Killearn Country Club Sued for Non-Payment on Golf Cart Lease

Killearn Country Club Sued for Non-Payment on Golf Cart Lease

TCF Equipment Finance has filed a lawsuit against Killearn Country Club seeking to recover equipment for non-payment of leases. The legal action alleges that KCC has not paid approximately $33,000 in rental fees, late charges, and taxes.

According to the lawsuit, the equipment includes “43 E-Z Golf Carts with attachments” and other lawn maintenance equipment.

The lawsuit was filed on February 26, 2019 in Leon Circuit Court.

View document here.

7 Responses to "Killearn Country Club Sued for Non-Payment on Golf Cart Lease"

  1. The first step to being able to sell a Business like this is to “Stop Paying The Bills”. The second step is to “Start Showing A Major Loss”. It’s coming People, they WILL get what they want, all you are doing is making them take the “Long Way”.

  2. This place needs to get into bankruptcy so it can be marketed and sold as a golf course, asap. Once the mowers are repossessed, the entire place will look like the North, and there will be no way to save it. Get in bankruptcy now.

  3. Can assure you this is the first of many lawsuits against KCC as I know several vendors to them that have not been paid.Dont think it has much time left as an operating Club.Even The KHA Executive Board won’t be dumb enough to buy that sinking least I hope so!! .

  4. Barton–Evidently you lie about your intentions not just to Killearn residents but to everyone else with whom you do business. I’m tempted to refer to you as a dirt*** but doing so would lower me to your level.

    What a jerk.

  5. I wonder if all those people that bought that line that if we closed the Narrows all these great improvements were going to be made still believe that…

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