Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Vacationed with FBI Agents Posing as Developers

Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Vacationed with FBI Agents Posing as Developers

Sources have told Tallahassee Reports that former chief of staff and current mayoral candidate Dustin Daniels was in Las Vegas with FBI agents posing as developers while he was a city employee.

Joining Daniels in Las Vegas was Adam Corey, the owner of the lobbying group Unconventional Strategies. The trip took place during the last week of April 2016.

The group of developers present in Las Vegas – who are now presumed to have been undercover FBI agents – included Mike Miller, Brian Butler, and Mike Sweets.

Daniels’ visit to Las Vegas raises several ethical questions. Why is a city official vacationing with a registered city lobbyist -Unconventional Strategies – and developers who are looking to work with the City of Tallahassee?

Also, who paid for the trip?

Previous reports have documented Mayor Andrew Gillum in New York City with Corey and the undercover agents.

Sources say the contingent was in Las Vegas days prior to a previously reported Costa Rica trip which took place during the first week of May 2016.

Daniels confirmed the Las Vega trip during a video interview of mayoral candidates hosted by the Tallahassee Democrat. Daniels said he was in Vegas vacationing with people associated with Unconventional Strategies and that the developers were also present.

Based on the timing of events, Corey left Las Vegas, returned to Tallahassee and, within a day or two, headed to Costa Rico to meet up with a group that included Mayor Andrew Gillum, Jai Gillum, Sean Pittman, Audra Pittman, Adam Corey, Austin Rain, Cody Schwartz, Darcie Morningstar and Mary Kucek.

The timing of the Las Vegas trip means that Adam Corey was with the undercover FBI agents just days before he set up a meeting with Gillum to meet the “developers” while he was in Costa Rica.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that “during that Costa Rican vacation, Corey sent a calendar invite to Gillum scheduling a May 16 meetup at the Edison between himself, Gillum and the now infamous undercover FBI agent Mike Miller..”

TR will continue to investigate.

12 Responses to "Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Vacationed with FBI Agents Posing as Developers"

  1. The very idea that this guy is running for mayor is just ridicuolus. No experience other than being Gillum’s aide. Both have questionable decision making. don’t waste your money or vote on this guy>

  2. Any employee of the city who goes on vacation with a developer is soliciting bribes and other payment forms in return for nods, winks and approvals and waivers for otherwise unobtainable services or permits.
    Mr. Dustin Daniels needs to withdraw from the Mayor’s race now.
    He also needs to resign his employment with Tallahassee.

  3. All this is just a local right-wing distraction to discredit the untouchable virtue of the Mueller investigation. . .

    If you care about Tallahassee’s future and want to move past our corrupt past and present, vote for Conservatives and outsiders for all upcoming city and county positions. A vote for the same old players will only bring continued corruption and worse community deterioration.

  4. He is more of the same…Snake Oil gillum and then right down the line. We need to clean them out and keeping the daniels of the world out is where you start. There are some others running who are, also, of his ‘ilk’… so be careful with your vote.

  5. Could be one of the greatest end of political career quotes ever. It certainly shows the mob mentality and the overwhelming arrogance of the left. Dustin Daniels : “I and not concerned about what someone’s opinion may be”. He spoke these words from his heart, not his head. So he really means it. Dustin can now rest assured he is Dust in the wind.

  6. Well maybe Dustin (and Andrew) should communicate this info and explanation directly to the City Employees (their personal captured audience) via their privileged internal (self-entitled, unethical and – me-thinks – illegal) email fire-side chat. Just some lame explanation, please? Just for the entertainment value – like Maddox with the midget in Vegas….; this is not the same trip, right?

    Better yet – let’s also give all of the Mayor and Commission candidates equal time and equal email availability to these City Employees via the email system? Fair is Fair?

    What say ye – (UN) Ethics Officer?

  7. Both Daniels and Gillum knew this dirt was likely to surface prior to the election and yet they pushed ahead. Showing that both feel their likley voters have such low moral standards that their dirt would not matter. Honestly that is pretty insulting to any one thinking of voting the Democratic ticket. #indictable

    *Snidely will only post thoughtful appropriate comments from now on.*

    Darn I feel like Bart Simpson writing it 100 times on the chalk board!

    1. First, Daniels did not tell the TD who was on the trip – TR did. Second, Daniels did not tell TD when the trip took place TR did. And finally, we gave credit to TD in the article.

      1. The local rag’s Sept. 2017 story, where the photo of Scott Maddox, JT, the FBI agents and the dwarf stripper in Vegas surfaced, only says that it occurred “sometime last year.” So I’m wondering if Daniels’ trip to Vegas occurred at the same time?

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