The Washington Post and Breibart News Cite Tallahassee Reports

The Washington Post and Breibart News Cite Tallahassee Reports

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum’s recent victory in the Democrat primary for Florida governor has raised the profile of Tallahassee Reports. This week TR’s Steve Stewart was contacted by a journalist with Washington Post and a TR report made the front page of Breibart News.

Emma Brown, with Washington Post, wrote an article about Gillum’s primary win that included references to the FBI investigation. The Washington Post article cited an investigative story by TR about Gillum’s trip to New York.

Ms. Brown was able to talk to Gillum and confirm what TR reported, that in fact the trip to New York was more than a business trip.

In addition, Brown reported that Gillum said his brother, Marcus Gillum, paid for his ticket to the Hamilton.

The Washington Post cite followed a TR report highlighted by Breibart News that was about the role Andrew Gillum’s brother, Marcus Gillum, has played in the FBI investigation.

13 Responses to "The Washington Post and Breibart News Cite Tallahassee Reports"

  1. Too bad the energy and enthusiasm displayed against Democrats isn’t equally applied to Republican criminals. Breitbart…what an endorsement!

  2. Well the the fake news can report that Andrew Gillum failed Tallahassee during Hurricane Hermine. It was Governor Scott who took care of Tallahassee because Gillum was like a deer in headlights and didn’t know what to do. Gillum turned down assistance that the governor was offering which was a big mistake. Florida is a state that will have hurricanes and Floridaians better realize that the people they elect better be able to handle them. Gillum has already proven he cannot. The Tallahassee Democrats especially the elite were for Gwen Graham they know Mis handling a hurricane is a big one. If fake news wants to ignore this one then let it be on their conscious. We need someone who can handle hurricanes and Andrew Gillum just cannot. He was given the chance and he failed! And it’s all down hill with the crime rate soaring out of control to Tallahassee having the highest crime rate in Florida under Gillum’s watch. Then scandal after scandal after scandal in tandem with that and I’m sure the fake news is well aware of most of them if not all of them. This is not negative this is not lies this is not trying to make someone look bad this is the truth and here the truth matters for Humanity’s sake. Mr. Gillum seems to be more concerned with climbing the political ladder than the people he is supposed to serve.

    1. I’m still waiting for that point to sink in to the rest of the state.
      If Gillum couldn’t handle Hermine, how would he have done with Irma? He has been a politician since college – ZERO real-world experience.
      If TS Gordon hits Pensacola with the same force as Hermine had on Tallahassee, AND they recover in a day or two, that will be a great talking point for DeSantis.
      Meanwhile, here’s my suggested slogan for the Florida Democrats: “Make Venezuelans Venezuelan Again.”
      Because under Gillum’s leadership, they’ll think the country they fled ain’t so bad anymore.

  3. Keep on pumping out the real news Steve.
    And at the same time be aware that you just had a laser sight put on you and TR by the all powerful fake news establishment.
    You may want to verify exactly who is contacting you for information in the future. Regardless of which news organization they claim to be from.
    Just saying…the fake news establishment now has you on their radar.
    They just got woke and recently became aware that you have a certain power of truth over the Governor’s race in Florida. And the fake news establishment does not like that. They will likely try to trick you and TR into saying or doing something in an effort to discredit your fine real news reporting.

  4. I hope TR will revisit Gillum’s plan to put a biomass plant in the poorest of poor neighborhoods in Tallahassee. I am sure that the national media is not aware of this.

  5. If the FBI was involved, it was recorded. I did a Google search and this isn’t the first rodeo for the FBI dealing with corrupt government officials.

  6. The WaPo story says Gillum admitted to their reporter he was given a ticket to “Hamilton” by his brother Marcus. He didn’t ask how much it cost, but the story says seats where he sat go for many hundreds of dollars.
    Holy Fernandez!
    So I wonder:
    You think the FBI has an audio recording of when they gave Marcus the ticket, telling him it was meant for Andrew as a favor?
    And if they do, what are the chances of it being made public in late October?

    1. I would think the FBI would have documentation. I mean Can We sink to a new level of inhumanity using your brother to advance your corruption. And greed?
      Will the brother be thrown under the bus? Florida, be mindful that Andrew Gillum the mayor of Tallahassee was thinking only of himself to rendezvous with his lobbyist Adam Corey and take money from what he thought were developers to attend an expensive play and baseball game. He abandoned the Citizens of Tallahassee his family and his Integrity by doing so. I hope it was worth it Andrew?

  7. Great point!. The only news I believe comes from Steve. We can help TR by making sure all our friends and neighbors read and subscribe to TR. Lets all do our part to support TR.

  8. I have a feeling that Steve and the TR staff will be very very busy for the next three months! Media outlets would be wise to consult with Steve and company for reliable and credible news.

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