Stewart’s Blog: Mayor Gillum Tells Crowd He Sees “Big Old Confederate Flags” in Tallahassee Everyday

Stewart’s Blog: Mayor Gillum Tells Crowd He Sees “Big Old Confederate Flags” in Tallahassee Everyday

As if we do not have enough pubic relations problems here in Tallahassee, Mayor Andrew Gillum, while in Tampa, took an opportunity to paint Tallahassee as the home to a lot of “big old confederate flags” in his pursuit of votes for higher office.

According to a report by reporter Mitch Perry, Mayor Andrew Gillum, while addressing students during an appearance at the University of Tampa campus last week, Gillum said:

[T]here isn’t a day that doesn’t go by in my city where I’m not driving behind a truck on my way to work that has a big old Confederate flag.

Think about this! Gillum is saying everyday when he gets in his car to leave his $500,000 home in the Killearn area, he gets behind a truck with a big old confederate flag.

Really? Everyday?

I don’t think so.

Gillum goes on to say that “I know a lot of folks say you shouldn’t conflate the Confederacy with racism. Well, I don’t know another way to describe it. States’ rights? States’ rights to own slaves?”

Gillum’s statements were made in an effort to, first gain sympathy from potential voters, and then to follow-up with examples of how he was a bold leader on race issues.

In the process, he lied about Tallahassee.

You would think the Mayor of Tallahassee would be out promoting the positives of a his community, not misleading people with false statements.

However, Mayor Gillum and his office have had a problem with the truth since he became a candidate for governor.

Remember when he said his campaign had over 7,000 contributors. Politi-fact ruled the statement mostly false.

Remember when he said he never used city email for political purposes? He did.

Gillum’s most recent falsehoods hit closer to home and shows just how far he will go for votes.

Mayor Andrew Gillum owes the people of Tallahassee an apology.

And now on to a bigger question.

Which elected leader will hold Gillum accountable for his statements?

Any guesses?

77 Responses to "Stewart’s Blog: Mayor Gillum Tells Crowd He Sees “Big Old Confederate Flags” in Tallahassee Everyday"

  1. Flat out lies. It’s so despicable, especially when libs like Gillum lie to impressionable ones of college age. And it happens all the time – Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Watters and on and on – floating lies about Republican tax cuts for only the rich, “the other party” taking health care away from hundreds and thousands of people, etc., etc. Lucky us in Tallahassee with our very own Obama wannabe. They could do enough damage just slanting the truth or cherry picking what they want people to believe. But flat out lies – they need to be held accountable!

  2. I see them everyday, rain or shine….also, why not talk about the manchild in the WH…seems like he is about as bat crazy hell and about to start a war to distract from fim going to jail cor obstruction of justice…. Yeah right…i guess thats fake new…..right Preston Scott…..

  3. I drove from Killearn through south Georgia and back today and did not see one Confederate flag. I drive from Killearn through the city every day and rarely see one. I say that because I believe the Mayor is being untruthful.

    What is the point he is trying to make, that flags can tell you what a person’s character is or how they treat others? Elected official who use their positions to enrich themselves is our city’s major problem, not to mention the violent crime rate!

  4. I drive to work south on Hwy 27 to downtown Tallahassee, Monday through Friday. And take the return route home in the 5:00 traffic. I have not seen a Confederate flag, but I have seen the American flag on a few occasions along with sports teams flags such as FSU and FAMU.

    If the Mayor is going to bring up bad things about the town that he leads, why not discuss our #1 crime rate in Florida or the pending FBI investigation that includes a photograph of him in NYC with an undercover FBI agent? Or how about keeping CRA funds away from the poverty stricken south side of Tallahassee? I think the flag issue is the least of our worries.

  5. JOHN— There is nothing ignorant about displaying the Stars & Bars. Suggest you indulge yourself by read ing a few good history books, that have not been re written by some do- gooder nit- wit which sets forth the real story of the SOUTH during the civil conflict !!!

  6. What’s the response when swastikas are displayed? Why is that so abhorrent to some, but they dismiss the display of the confederate flag? Seems unfair to allow one group to never forget their turmoil and ask the other darker group to ignore theirs and pretend it didn’t happen and didn’t leave scars. The only difference is the villain was not America during the Holocaust—unless you count it villainous to not intervene when human genocide is taking place–but that’s a different argument.

  7. I drive 10 miles through Tallahassee to work everyday and I very rarely see a rebel flag. I’ve lived here since 2014 and I don’t think I’ve seen more than 3 or 4…

  8. If Gillum is not indicted by the US Attorney then the FBI did not do their job or the US Attorney is afraid to go after a minority in public office.

  9. From what I read, he sounds just like he’s following in footsteps of the BIGGEST LIAR OF THEM ALL…Putins Puppet, Captain Tiny Lips, The TREASONIST, The Oldest Baby in the Adult Daycare I could go on but…GILLUM 4 PRESIDENT!!! AND NO I DIDN’T VOTE 4 OBAMA???

  10. Our liberal friends that comment seem to expect and tolerate lying candidates and political leadership.
    How did they develope such a tolerance for lying cheating stealing leadership?
    Mayor Andy lied and they jump in to defend him.

    1. Haha! OK, OK… so you think that conservatives don’t lie? Do you even know who the president is now? He lies a mile a minute, mostly because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bush’s WMDs? Reagan’s Iran-Contra? Have we forgotten about Nixon?

      And then you’re all like, “Benghazi! Emails! Nuh uh, he didn’t see Rebel Flags!”

      Gotta love politics.

      1. Mr. Rusty, I have to say your comment is the first time I’ve actually seen a person use “like” in writing (quote: “you’re all like”). I thought it was just a lazy-English pause phrase (similar to “uh”, which was obama’s favorite when his vital teleprompter was absent) used commonly in speech by Gen X and Y kids.
        I never realized one was actually required to write out “like” – seems similar to one spelling out “comma” rather than just using the punctuation mark. I wonder how modern business language will read five or six years from now: ” We were like, ten percent over last year’s revenue.” Impressive!

  11. I live in that area, and have seen confederate flags on trucks, mostly on young kids trucks. Their youth doesn’t excuse their lack of understanding of a losing side. Also, what does his house costing $500k, have to do with anything, a lot of houses in the area ate valued at that and even more.

  12. I often see Confederate decals, bumper stickers and flags on cars in Tallahassee. Perhaps as a transplant to the city I notice them more readily. And I have seen a pick-up truck driven by Chiles high school students decorated with two large Confederate flags. They were driving in my neighborhood which is close to Chile’s HS.
    Just stating personal observations.

  13. If you view your role as holding local officials accountable when will you run an expose on the fraudulent claims that were brought against the school system by Rocky Hanna that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars? All of the claims that Mr Hanna and Mr Hildebrandt put together in an anonymous notebook concerned citizens of the United States and then signed notebook have proven to be false by the attorney hired by the school board Hank Cox.

  14. I see about as many confederate flags around Tallahassee as I did turtles crossing North Monroe at Lake Jackson when the Democrats spent all those dollars putting up turtle walls and turtle tunnels. Zero… Nada…. Zip… I don’t want to hear another word about any other politicians speaking to their base either.

  15. Y’all are hilariously sad. 8 years of throwing any kind of crap that you think may stick to Obama, yet Trump is suddenly so horribly oppressed by anyone who asks questions. (Yes, this is where I call you the hypocrites you are). Gillum is the enemy because he’s another black guy with power and Alex Jones told you idiots that it is bad. Gillum = Obama because Preston Scott plus the rest of the right wing establishment said so and you idiots lap that BS up daily. Gil Ziffer will be the next mayor, leaving you lunatics to come up with another reason why the city is going downhill.

    I am so sorry a non-white family moved in near you imbeciles… for them. Eff you.

    1. Mr. Farking, there is no need to sugar-coat your statements – why don’t you just come out and say plainly what’s on your mind? Although your empathy and consideration is refreshing, using such carefully chosen, polite terms and feel-good fuzzy euphemisms obfuscates your message.

    2. Farking,

      I believe citizens and voters will opt for a change and Ziffer will lose (if not be indicted first). He did and said nothing regarding the joint dispatch, Edison, Maddox’s multi illegal actions. The crime rate is off the charts under his watch, he secured an illegal payout for his wife that no other citizen would be able to secure under the same circumstances, he sways PR messages to benefit his own agenda, and he allowed the overtaking of a city manager without conducting a nationwide search, solely to continue operating for his own self interests. Even friends of Ziffer will realize that the public welfare and humanity is more important than their ties and support to Ziffer’s continuing self interests.

      Also, NO THANK YOU!! to your invitation you made in your last sentence!

  16. Sorry Mayor. This northeast Tallahassee guy sees confederate flags occasionally. Not daily. He is likely referring to the Chiles High knuckleheads. The kids driving the $50k trucks. Ignore them. They will go away.

  17. Confederate Flag – Sanctioned slavery until 1865

    US Flag – Sanctioned slavery until 1861

    British Flag – Sanctioned slavery until 1833

    Angola and many of the other African countries where slaves originated – sanctioned slavery for hundreds of years before the Atlantic Slave Trade ended in 1836

    Actually, some African countries still sanction slavery today.

    Of all the flags stained with slavery, which one gives us the most hope?

    1. Greatly stated, MT. What is so often excluded (purposefully) from any historical discussion of African slaves is the fact that a majority number of African slaves sold at African ports in the 1800s were delivered there by African chieftans who sold those captives-tribes they conquered in tribal wars to the western (and other) nations. Slavery was a very profitable trade for African tribes warring on one another. Without the complicity-cooperation of Africans, acquiring slaves there would not have been a financially possible trade for other nations.

      A quote from Wikipedia (hardly a right-wing conspiracy site):
      “The vast majority of those who were enslaved and transported in the transatlantic slave trade were Africans from central and western Africa, who had been sold by other West Africans to Western European slave traders (with a small number being captured directly by the slave traders in coastal raids), who brought them to the Americas.”

      I’m not defending the owning of slaves, but if you’re looking for a villain, there seems to be plenty of documented, historical guilt to be spread among the races. I realize that’s almost blasphemy nowadays, but it’s historical fact, deliberately ignored by American Leftists and the mainstream media.

      1. Can’t argue with facts, but is that all we can do? Share the blame with others? Do we agree with slavery today, or not? If we don’t, and I’m assuming here, why don’t we acknowledge how flying the confederate flag makes African Americans feel? Whoever sold their ancestors is irrelevant. 200 years later we are basically asking African AMERICANS to ignore the celebration of their ancestors’ enslavement.

        1. I don’t think so. I think we are asking African Americans to remember. Remember going from the corn fields to the presidency of the United States. Remember going from a million chains to a million dollars on the football field. Stand and be proud of what you’ve accomplished under your flag. A confederate flag cannot take that away.

          1. And you think they need to see the confederate flag in order to remember the journey? I’m confused by that. As a people, we need to educate anyone flying the flag that it is insensitive to a large swath of fellow Americans. If we can’t do that little bit, perhaps we are complicit in propelling the racial divide that is stifling progress from coast to coast. We can get past racial bickering, but we need to be honest about this country’s past AND the lasting effects we are still trying to deal with now. We cannot pretend that racism ended when slavery was abolished. And we can’t pretend there are not still racists living among us. I don’t think there’s as many as the mayor is suggesting, and that’s where he went wrong. He loses credibility when he pulls the Al and Jesse tactics out. He said what he said in poor taste. We agree there. He represents more than just African Americans in this city and he needs to say things that will bring us together. There are multiple issues we could focus on where everyone agrees. Confederate flags are not the cause of high crime in Tallahassee. Confederate flags are not the cause of poorly performing southside schools. And the confederate flag has nothing to do with corruption among elected officials. I wish he’d talk about those things and stay away from liberal talking points that rile up fringe voters.

        2. Ms. Petty, the only (and single) thing I’m pointing out is what is often purposefully and pointedly omitted by the Left and the Mainstream Media whenever they “blame” the rest of America in general for slavery. Placing blame on anyone without presenting all the facts is negligent at best and corrupt at worst – and the Mainstream media does this every day, as do the Jessie and Al Show every time any incident happens that could even hint at racist activity.

          You can do two things with a negative part of your history (and every race has those parts): wallow in it and throw gasoline on it, or remember it and realize it’s only one part of the vast makeup of your history. My ancestors fought the oppression of King George and the English Army to win their independence – At one time, we were deadly enemies on opposite sides of a war. But today, I bear not the slightest resentment or hold any attitude but respect towards England and the English people. It is simply a part of our collective history. I feel the same towards the German and Japanese people, we have all moved on long ago from WWII. We remember it and even honor it on certain days, but our nations and people are allies and mutual supporters today.

          I don’t agree with foolish high school kids deliberately showing off the Confederate flag if their intention is to incite anger. But to use inductive reasoning (inference of general laws from specific instances) and say “all white people feel that way” is an unfair accusation. None of us gets a choice to choose our skin color – but we inarguably get to choose what kind of people we are on the inside.

  18. Steve, how do you feel about the flag in general? No one will argue with their right to have or display them, but numerous comments here verify Mayor Andy’s position. I disagree with his antics of harping on divisive politics, but clearly we do need to address the prevalence of those who glorify our not so glorious past. In my opinion, if us rational thinkers will take a stand and denounce the flag, we can separate the entire republican base from its racist reputation. There are other ways to advocate for states’ rights without holding fast to a symbol of racism and government sanctioned slavery. Asking those whose ancestors were slaves to ignore it when they see the flag is unfair, shortsighted, and unlikely to happen.

    1. Actually not one comment has verified Gillum’s broad statement about Tallahassee. I live in the vicinity of the Mayor’s home. I travel to Chiles High School and down Thomasville Road every morning. His statements are false and you know it. Mayor Gillum went to another city and promoted the racial divide with false statements about the environment in Tallahassee – all for votes. There are state & national media outlets that attempt to hold state & national leaders accountable. I view my role as holding our local elected leaders accountable.

      Also, you say “clearly we do need to address the prevalence of those who glorify our not so glorious past.” Please tell me where the celebration of the confederate flag is common place in Tallahassee.

      1. Look in the Chiles student parking lot and you will see at least one confederate flag on a daily basis. You’re assuming as much as Gillum is, all while appearing to be on the wrong side of history. Keep at it though….

      2. But how do you feel about the flag?You seem to abhor anyone taking negative notice of it, so am I correct in assuming you approve of it and what it stands for?

        1. I think most people in Tallahassee, including myself, are sensitive to the the emotions the confederate flag stirs in African-Americans. That is why I think Gillum’s statement that he sees a confederate flag on a truck every morning driving to work is egregious. First it is untrue. And second, his false statement implies that Tallahassee is insensitive to a level that is just not true. If we are going to engage in a discussion about race, neither side can begin the debate with exaggerations that divide.

  19. I think Gillum is employing something called “hyperbole,” which, as a Trump supporter or someone who has ever heard a politician ever, you might be familiar with. In fact, I think your reaction to Gillum’s hyperbole is, in fact, hyperbole. Well done! Bright lad, this one.

  20. If we are looking to report or investigate false or
    misleading statement please review the statements of Rocky Hanna. In an interview with attorney Hank Cox, Mr. Hanna stated that he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing yet he sent a notebook to the FBI filled with accusations of misconduct. After initially signing the notebook “concerned citizens of the United States” Mr. Hanna admitted he collected the information and wrote the summaries. He acknowledged he had no information that any crime was committed. In the end I belive he cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  21. I’m with John’s statement above. I am not a Mayor Gilliam fam but in this case he my be correct seeing the flag. Last week I saw a young man pull onto Deer Lake Road to Thomasville Road then south on Thomasville Road with a Rebel flag flying ffrom the bed of his truck. I thought this was strange but at the same time he can fly the flag as well as someone can fly a Noles or Gator flag. In the Mayors defense he may see the same vehicles ever day on his way to work because the drivers may be going to school or work themselves. So let’s not be to harsh on the Mayor this time. I am sure there are a lot of other items to talk about.

  22. Does anyone have the email address’ for all the city and county commissioners? If so please reply. This is beyond disgusting!

  23. I really like Tallahassee Reports. They have done a great job on the stories I run across.

    As for this, I do see quite often cars AND trucks with the Confederate flag. I think with THIS particular topic…TR is reaching a bit.

    You may not like Gillum. You may have a favorite already in this race. That is perfectly fine. Yet, to just be relentless on one candidate may not end up having the effect you intend.

    1. Thanks for the positive review and the comment. This is an opinion piece based on a reported statement that is beyond belief. The Mayor delivered a false statement to promote racial divisiveness. It must be addressed.

      1. Thank you, Steve!

        Keep up the awesome work. I love the information.

        But I will say we do see a lot of Rebel/ Confederate flag around. Maybe it is more noticeable for some to notice than others. But Gillum stating that is not a lie because unfortunately…I see it. Not just in Tallahassee, my friend, but in smaller cities in Florida…Alabama…Arkansas…etc. The flag makes me frown, and you don’t forget that you saw it once you viewed it. Especially multiple times in a given area. Maybe individuals that are African American notice it more because it sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe it doesn’t stick out as much when you see it because you are not African American. Just a thought.

        1. So are you that weak??? If a flag makes you “frown” and “you don’t forget that you saw it once you viewed it”, you need to look inward and see what is lacking inside. It is a flag. Hasn’t hurt anyone. Hasn’t been an issue until BLM stated it was.

          Let me ask you something. Does a person of color holding up a clinched fist make you “frown”? can you “not forget” you have seen that?

      2. I live in Lakeland, a smaller city than Tallahassee. I see confederate flags practically every day. He might have been exaggerating slightly to make a point, but to call it a lie is just plain stupid.

  24. Gillum panders for votes in the most devisive, inciteful, and anger-producing way he can – just like obama and Hillary do. The first strategy of all Liberal candidates is to set up a villain, and the Liberal candidate always follows this familiar pattern:

    “If YOU elect ME (obama, Hillary, Gillum, Sanders, or insert any Liberal candidate), I’ll “protect” (translation: get even with, stick it to, confiscate tax money from, take down, use government agencies to punish-silence, and so on) you from THEM! (translation: white nationalists, racists, corporate fat cats, the 1 percenters, Republicans, Conservatives, Capitalists, Christians, or any Conservative organization, and so on).

    The Liberal candidates always use resentment, class and racial warfare differences as a campaign tool. Their message is never about unity, cooperation, mutually achieved goals, or optimism – it is ALWAYS about devisiveness, blame, anger, envy, and retaliation. The Liberal candidates always position themselves as “Defenders” of the “Aggrieved Group” (whatever racial, sexual, economical, religious, or national differences can be most easily exploited).

    Gillum lacks the originality, character, and ethics to do anything other than follow the same hackneyed liberal playbook strategy. Not surprising at all. If you have no inspiring message, ginning up anger and resentment are your only alternatives to shill for votes. Sadly, this time Gillum’s “villain” is the city of Tallahassee, and representing Tallahassee as a bunch of Confederate racists is neither fair nor true. But again, Gillum doesn’t surprise anyone with his actions and words.

  25. I guess zero elected leaders will hold the liberal raicist accountable. We just do not have any elected officials willing to chance the political backlash to stand up for the truth.
    Liberal racisim the worst cancer in America.
    Well Bill Montford might do it and he’s a Democrat!!!

  26. While I can’t say I see them everyday, I’ve seen one or two trucks quite often in NE Tallahassee. Usually kids with nothing better to do then show off their ignorance..

    1. He must see them on the way to the airport, where he has to dodge sniper fire to board his plane.

      Seriously, go over to Jefferson County Andy. There’s lots of residents there who fly the Stars and Bars in their front yards.
      Proud “Deplorables” who do something every day you’ve never done – work a real job.
      And they don’t believe in putting others down to raise themselves up.

      Race-baiting is not their strong suit.

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