Group Supporting Andrew Gillum Uses Race-Baiting Text Messages to Motivate Voters

Group Supporting Andrew Gillum Uses Race-Baiting Text Messages to Motivate Voters

A group called Black Voters Matter appears to be using race-baiting techniques to motivate voters who support gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and other black candidates.

Race-baiting is defined as the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people.

TR has recovered a text message sent to a potential Florida voter from a Black Voter Matters volunteer which refers to voting for Andrew Gillum as a way to end “Jim Crow FL!”

See image of text message below.

Jim Crow laws—enforced in the south until 1965 —mandated the segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks.

The message begins with, “I’m Laurie P. a volunteer w/ Black Voters Matter.” After receiving permission to send more information about the election, the message states:

This is the most important election in the history of Black communities in FL. We could elect Andrew Gillum for governor, Sean Shaw for Attorney General, and vote yes on 4 to restore the voting rights of millions. We could end Jim Crow FL!

Black Voters Matter, like the Collective PAC, is a group focused on supporting black candidates. The group is registered as a non-profit with the IRS.

While the mission of the group deals with the non-controversial issue of increasing voter engagement, the focus of the group is clearly aimed at motivating black voters in support of black candidates.

12 Responses to "Group Supporting Andrew Gillum Uses Race-Baiting Text Messages to Motivate Voters"

  1. Once again, Tallahassee Reports presents what it truly is, a hate site thinly veiling itself as news.

    Maybe if some of you took the time to understand what institutional racism really is, you wouldn’t be on here spouting your anger.

  2. Should we add this to the ever growing list of enterprises that reside at the Melvin Street training center for political corruption?

  3. Yawn.

    Nice try “tallahasseereports”

    I think I’ll post the business info aka Florida about this site (public information by the way).

    See who’s really behind this propaganda.


    1. The DNC and Soros need to put some more money into their Bots – these cheap ones always use the same old programmed lines.

  4. Floridians realize they don’t want a leader who only promotes his ethnicity as his only qualification.

    They also don’t want someone who can’t handle crime, the economy, engulfed in corruption, has no environmental experience, and especially someone unable to manage a hurricane situation.

    Floridians will elect DeSantis.

  5. The Democrats prove once again their lack of ethics/morals/decency causes them to cross the line in their quest for power. THIS is what Florida wants in charge? I certainly hope not

  6. Major Villum says Mayor Gillum’s veil of racism is wrapped about his ankles and thus will lead to his direct fall on his face = demise. Let Gillum be seen for what he is; as well as his Cheat of Staff: Cussin Daniels.

  7. Gillum has no impressive track record, no accomplishments, inappropriate liaisons, trips, and expenditures. Tallahassee is upside down regarding crime and the economy on Gillum’s watch.

    Gillum believes he is entitled to be Governor solely because of his ethnicity.

    He has set back race relations 30 years to compensate for his inability to lead. He attempts to instill fear, misinformation, and outright lies in an attempt to draw voters to vote for him.

    The only thing he accomplished was to give his bromance college friend a 2 million dollar taxpayer-funded payout for a restaurant. Would Corey and Andrew have been able to afford trips to Costa Rica and New York had they not received the 2 million dollar taxpayer-funded payout? I, for one, doubt it.

    The most recent atrocity that has come to light is the deposition reveal via the head of the City of Tallahassee utilities… stating, that during Hurricane Hermine Gillum turned Florida Power and Light away because of a potential Turf War.

    This is unconscionable, inhumane, a dereliction of duty, and if not, illegal.

    There needs to be an investigation regarding this incident to determine if it rises to a criminal act. It certainly is a dereliction of duty and any decent Democrat should call for his resignation of mayor and as a candidate for governor – immediately – due to this most recent disturbing revelation.

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