Leon County Loses Jobs, Labor Force Shrinks in 2015

Leon County Loses Jobs, Labor Force Shrinks in 2015

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity released employment data for the state of Florida today. The data shows that Leon county added 221 jobs in December. However, the release also shows that when compared to 2014, Leon county lost jobs and the labor force shrank in 2015.

These trends were in the opposite direction of what has been reported at the national and state level. TR will have a more detailed comparison between other jurisdictions in the near future.

The chart below shows the monthly up and downs of the employment picture for Leon county in 2015.

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At end of last year, there was a labor force of 151,359 in Leon county. For 2015, that number decreased by 2,276 to a year-end total of 149,083.

Also, 2014 ended with 144,113 people employed. That number decreased in 2015 by 1,527, to a year-end total of 142,586.

The chart below indicates that the job momentum developed in 2012, 2013 and 2014, has ended in 2015.

The decline in jobs in 2015 can be traced to the fact that Leon county usually adds jobs from Jan-April, however in 2015 there was a net job loss during this period. You can read our report on Leon county job cycles here.

This means that the first four months of this year should give a good indication of how the employment picture in Leon county will unfold in 2016. Was 2015 an anomaly or will Leon county employment trends return to the cycles evident during the years 2012-2014? Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh wait you mean the that tax hikes in a tough economy actually discourage people from moving their companies here. And what about that Electric Restaurant / Brew Pub we just just funded…isn’t that supposed to create jobs. And didn’t we just up Andrew’s expense budget to compensate him for all the economic growth he has brought to our community. When will you #($)%_)’s learn that gubmint doesn’t create jobs?

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