Leon County Adds 435 Jobs in August, 874 Over Last Two Months

Leon County Adds 435 Jobs in August, 874 Over Last Two Months

The August employment numbers released by the  Florida Department of Economic Opportunity show that Leon County added jobs for the second consecutive month.

The August employment numbers for Leon County come in at 139,830, for an increase of 435 jobs. Last month Leon County added 439 jobs.

TR has previously reported that in 2015, Leon County has not followed the job growth cycles of the previous three years. That report can be seen here.

Going against previous trends, Leon County has lost 6,163 jobs over the period of November- 2014 through August-2015.

Based on last year, the next two months should see significant job growth. Leon County added approximately 5,000 jobs in September and October in 2014.

The increase in jobs over the last two months in Leon County has been consistent with state-level trends. Florida added 10,000 jobs in July and 45,000 in August.

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  1. Typically, between January and April for 2013-2014, Tallahassee gaines 2,000-2,500 jobs, this year, we actually LOST 2000 jobs this period and although there has been an increase for the last two months, Tallahassee is only back to 2013 levels. Questions remain as to where a 4,500 effective drop in apparent seasonal jobs went to in April which continues to linger four months later.
    Please have the Dept of Labor provide a breakdown of job classifications to see what segment(s) of the job market got smashed hardest. Good reporting!

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