Gillum PAC Receives $250K from George Soros, 93% of Donations from Outside of Florida

Gillum PAC Receives $250K from George Soros, 93% of Donations from Outside of Florida

Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign raised approximately $450,000 in April and more than half of those contributions came from billionaire George Soros.

In April, Soros gave $250,000 to Forward Florida, a Gillum associated political committee. If you combine this recent Soros donation with two previous six-figure donations in 2017, Soros’ contributions to Gillum now total $450,000.

The Soros family has given half a million dollars to Gillum’s campaign for governor.

Collective Future, the 501(c)(4) that has been one of Gillum’s largest donors, gave another $35,000 to Gillum in April. Collective Future has donated approximately $260,000 to Gillum’s campaign efforts.

TR recently wrote about the mission of Collective Future, which is to elect black candidates.

Also, of the $333,500 collected in April by Forward Florida, 93% of the donations came from donors residing outside of Florida.

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  1. I love Andrew Gillum. I don’t see articles telling how much money the Koch brothers poured into the Trumpublican races. Would love to see a follow-up story—for the appearance of fair and balanced reporting.

  2. George Soros is an underboss in the Illuminati organization. They are a dark, secret, demonic group that controls all the banks and the money in the world. They support socialist radicals all over, including Gillum. Do your research on the 13 richest families in the world. Soros works for them. We must vote Repub/conservative up and down the ticket to keep these leftists from transforming our great country into Venezuela or Cuba. keep up the good fight folks, America needs us and let’s seek out and call out to God, which is where our help comes from. God bless.

  3. Real campaign reform would not allow local races to accept any donations from outside their state. PACs should be eliminated. The idea that billions are spent every year to get these guys elected is ludicrous.

  4. I live in Florida and am limited to donating $1000 to a candidate of my choice, yet this scum can sent 250 THOUSAND times that. How is that even remotely right? Dark Money needs to stop. This is insanity. Let Floridians pick the right choice for Florida, and it is NOT Gillum.

  5. Since some on this post want to defend Soros you better do your homework. By his own admission Soros was a nazi collaborator during WWII. He would turn in fellow Jews to the SS and then when the family’s he turned in were taken he would return to their homes and loot them. He would then sell the items. He said it was the best time of his life. This is the pos some of you defend. He is a war criminal. He has also vowed to destroy the United States. This is the man who funds Gillum. Is this what you really want for our country?

  6. Maybe Andy should come up with a clever new motto, Like: “If you like your state, you can keep your state. HeeHee” Or: “Hopeless Change Let’s Rearrange.” “Only a Fool would vote BLUE.” “Our new New York will have lots of Pork.” “Follow me I’m the Pied Piper.”


  8. I must hereby retract my post from yesterday about contributions from Florida Professional Firefighters. Apparently there was an error in the search criteria on the website (probably my error) and the results that I got were apparently for ALL contributions by Florida Professional…… It turns out that the website shows $0 given to Gillum by them. Sorry! “Computer error”. I still have not determined “what happened to” Floridians for a Fair Democracy contributions. Can’t locate them! Sorry for the error!
    BTW, George Soros gave a total of $1.2 million to Forward Florida and $470 million to United for Progress. Also $100,000 to Win Justice. These can all be readily found on the Florida DOS/DoE website. FYI.

  9. This morning, I tried to fact-check how much money Soros gave to Gillum via PACs and where the big contributions for Gillum came from. I used the DOS/DOE website. I only found one donation from Forward Florida who receives money from Soros. But, I found MAJOR donations by Florida Professional Firefighters, Inc. who have (or had?) many contributions posted including one for $25,000. Later, it has disappeared from the DOS/DOE website! Ditto for the PAC called Floridians for a Fair Democracy. Major donations just disappeared this morning. FBI investigation? Redaction? Anyone know what is going on with this?

  10. The more I read about George Soros, the less I understand about why people hate him so much. A quick search of the internet reveals a host of conspiracy theories and tales of corruption surrounding the man. And I thought people hated Obama and Clinton. Soros has been accused of paying protestors, funding the deep state, funding child trafficking, hacking elections, and even of being a Nazi (this one is crazy, his family barely survived the Nazis). But all these accusations come from right-wing sites, conspiracy theory sites, or figures like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.

    As far as I can tell, it’s all malarkey. Snopes has seven pages of fact checks about the man that all give well researched examples of how he’s not, in fact, the devil incarnate (it’s also worth noting there is a conspiracy theory that says Soros is actually secretly bankrolling Snopes, which is again, debunked by multiple fact checkers).

    But here are two good articles I’ve found on the man, one from Forbes (which leans a bit to the right) and one from Al Jazeera (which leans a bit left but has an excellent factual reporting record).


    Al Jazeera:…/soros-obsession-conspiracy…

    It appears that Soros, as a philanthropist, fund causes that he likes, such as civil rights causes, universities, local community projects all over the world, and many other areas. But it appears that his chief crime is that he likes to donate to liberal candidates and the democratic party.

    So, how do I feel about him donating money to Andrew Gillum? Well, I don’t feel anything. If anyone can show proof of corruption or evidence of a quid pro quo, that has more depth than just a spooky Soros name-drop, then please do so. Until then, it’s a non-story.

  11. We can all get out and vote to keep him from the Governor’s office but equally important are the House and Senate races. I registered my granddaughter and her friend this week as they both profess beliefs similar to mine, i.e. Conservative GOP.

  12. Andy is black. He uses his color to promote his campaign. If u don’t support Andy your a racist. Or at least a bigot. If u do support Andy your dead in the water. Qualifications count. Hue doesn’t.

  13. As contentious as this Governor’s race will be, the real concern becomes Florida House and Senate races. A liberal governor can’t do much with a conservative and well established legislature. Even Rick Scott had difficulty with his own agenda if it didn’t line up with the House Speaker and Senate President.

  14. Maybe Soros will pay his back taxes he failed to report on his house since 2014 for $423,665
    …. 4 years he forgot oh and a 20K piece of property too..

  15. I am still waiting for Tallahassee reports to publish an article about where Putnams money comes from. I bet I’ll be waiting for a long long time. If it can’t get the clicks that the Soros name does TR stays quiet

  16. Apparently the liberal word has gone out to forestall the FBI investigation (you could have raised the Titanic by now considering how long it is taking them to act) ! It is sad, folks, but that is what to expect and get from the far left—–AND—-the voters blindly vote this crowd into office time and time again like sheep headed over the cliff , sad, very sad !

  17. Dandy Andy is billing himself as “the true progressive” in the race for governor. In the present Dem party, that means he is the farthest left, most radical socialis-, oops! – I mean liberal.
    Great – all we need is an obama-clone who wants to “fundamentally change Florida”. Let’s see, that would mean (this is by no means a complete list):
    • Immediately raising state taxes, probably doubling them within a year or two,
    • next would be FL declared as a “sanctuary state”,
    • Followed by unconstitutional gun laws and regulations,
    • and myriad state policies and regulations which would drive businesses and jobs from FL at a rapid pace,
    • followed by high unemployment, high crime, more poverty, more shuttered stores and businesses, and widespread general deterioration.
    • as a bonus, Dandy Andy would likely appoint a cabinet and state agency leaders who are all radical leftists, so all are on the same page in converting FL to a Leftist Utopia. Gee, I can’t wait for Eric Holder to be running our state law enforcement agencies or be FL’s next attorney general!
    So if Andy is elected as governor, Welcome to California East, a bit better than present-day Venezuela, but not much.

    1. Gillum is the next Obama, you can bet on it. Why else do you think all kinds of people OUTSIDE of FL, including Soros are so interested in getting him elected? Fortunately I think many more are “awake” now and won’t just vote on skin color…….. hopefully.

    2. That’s exactly what would happen if this person is elected governor of Florida.

      I’m praying against Gillman and voting for Ron DeSantis.

  18. “What are the chances of a Graham-Gillum ticket, given his Soros financial backing?”

    Pretty good. Right up until the Grand Jury indictments.

    1. Maybe George Soros can figure out a clandestine way to get some big money to a few local and Federal Judges to save his beloved Andy.
      You know just in case the FBI actually does their job here in Leon County!!!
      OMG what if George has already paid off the FBI?

  19. I hope soros gets zero return on his investment. He needs to use that money to pay millions of dollars in back taxes owed to various governments around the world.

  20. “Gillum has also been a favorite of the Hollywood class, having been invited to a Southern California fundraiser in March promoted by Alec Baldwin and Alyssa Milano.” – Free Beacon

    What’s next? Harvey Weintein and Anna Wintour?

  21. I hope the FBI agents investigating corruption in Tallahassee remembers what Eric Holder said about not prosecuting people of color and does not even look into how Andy’s campaign funds are being handled.

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