In Search of Love: Fake Love (Vol 3)

In Search of Love: Fake Love (Vol 3)

By: Trent Pelham

In Volume 1 of “In Search of Love”, the theme centered around the idea that after the 2016 Presidential election, we’d all need a national shower to wash away the nastiness of that election cycle. It referred to a metaphorical shower of love. Instead, after the election we’re seeing people marching in the streets in what could only be described as a national temper tantrum. Yet there are many others that are quietly hoping for unity and calm. Most people probably do want unity, but it seems unlikely that we could ever unite around any one ideology or political party.

Watching the protesters in the streets, one thing that really stood out were some of the signs they were carrying that said, “Love.” People were marching and protesting, some committing violent acts, some screaming obscenities. And in their hands, they held signs proclaiming love. There’s been a lot of talk lately about “Fake News.” Then this could only be described as “Fake Love.”

The actions of some of these protesters were the antithesis of the very signs they were holding. For instance, some of the signs read, “Love Trumps Hate.” Yet they were effectively demonstrating how anger and hate trump love, even as they held a sign that said the opposite. What should anyone expect when love is recklessly infused into these situations as a catch phrase? Is this supposed to somehow unite us?

Does love even have a place in politics? Some of the protesters certainly think so. Even the President talks a lot about love. The protesters say the President represents hate, but they are losing credibility based on their confusing protests as they demonstrate what looks like hate holding signs that say love.

Perhaps the politics of love should begin in our individual lives.

As someone who calls himself a Christian, I struggle in my brokenness to keep love as the guiding force in my life. I may have followed the compass in different directions, but I know there is only one true north. This “True North” was established by Jesus when He gave us just one new commandment. He said, “Love one another.” The great author C. S. Lewis describes this type of love as a deep and profound sense of caring for each other. Some people may not believe in God and some people may not like religion, but it might be hard to find someone who does not believe we should care for each other.

Then let’s care for each other. Let’s care deeply for each other. That may be the one thing that could unite us.

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