Commissioner Dozier Lists Home for $80K Above 2015 Purchase Price from CRA Developer

Commissioner Dozier Lists Home for $80K Above 2015 Purchase Price from CRA Developer

Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier has listed a home she purchased from a developer who had business before the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for approximately $80,000 more than she paid for the home on January 21, 2015.

Information obtained by TR shows that the home located at 510 Terrace Street is currently listed for $269,000.

Real Estate professionals told TR that based on the listing price Dozier could net approximately $50,000 with the sale after owning the home for less than two years.

The purchase of the home came under scrutiny after TR received a tip and discovered the home was owned by local business man JT Burnette and Catherine Baker.

On October 23rd, 2014, three months before the Dozier purchase,  the CRA voted 7-1 to provide IB Tallahassee, LLC, as the owner of the Doubletree Hotel at Adams Street, up to $682,000 in CRA grant funds.

Mr. Burnette was listed as the Manager of IB Tallahassee, LLC, according to the state of Florida Division of Corporations in 2014 and 2015. Both Ms. Baker and Mr. Burnette were mentioned in the recent FBI subpoenas delivered to city hall related to the investigation of the CRA.

Among those elected officials that voted for the grant was Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier.

Back in July Dozier defended paying $188,600 for the home which was previously appraised for $280,000.

Dozier told TR that “I am exceptionally careful about conflicts of interest” and “I am confident the purchase of this home was conducted per our ethics rules.”

Subsequently TR discovered that Commissioner Dozier listed the value of the home on her 2015 financial discolsure form as $280,000.

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  1. Dozier seat comes due shortly. Flipped/flopped game exposed! Gig is up and now it’s time for replacement of that seat with someone who would not be induced with ‘transactional’ PERKS!

      1. Formidable opponents vetting seat. Deep pockets and ready to give incumbent challenge for seat. Best part: feds public investigations, explosive crime rates, unusual circumstances for real estate deal with vendor who ‘incumbent’ votes to give tax payers monies to, and last but not least; quick flip of asset in question that exposed behind the scenes real estate deal that was not ‘at arm length’!

  2. Meanwhile, pivoting to this weekend’s big story of multiple shootings during FAMU’s HomeboyComing Weekend, here’s what I’ve learned from the following story:
    1) Don’t go out at night during this annual weekend and if you do, get home before midnight. Def do not go to Gov’s Square Mall.
    2) Don’t live in our crime-infested, drug-selling, gun-toting ‘hoods.
    3) If you’re more worried about being labeled a snitch than putting your friend’s murderer in the Big House, you’ll raise the likelihood in your ‘hood of being the next statistic.
    4) If you live in the South Side of Tallacago, your chances of being involved in gun violence “shoot up.”

    I’m done.
    You can go back to shootin’ each other now.

  3. You know I almost forgot about those notebooks I bet superintendent Hanna wants everyone to forget about those notebooks. Did anyone ever check to see if the notebooks, the paper and the printers that were used to make the notebooks that included allegations that were all proven false possibly borrowed from Leon County Schools? In another matter concerning the superintendent isn’t it strange that he demoted the daughter-in-law of the man who ran against him and she improved her school grade from a d to a c. It seems that everyone is consumed with the current FBI investigation and are forgetting about the corruption and vendettas that still exists in local government.

  4. Ms. Dozier seems to have a very inflated view of her abilities of perception. “I am exceptionally careful about conflicts of interest” simply isn’t realistic, given the unusual circumstances of this real estate deal.
    As if there wasn’t enough FBI scrutiny on COT officials already, Ms. Dozier’s proceeding with this suspect real estate sale in the middle of the investigation makes no logical sense – far more sensible to lay low and keep a low profile. So perhaps someone informed her she needed to sell this property immediately if not sooner. Why would a COT commissioner make such an obvious move in the face of an FBI investigation?
    As the usual legal-investigative questioning sequence goes: If it doesn’t make sense the logical way, then how would it make sense? Then start investigating everything (and everyone) who might be involved with “would”.

    1. Hi News Maven – just saw your comment above about real estate sales producing cash for “legal costs” – and that makes great sense and would provide an explanation for a sudden uptick in RE sales by COT officials. Great insight!

      1. OMG Mike we really should know who is representing the “Usual Suspects”
        Is it Sean Pittman, Harold Knowles (HA HA just kidding – Harry’s a little busy now), Morgan and Morgan? Find out for us Steve Stuart.
        Watch and see…if any of them hire Tim Jansen then they are guilty. However Tim’s so darn good at what he does, Tim will get them totally off – or with just the lightest spanking ever.
        However Tim’s gonna make them sell some real estate and be sure he gets paid…hey Tim knows better than to extend more than $100.00 credit to these dishonest financially risky lefty liberals.

    2. Mike, correction. Kristen Dozier is a County Commissioner, not COT. (she is under subpoena by the FBI in her role as a CRA board member)

  5. In responce to Cam, Mr. Hanna is a fraud. His is a democrat and had their support to get elected. Since he said he has been telling people that Leon Co. schools has moved toward segregation for years, what is his solution. Watch what happens, he will dump this issue on the Board and offer no help. His plans for a new North East High School will not solve the problem.

  6. Kudos to TR, and yes, TD for finally stepping up and covering this. I think there’s still more questions to be answered before I buy Kristin’s explanation. Who did the roof? Was it Burnette roofing? Was it done at a discount? Was it done before or after the sale to Kristin? Because if it was done before the sale, then the sale price should have been bumped up to reflect the price of the new roof, so there might be an even bigger cash discount here than it already appears to be. If the house was in utter disrepair, why does the listing only claim new floors upstairs and the deck as improvements? I would think a deck would have been last on the list if the house was in such bad shape. Who did the deck? Did she pay fair market value for the deck? If she’s flipping the house on improvements she got at a discount, that’s a problem, especially if the discounts came from the usual suspects.

    Why is nobody reporting on her parents being the mortgagor? Is this a problem if she got a mortgage other members of the public probably wouldn’t qualify for if they had the same assets and liabilities Kristin reported on her financial disclosure form? I have no idea, but I think it’s a fair question considering they are owners of Mad Dog who did business with the seller, Burnette.

    So, at best, she made a bad decision to buy this house and made an even worse decision to list it when she knows everyone is watching. Her parents didn’t seem to have a problem with her doing it either. Guilty or not, we need our elected officials to make good decisions on our behalf. This and Kristin’s flip flop on Washington Square tells me it’s time for new blood.

    1. Good post Joe.
      I just feel any percieved illusion of Tallahassee Democrat’s suddenly becoming a correct voice for the people needs to be addressed. TD must have somehow stumbled on the fact that Mayor Andy and the usual suspects are now in the “circling the bowl” phase of the FBI investigation.
      Well that and TD is smart enough to know Gwen Graham is gonna be the Democratic candidate for Florida’s Governor’s office.
      TD is still and will remain a leftist anti-American rag. To dream otherwise is of course just a dream.

  7. Scott and JT are unloading real estate almost as rapidly as Rocky Hanna mailed his notebook to local news, tv and law enforcement. Does anybody find it strange that it appears that Mr. Hanna purposely mislead authoroties? During the course of the investigation Mr. Hanna acknowledged that he had no firsthand knowledge of any wrongdoing by the school board, the former superintendent or the current School Board attorney. Knowing this, did he mislead the General Public and the FBI? For what purpose?

    1. Scott and JT are unloading real estate at a fast pace. Kristen needs to be careful because a lot of their real estate will be owned by the IRS.

  8. The question — what was the listing price in 2014-15 by Burnette? The house looks like it has been renovated recently. Nice pink bathroom from the 40’s era was left untouched.
    I still support Mr. Jackson on his complaints on the others!

  9. Kristin should divest herself of that home and just rent until she finds out how long her Federal prison term will be.
    Of course Kristin can not stop Dr. Jackson from filing another ethics complaint.
    You should not have got yourself caught up with the dirty usual suspects Kristin.
    You look like someone who could have been honest back in the day Kristin.

  10. Thanks J. T. For The Sweetheart Deal. Fastest $80,000 I Have Ever Made! It’s Better Than Cash Because I Save On Income Taxes!

    The public is too stupid to figure this out!! And the FBI are too busy chasing Scott Maddox to be concerned about our little deal!

    Love ya, and thanks for the $80000,

    Kristen “love the house deal” Dozier


    J. T., We have some killer deals for you from the CRA!

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