Tallahassee Democrat Ignores Parkland Parents Support of School Safety Plan, Focuses on GOP

Tallahassee Democrat Ignores Parkland Parents Support of School Safety Plan, Focuses on GOP

The Tallahassee Democrat has chosen to paint the debate over school safety as a partisan fight and to ignore reports that Parkland parents are actually supporting the bill before the Florida Legislature.

A screen capture of the Tallahassee Democrat website shows their focus on the GOP. The headline this morning proclaims ” GOP rolls Democrats on guns in schools.”

However, this headline comes after a Politico report by Marc Caputo last night revealed the “families of the 17 people murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are calling on Florida House lawmakers to pass a gun and school safety bill amid opposition from Democrats as well as the National Rifle Association.”

Also, according to Politico, state Sen. Lauren Book, a Democrat, said that, in light of the parents’ letter, “I urge my colleagues in the House to help get this legislation across the finish line. We can continue to work on this — it’s the beginning of this conversation, not the end. But we cannot let session end without making this incremental change. The time is now.”

The Tallahassee Democrat’s focus on the GOP was also inplay earlier yesterday. The Tallahassee Democrat described Senator Bill Montford’s vote – a Democrat – for the safety plan as a vote “with Senate GOP” instead of a vote for the $400 million in security and mental health resources in the bill.

In fact, the Tallahassee Democrat reporter James Call labeled the bill a “pistol-packing teacher proposal..”

Montford’s vote created a buzz when Tallahassee’s Mayor and candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, was quick to tell local media about his disappointment with Montford’s decision.

When will the Tallahassee Democrat inform its readers about the support of the school safety plan by the Parkland families?

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  1. This justs proves that the Dims don’t care about school safety or the students at all. The true Dimocrat goals (among many) are to Confiscate all Guns and Abolish the 2nd Amendment. So of course they don’t want to support any bill or law that gets in the way of those goals.

    If you care about your rights as an American, it’s vital to get out and vote in the midterms for the Republicans. Although many are Rinos and Swamp Creatures, if the Dims win the House or the Senate, they will immediately try to impeach Trump and erase any and all of his accomplishments – then they’ll go after your guns, raise taxes, welcome and shelter illegals and register them to vote, gut the American military (again), and enact the usual Dimocrat wish list of miserables. These midterms are as important as the 2016 election was, and if we want to keep America on this present track of renewed prosperity and strength, then vote and keep the Dims out of power in Washington. And whenever possible, also out of power in your state and city.

  2. The Tallahassee Democrat ran with the Hanna notebook and never fact checked the information. Further, when Hank Coxe hired by the School Board proved that Rocky Hanna had NO knowledge of ANY wrongdoing, that he (Hanna) and through tbe advice of his attorney sent the notebook to federal and local authoritites that both knew was filled with false and misleading information they failed to print the full truth. Worse the school board failed to engorce ethic policies that Hanna admitted he failed to follow. Hanna used a person convicted of raping a child under the age of 16 on his campaign – sent him to Orlando to represent him during the campaign to a meeting in Orlando about community schools and brought him around children in the campaign. Mr. Hanna used tactics never seen before in Tallahassee politics but a cone of silence still exists on the issues.

    Staff within the school system have texts from Woody Hilderbrandt that provide specific details of the ethics violations that Mr Hanna committed as an employee of the Leon County School System.

    Mr. Stewart, please ask for and print the texts. I am sorry for those that Hanna used and continues to abuse in his ongoing vendetta.

    1. I am of the opinion that it is likely not possible to get the texts with a simple records request. I imagine the only chance would be to hire a non-tallahassee lawyer with expertise in public records. However it could be that the school board would try and run up the legal costs by being difficult, making it impossible for a smaller media outlet to foot the bill. As far as the Democrat, if you read many of the articles since Rocky has been in, there is clearly a bias toward supporting him. I have wondered about two possible reasons, one, maybe the school district gives many advertising dollars to the paper? or two, maybe the education reporter is hoping for a job there? Rocky appears to have built his success on having friends in important places who look out for him, right or wrong. This does not help our county’s children, who are, at the end of the day, the ones who are supposed to matter.

    2. With cold hearted premeditated planning Rocky Hanna set a devious plan in motion that started with100% false allegations mailed to over 30 people and agencies. The attorney hired by by the school board categorically proved every allegation was false and misleading, that Mr. Hanna had no knowledge of anything good, bad or indifferent. This is a clear violation of Leon County ethics policy that the school board has failed to enforce. Mr. Hanna is guilty of falsifying information to state, federal and school board authorities. According to Leon County Schools policy Mr. Hanna must be suspended and after due process he must be released from his position.

      In addition to the false allegations made in the notebook Mr. Hanna also demoted several administrators, non rehired several administrators, all because of his acts of vengeance and desire to ruin the lives of anyone he perceived would not join in keeping his lies secret. It is common knowledge that at least one administrator ( Mr. Hanna’s childhood friend and current miidle school principal) made phone calls to other administrators in Leon County and told them if they did not switch their allegiance to Mr. Hanna that they would be out of jobs if he was elected. This is inexcusable and must be investigated.

      No school system in Florida with an appointed superintendent has ever allowed assistant superintendents to be hired without interviews, these are all political paybacks. Each one of the assistant superintendent promoted without an interview should do the right thing and resign.

  3. I cringe to postulate what biased headline they’ll come up with when the House passes this bill in the next hour or two (as I’m hearing.)
    They are NOT looking out for you – they are looking out for themselves and their overpaid corporate fatcats.
    Again, the best solution is to just CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION to that Fake News rag!

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