POLITICO: Records Show Andrew Gillum Never Paid for Costa Rica Lodging

POLITICO: Records Show Andrew Gillum Never Paid for Costa Rica Lodging

During the CNN Florida gubernatorial debate, Ron DeSantis asked Andrew Gillum whether he paid for the lodging associated with a Costa Rica trip that included lobbyist Adam Corey.

Previously, Gillum said that he and his wife paid cash for the May 2016 Costa Rica accommodations.

However, POLITICO is reporting that newly released information from Adam Corey’s lawyer indicates Gillum did not pay for the accommodations.

From Politico:

In one of the emails from June 2016, Corey promised his accountant a break-down of an $8,868 credit card charge. Corey’s assistant later responded with a list of people to invoice.

That list shows Gillum and his wife, R. Jai Gillum, were responsible for $941.95, but that line was crossed out. A note next to it said, “HOLD ON BILLING.” Gillum’s email address was not included in a subsequent list of people who were invoiced for taking part in the Costa Rica trip.

In September, Kise said his client never received money from Gillum.

Tallahassee Reports was the first media outlet to report on the Costa Rica trip.

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  1. I hope you know all that you just said is libelous and hope you do get sued for slander especially for calling him a pedophile. That’s uncalled for.

  2. Gillum is yet another angry vicious black men who hates white people. His psychological projection is hilarious! He himself is a rabid racist, yet accuses others of racism. Pathetic and comical all at once. Oh, and he has a secret lust for young underage boys. Awesome. The next Democrat hero of the party. Bravo Dems! You picked another great one!

  3. The FBI heard accusations that Gillum was corrupt and set out to prove or disprove that Gillum was corrupt. The FBI PROVED Gillum is corrupt. Is this too difficult to grasp, Floridians?

  4. Man this faux outrage is hilarious! If people were consistent then it would be much more believable. These days, it’s pointless trying to convince anyone else so you’re better off crying to yourself. I know who I’m voting for!

  5. I have a wacky idea that if a professional newsman, such as Steve, would call in a few favors from his contacts in the hospitality industry and obtain some information about location(s) and who’s paying to reserve space for Gillum’s planned victory parties. This leads us to the same information on any plans that may exist and who is paying to reserve space for inauguration celebrations.
    Someone with contacts may be able to find some very interesting information which may need to be made public prior to the election. I would not be shocked if some reservations at places other than The Edison have already been made. Just saying could be some gold to dig up in these locations.
    If the FBI is not already planning a Hillary type of exoneration for Gillum then they may want to look into this issue what with their powers to obtain contracts, bank records for deposit checks, and what not.
    I’m not saying Gillum is gonna win or anything like that. Just that unethical folks do pretty much all their business in an unethical manner. And the same folks are kind of stupid too.

  6. The amazing thing is the far left is just downright stupid in this political drama that now consumes the state of Florida. Proof positive exists as to the transgressions of these elected officials on a grand scale that folks with half a brain can understand, however the rabid core goes blindly along with their undying support . That is the root core of socialisum where the mass is reduced to a monolythic sameness having no voice in their own futures. May the good Lord help us before it is too late………AMEN.

  7. You can dress em up, and even teach them somewhat proper English, but if they have no integrity that can’t be changed. Especially if they keep getting away with whatever they pull.

  8. I’m Andrew Gillum and I’d like to be your Governor. I’m corrupt and I like to use the race card so that I can always be the victim. But like my Grandma used to say before I walked out the door anointed with oil, “Go be the best you can be.” So there are 99 other issues facing Florida other than the fact that I took a vacation with undercover FBI agents investigating me and the Tallahassee corruption. But again, that doesn’t matter because I delivered on the CRA boundary line to my good friend Mike Miller. I want Florida to be a bigger and better state for all…except any white people. Did I mention that Ron DeSantis is a liar? He says I gave favor for my CRA vote. How dare he? Oh Costa Rica…yes I paid cash! No wait, the FBI paid for that trip, but here we go again, just another lie from the far right.

    Please, please, please Florida voters. Look at the facts. Andrew Gillum absolutely should not be Governor! And yet with 2 weeks left to go we are in a dead heat. Unbelievable!

      1. It is really getting old and immature to keep playing the race card. No one is a racist here. Andrew Gillum is being measured by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.

        Andrew is the mayor of Tallahassee and he won the Democratic nomination for governor in the state of Florida. This is a free country and political candidates are free to expose their opponents track record of success or failure. If it is failure you can’t call someone racist because you don’t like that Gillum has a poor track record.

        I think the media is catching on also to this immature act of decrying racism to deflect attention away from his own failures.

  9. It is despicable and embarrassing if not illegal that Gillum used his brother Marcus as the scapegoat regarding the Hamilton ticket.

    We all know through documents that, that is not true and Gillum lied flat out lied.

    He has no credibility whatsoever, Gillum. If he will do this to his brother and blatantly lie he cannot be trusted as an elected official as a public official or in a leadership position.

    Any publication that has endorsed Gillum should withdraw their endorsement.

    The Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald had enough information to know that Gillum was not a credible individual and their endorsements are irresponsible. Same with CNN, they are flagrantly if not illegally giving Gillum inappropriate consideration and time when it is so obvious of Gillum’s incompetence and criminality. The president and CEO of CNN should resign immediately. Ditto with MSNBC. Or sponsors should pull out of advertising and boycott these media entities.

  10. After learning Trump has avoided paying hundreds of thousands, if not billions of taxes for years, has lied about charitable foundations using others’ donations to his charities as his own personal donations and a supporter of the fine folks who are otherwise known as white supremists, I truly would not care if Gillum accepted tickets to Hamilton.

    1. Ms. Doe, don’t know where you get your assertions about Trump’s in-depth finances (as I recall they have arrested two Treasury officials who should get years of jail time for leaking such info to the complicit press) – but you conveniently leave out that for decades Trump operated in New York (arguably the toughest and greediest taxing entity on the planet) and none of his finances were ever significantly investigated or charged with violations – for decades. Only when he became President and Dem-Socialist Enemy No. 1, magically his past finances for decades suddenly are sought by the fake news. I think so far with two years of their digging , the most the MSM can prove on Trump is that he once snapped a towel at a fellow student in middle school. Even Mueller with an army of Dem-donor lawyers and wasting millions of taxparer dollars for two years of investigating Trump has found – nothing. If they had it, they would have done it long ago.

      Meanwhile, we have hillary clinton, with DOZENS of proven, documented federal crimes racked up, and an ability to lie that rivals the devil. And we have gillum, who has several serious proven Allegations already on his head. Hopefully hillary, obama, and many others in obama’s administration will be trading cigarettes with gillum in a federal prison yard for a long time. Of course you can still vote for gillum, just as many lockstep liberals would still vote for hillary, with all proven charges and crimes withstanding.

    2. Carolyn , Charlotte , Mrs. Doe,

      The Gillum mentality strikes again! This is Gillum’s modus operandi and Gillum screams absurdities when he can’t answer questions regarding his character, misdeeds, and illegal acts.

      Blame Trump, blame everyone else, decry racism…, but the results will be telling at The Ballot Box. It won’t work because the truth emerges.

      Gillum’s campaign has already began to unravel and it is spiraling downward faster than the speed of light and if you want to be on that ride be my guest.

      When you wake up the clouds will have parted, and the Sunshine will come streaming in and Ron DeSantis will be governor of Florida… Oh Happy Day!

  11. Gillum got national radio exposure this morning on the Laura Ingram show. She used a lot of what Steve here on TR has brought us in a very clear way that likely gives creedance to what local Tallahassee folks have known about Gillum for years. Laura said she’s gonna revisit the subject tonight on her TV show.

  12. Vote NO to unrealistic socialistic “promises” (otherwise known as lies). Vote YES to Democracy which created the strongest country ever. The left says they want to help everyone then quit tearing at our structure. Once we become strong again only then will we will be able to help the world.

    1. Take him, Carolyn.
      Take him all the way to Fort Dix, New Jersey where he can be bunk mates with that other paragon of FAMU, Kwame Kilpatrick.

    2. Ms. Carolyn, you sound like a campaign sign. mr. gillum hopefully will soon be extremely occupied with another activity other than campaigning: avoiding jail.

  13. Yet, Gillum doesn’t skip a beat and his explanation is THIS proves he paid his way.

    Is this the epitome of narcissism, denial, and a sociopath?

    The CEO of CNN AKA fake news is running rogue for Gillum. CNN now has a 6-second advertisement against Fox News using Andrew Gillum. Hopefully, Mr Erwin Jackson will file an elections complaint against CNN and Gillum for this unfair absurd ad.

    CNN should now run a 6 second ad for DeSantis unless face legal consequences… hopefully bankruptcy and put them out of business for this unfair illegal deed.

  14. Couldn’t/shouldn’t Governor Scott remove Gillum from Office at this point based on: lying, misuse of Public Office, taking bribes, etc.

    Snidely – your thoughts?

  15. I missed the part where it said there’s proof Gillum never paid cash for the trip. Seems there’s quite a few conclusions being drawn here by Politico — not to mention the absurd innuendo flying around here.

    1. Corey said so! Through his attorney and a document drop. Gillum is busted there is no way around it. He can talk it up talk it down talk it all around town!

      The fact is Corey outed Gillum when Gillum stated in the debate that a friend let him down.

      I believe what we’re watching here is a spurned lover ratting out the other.

      Now, I need to go take a shower. And if the Gillum voters don’t need to, also then there is something wrong.

  16. Yeah, Jon, you’re right. DeSantis definitely is guilty of anything Gillum may have done. And DeSantis’ brother and sister are definitely guilty of voter fraud since Gillum’s siblings appear to be. That’s perfectly sound logic.

    1. While on the hyperbole train, don’t forget to add in how DeSantis’ siblings must be guilty of dealing drugs and his mom must be guilty of writing rubber checks, since Andrew Guilty’s brothers and mom have been found guilty of those crimes.
      I hope Dr. Jackson gets up at the next city commish meeting and DEMANDS Andrew Guilty’s immediate resignation, based on the Fernandez ruling.

  17. Pretty standard corruption here. Be friends with people who do business with the city and get free stuff. Its unfortunate for Gillum that he got caught. I assume DeSantis and nearly every other politician hasnt been caught yet.

    1. What, Jon – are we simply not charging people for “standard corruption” anymore? Gee, glad I’m not a victim yet of a “standard robbery” or a “standard murder”.

      1. Gillum filed an extension in April and another Hurricane Michael extension this month. Just because he can delay filing does not mean he has to.

        File and release the 2017 tax return.

  18. Jeff Berlew at the Tallahassee Democrat just reported that Andrew Gillum was given the Hamilton tickets by the FBI agents. Text messages verify this.

    Perhaps the Tampa Bay Tribune and the Miami Herald will pull their endorsements.

    This is huge and I am pleased that. The Tallahassee Democrat is reporting this. I hope they copy CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and anyone who has endorsed Andrew Gillum.

    1. It’s the Tampa Bay Times, not Tribune, to be clear. TBT (formerly the St. Pete Times) purchased what was left of the Tampa Tribune years ago, promptly shut it down, sold it and now it’s a condo development.
      Meanwhile, there was an armed robbery and shooting less than a mile from Gillum’s home, near the Walmart:
      “Not a day goes by where I don’t see a truck with a big ‘ol thug driving down Thomasville Road.”

      1. “There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by in my city where I’m not driving behind a truck on my way to work that has a big old Confederate flag.”

        Not everyone with a Confederate flag is a thug. I’ve been in Tallahassee a while, and have seen maybe a few confederate flags – not all on trucks, and not every day.

      2. the same perps that shot the woman at the bank also did a robbery near FSU at 1 a.m. the same day. But, but……. Gillum said on national TV that our town has been headed towards lower crime etc.

    1. The acceptance of a $941.95 gift, bribe, or however it is classified. That is against City of Tallahassee policy and procedures. It is a fireable offence of the magnatude that requires all retirement, severance, and deffered comp be forfeited by the offending employee.
      Andrew’s only hope lies in “Little” Reese Goad “The Toad” can Reese de-value Andrew’s ill gotten gain from $941.95 to $99.00 in the same way Reese saved the butts of all those COT employees living the good life up in those expensive FSU Sky Boxes.
      Get to work on it Reese!!!!!!!!

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