Tallahassee Board of Realtors Issues Guidance on Killearn Country Club Issue

Tallahassee Board of Realtors Issues Guidance on Killearn Country Club Issue

This past Thursday the Tallahassee Board of Realtors (TBR)  issued a memorandum to “Broker Members” regarding “the uncertainty around the Killearn Golf and Country Club and the potential effects on the property in the Killearn neighborhood.”

The memorandum alerted “Broker Members” that TBR had asked their legal counsel to craft disclosure language in anticipation of a seller’s duty and Realtor’s duty to disclose facts affecting value that buyers may not be able to reasonably discover on their own.

The disclosure language is listed below.

Killearn Golf Course Disclosure
A dispute has arisen related to the continued operations of all or part of the Killearn Golf and Country Club,including the continued existence of certain fairways and demolition of certain buildings. More information may be obtained by contacting the Killearn Homes Association, the City of Tallahassee land use division, or the Leon County Courthouse where the lawsuits are pending. Because of the evolving nature of these issues, BUYER is advised to investigate these matters.

The memo noted that the Board does not compel the use of any particular language or compel any disclosure and offers the above language if a broker should deem it necessary.

Earlier this week the City Commission, after meetings with the developer and the Killearn Home Owners Association, voted to allow the developer to demolition the Inn which is no longer in use.  See story here.

The controversy, surrounding the possible redevelopment of the country club property, is scheduled to be heard in court later this month.

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