Adam Corey, Edison Owner and Andrew Gillum Associate, Registers as City Lobbyist

Adam Corey, Edison Owner and Andrew Gillum Associate, Registers as City Lobbyist

A lobbyist creates relationships with elected officials and then capitalizes on those relationships by selling access and influence.

It appears Adam Corey, the Edison owner and Andrew Gillum associate, has taken the final step in this process by registering to lobby Mayor Gillum and the City Commission.

We have written about how Mr. Corey has spent the last two years establishing a relationship with Mayor Andrew Gillum through serving as treasurer of his Mayoral campaign,  traveling with Mayor Gillum, and serving on City boards.

Those report can be read here: City Commissioner’s Campaign Treasurer Is Developer for Cascades Restaurant ProjectMayor Gillum’s Pittsburgh Trip Raises Questions and More Conflicts With City’s Ethics Board Chairman, Gunster Law Firm and City of Tallahassee.

And now, Tallahassee Reports has learned that Corey has registered to lobby the Mayor and the City Commission for three companies and one individual.

The three companies are Computer Aid, Inc., Presido Networked Solutions, and Ucompass. The individual is Danny Mersseman from Valdosta, Georgia. View official documents here.

Corey’s recent registration as a City lobbyist is bound to raise more questions about his relationships with Mayor Gillum.

Also the recent revelation by the Tallahassee Democrat that, as the owner of the Edison restaurant, Corey has accepted investor money from Sean Pittman, the former  campaign manager of Gillum’s mayoral campaign and current City lobbyist, will surely add to the controversy.

Tallahassee Reports is in the process of trying to determine if someone with a city contract is allowed to lobby the same people that voted for that contract.

7 Responses to "Adam Corey, Edison Owner and Andrew Gillum Associate, Registers as City Lobbyist"

  1. Corruption at all levels. When will the public say enough and vote for individuals with a proven background of honest dealings!

  2. I will not say that things could not get more crooked with our ‘mayor’ and his dealings but I believe there is way more than this.

  3. The City’s handpicked member of the Ethics Advisory Board, subsequently elected to the Chair of that Board and on re cord as opposing the notion of an Ethics Board while a member of the group put together to work out the details of the Citizens’ mandated call for an Ethics Board and who recently came under scrutiny for some actions not revealed in her application has resigned to “spend more time with her family”.

    The City has called for applications to fill the seat being vacated and I have decided to submit such application.

    My question: Would it be ethical to retain Mr. Corey to further my candidacy?

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