Mayors Office Bought $3,750 in Tallahassee Democrat Advertising Ten Days Prior to Cropped Picture Article

Mayors Office Bought $3,750 in Tallahassee Democrat Advertising Ten Days Prior to Cropped Picture Article

According to public records, Mayor Andrew Gillum’s office purchased $3,750 in advertising from the Tallahassee Democrat on January 8, 2018. This purchase of advertising by the Mayors Office was ten days before the Democrat published an article – which included a cropped picture -about Gillum breaking ties with friend and city lobbyist Adam Corey

TR has previously reported that after the uncropped picture of Gillum and Corey in New York city was shown to  “Gillum’s camp”, the Tallahassee Democrat engaged in a negotiation with Gillum that resulted in a cropped picture and an interview with Gillum.

It appears now that the negotiation took place during a time frame when $3,750 was passed from the Mayor Gillum’s office to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Listed below is an image of the city’s checkbook with the payment from the Office of the Mayor to the Tallahassee Democrat. Click on image to enlarge.

The payment is curious for several reasons.

First, according to the three years of spending records available on the City of Tallahassee website, this is the only advertising purchased by Mayor Gillum’s office from the Tallahassee Democrat.

Second, the check date for the advertisement is listed as January 8th, 2018, months before the “Family First Initiative” which was listed as the reason for the advertisement.

Gillum’s “Family First Initiative” did not kick off until the first part of May, 2018, four months after the payment was made to the Tallahassee Democrat.

An advertising executive told TR that it would be rare for any client to pay for an advertisement that far in advance.

Also, the person said a client the size of the City of Tallahassee would have favorable terms that should allow for payment after there was proof of performance.

TR has asked for documentation verifying what advertisements were purchased and in what manner the advertisements were delivered to Tallahassee Democrat customers.

7 Responses to "Mayors Office Bought $3,750 in Tallahassee Democrat Advertising Ten Days Prior to Cropped Picture Article"

  1. The sad thing is that I bet Gillum really believes he is doing nothing wrong. He has never had a private sector job, never had to make a payroll, always aspired for higher office…all at the expense of tax payers. It is disgraceful that people living in Tallahassee would elect such a disgrace!

    1. Exactly Concerned, I feel what you just said plays a large factor into why the local employees of former “weasel” in chief Jim Comey are very reluctant to do even a coursory review of Andy’s campaign account.
      They know they will find major dirt and Andy is a guy Comey’s weasel boys want to protect.
      Dancing around Andy is the reason the FBI investigation into local corruption is taking forever and a day.

  2. This is no different then that $5000.00+ political campaign software Mayor Gillum stole from the City of Tallahassee a while back.
    Pay the $3750.00 bribe back to the city right now Mayor Gillum.
    And shame on you…you 2 time thief!!

  3. Isn’t this purchasing of advertisement ‘for the City’ the Communication Department’s bailiwick?

    Well, YES – it is. Where is Alison Faris (Director of Communications for COT) in this purchasing of this advertising on behalf of the City deal?

    Where’s the DELIVERABLE for this purchase – Mr. New Auditor and (un)Ethics Department?

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