Killearn Country Club Owner: “Put the ‘we won’ attitude away”

Killearn Country Club Owner: “Put the ‘we won’ attitude away”

In a letter sent to Killearn Country Club members by club owner Barton Tuck, Mr. Tuck asks the membership to “put the ‘we won’ attitude away and go back and help rekindle friends with all our neighbors.”

The letter comes after a bruising fight over a redevelopment proposal that was recently passed by the city commission after significant modifications. Despite design modifications to the proposal, a number of residents fought the initiative up to the final vote.

During the final hearing, city commissioners and residents talked about the personal toll the two year process took on friends that found themselves on opposite sides of the issue. Tuck’s letter is an obvious attempt to begin a healing process.

Tuck also addressed the immediate future of the club. He told members to expect few noticeable changes until “we get designs for the temporary clubhouse and the NEW clubhouse, as well as permitting from the city to build both.”

Barton Tuck

Tuck informed the members he had met with designers to move forward with a conceptual plans for a clubhouse and that it is “now time to make final decisions so the building plans can go forward. I will keep you informed as progress is made. We have quotes for demolition of the building and for the development of the temporary clubhouse.”

Also, Tuck said that club “will be doing several membership drives over the next several months and we ask for your continued support. Later this year we will put caps on the maximum numbers of members by category. I look forward to the day we have the best club in Tallahassee and a waiting list for memberships.”

TR has previously reported a timeline for the residential development here.

JT Burnette, the developer of the project, told TR that permits for the residential development should be in hand by January 1, 2018 and the construction of the infrastructure for the residential development will begin and should be completed in approximately 10 months.

Based on this timing, the first homes would be built by the end of 2018 and the clubhouse construction should be near completion.

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  1. Can we get an update on what is going on with the promised improvements? It appears that even basic maintenance has been abandoned. A glass door to the former restaurant has been broken and not repaired.

    It appears that alot of supporters have egg on their face due to their representat I on not coming to fruition!

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