Text Message Shows Mayor Gillum’s Chief of Staff Solicited Concert Tickets from Corey

Text Message Shows Mayor Gillum’s Chief of Staff Solicited Concert Tickets from Corey

Sources tell Tallahassee Reports that Mayor Gillum’s Chief of Staff Dustin Daniels solicited concert tickets from Adam Corey for the March 26, 2017 performance by Earth, Wind & Fire at the Tucker Center.

Sources confirm that Daniels watched the concert from Adam Corey’s Civic Center luxury box.

Tallahassee Reports was told that the box or suite costs approximately $30,000 a year to lease.

The Tucker Civic Center leases 34 suites with benefits that include their own private entrance and private concourse, preferred parking, private Arena entrance, food and beverage catering and from the Premium Services Department.

Sources say that approximately $1,200 was spent on catering and beverages during the concert.

Also, Tallahassee Reports has recovered a text message from Dustin Daniels to an Adam Corey associate inquiring about the tickets. The text message, shown below, said:

Hey is Adam having folks in his box tonight for earth wind and fire.

During 2017, Corey’s lobbying business, Unconventional Strategies LLC, was registered with the City of Tallahassee to represent the interests of six businesses.

Adam Corey is a central figure in the ongoing FBI investigation.

Tallahassee Reports has published a number of stories about the relationship between Daniels and Corey, including a report on Daniels referring business to Corey in his role as Mayor Gillum’s Chief of Staff.

Also, the Tallahassee Democrat recently wrote an article about Daniels possibly running for office. From the Democrat:

“Dustin Daniels, chief of staff to Tallahassee mayor and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, has launched an Internet page that has all the makings of a campaign website, minus the political disclaimer. There’s a professional-looking, full-faced, color portrait photo. A short, moving bio of his humble beginnings and redemption after hints of trouble with the law. A glowing educational and work resume. A sponsored post on Facebook ensuring it was at the top of news feeds.”

The concert ticket revelations come amid a continuing scandal involving reports that a number of city officials received FSU football tickets that provided access to Adam Corey’s football skybox.

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  1. Todd is a typical liberal. In place of offering any facts and proof, liberals resort to juvenile insults and tantrums. It’s always the same hackneyed pattern.

    So Todd, if you’re in possession of any “truth”, facts or proof to present here at TR, please do so and allow us the opportunity to “handle” it. That would at least be an improvement over your unoriginal, time-worn strategy of insults and incoherent phrases. Please be aware that any of your presented facts must be backed up with actual documentation, as TR does.

  2. Sounds like Todd may need to grow up and get a job. I bet he still lives with Mommy so she can do his laundry and serve him corn flakes in the morning.

  3. Todd,you may be just the investigator I’ve been seeking. I still have not received an answer as to why taxpayers footed the bill for the mayor having all that pipe laid right in his backyard. Is their any D Daniels connection? Please look into this. Why should taxpayers be on the hook for this activity?

  4. U people have got to be kidding…Is this site satire… This is like a local Sean Hannity Talk Radio show…You people always lose, just like u will in the future.Sad, time to stop watching Fake News Fox……..

    1. Todd, I know your teachers probably didn’t tell you this, but “You” is not spelled “U” in either upper or lowercase. Likewise, sentences are not ended with three periods or more, but that’s all beside the point. We “always” lose? Seems Hillary and the DNC could enlighten you a bit on history.
      TR is obviously causing the liberal locksteppers here in Tally (and Florida) a lot of trouble, or the trolls wouldn’t bother coming around to post defective English. I think MSNBC is missing one of their 25 viewers.

        1. I guess like bietbart…its such a great new .org…u people are not going to elect any of ur far right neo Nazi candidates…Hell Steve. Has ran 4 times and lost….Give it up,move to Panacea…

  5. We do have great teachers. Pon’s dumb@zz is gone, Proctor is a race pimping idiot. Rocky is doing a great job, but lil Jackie wont shut up. You lost Pons, go away boy.

    1. Hanna deliberately misled the FBI, he deliberately did not pay child support for 10 years, he deliberately had a teacher transferred when she ended an improper relationship with her supervisor, graduation rates are down, suspension rates are up for students of color, Hanna rehired at least staff who completed DROP that he promised he would not do. He hired 6 associates superintendents without interviews, mispaid teachers under the Best and Brightest program and used tax dollars to send students to a political rally. If this is your idea of Hanna doing a great job so be it.

      1. Hanna should sign up the county for the Obama/Holder PROMISE program, like they did in Broward. Then the “thugspension” numbers would go down (artificially, of course.)
        That cover story in the local rag on this topic missed the point – that the problem has been covered up in some counties by a terrible progressive policy.

        1. Hanna is a liberal politician, plain and simple. What liberals touch inevitably turns to crap. The good schools of Leon accomplish good things in spite of our terrible superintendents. The bad schools will never improve.

  6. Wonder if Mayor Gillum will call out Comm. Proctor for his racial comments about white teachers wanting to shoot black boys. Proctor is off the deep end. Wake up Tally. Proctor needs to go. Leon County has the best teachers in the state. They deserve better and need for us to speak up. Where are you School Board?

  7. If Corey was flipped by law enforcement and became an informant, you will see a lot of indictments of high ranking city officials.

    By the way, did Jet Blue decide not to come to TLH because they didn’t pay enough to play???

  8. As Gwen Graham & Philip Levine Flounder, Florida Dem Gov Primary Grows More Chaotic
    February 28, 2018 | Florida, General, RGA News

    Florida’s Democrat gubernatorial primary is becoming more and more chaotic every day.

    In a recent interview, Democrat Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn argued there was “huge vacuum” in the race as Gwen Graham and Philip Levine flounder amid repeated episodes of hypocrisy, negative attacks on each other as entitled and “tone-deaf,” and paltry activist support.

    Now, other Florida Democrats are beginning to seize the opportunity left by this “huge vacuum.”

    Over the weekend, Democrat candidate Chris King received the endorsement of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), offering a big “boost” to his “credibility.”

    On Monday, Democrat lobbyist Nikki Fried announced she is considering entering the race “after coming to the conclusion the current field of Democratic candidates ‘need(s) a heart transplant.”

    As Florida Democrats grow more divided, their chances of taking back the governorship in November continue to diminish

    OUCH…………THIS TYPE OF ARTICLE COUPLED WITH THIS CURRENT STORY ABOUT TALLAHASSEE RAISES A LOT OF CONCERN….DEMOCRATS WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT AT THIS RATE. RICHARD 386 314 3646…………..onballot@gmail.com Please someone gather the democratic party team and get organized on a topic that helps people…not just bashing Trump. Voters need something…and it is not appearing so far.

    1. All the school board, ask for a copy of the settlement where Gwen Graham transferred the teacher that Rocky stopped dating and provided a monetary settlement to her. It is an interesting read where Gwen keeps Rocky’s name out of it so that he can continue to date teachers at his school.

  9. If you think that these text messages are embarrassing and alarming will someone please do a public records request for the text messages from Woody Hildebrandt to Rocky Hanna

  10. If Corey had Marks, Favors, Gillum and Fernandez in his pocket, then, I am sure Richardson is on his radar for Mayor. Why ruin a good thing.

  11. Just another chapter in the never changing cycle of idiocy.

    It’s Tallahassee, buy a generator, filter your water, keep a good supply of food and ammunition on hand and you’ll be fine.

  12. So who were the other ‘Shining Stars’ who worked for the City of Tallahassee that were lying (or should that be laying) in Corey’s lair singing ‘That’s The Way of The World’ Via Corey’s Earth, Wind and Fire invited guest list? That’s a lot of free food for Corey and Dustin to be eating by themselves…? Request the photos taken on work phone cameras….looks like a good time.

    Business as usual.

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