to have the 2 top firms compete for the business but to simply award Brown & Brown the bid. The result was the City obtained substandard coverage and paid more. Maddox is only interested in GIVING the City’s insurance busniess to Tony Grippa and his firm Brown & Brown / PRIA, as well as Bill & Bart Gunter and Sam Rogers at Rogers Gunter Vaughn. Those firms have contributed thousands of dollars to Maddox and it is “pay for play” by Boss Hogg Maddox! Maddox and those 2 firms are exactly why we needed and ethics amendment to the City Charter and why an Independent Ethics Officer is needed. Maddox is trying to do the same thing now with the Property Insurance. Hopefully Gillium, Richardson, and Miller will have wised up by now and block Maddox’s shameful ploy which has been supported by his stooge the clueless Gil Ziffer.

  5. Also, Mayor Gillum took a stand and questioned Commissioner Maddox’s attempt to circumvent staff’s recommendation for an insurance contract award. As did the other commissioners as it was not approved and will be further discussed as the commissioners (except for Maddox) apparently are hesitant to discount a staff recommendation.

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