TR’s Story on Leon County Principal Cited in Tampa Bay Times

TR’s Story on Leon County Principal Cited in Tampa Bay Times

On April 19th the Tampa Bay Times cited TR’s report on the Florida Department of Education investigation of former Gilchrist Elementary School principal David Solz.

This information has yet to be reported by other Tallahassee media outlets.

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The investigation is the result of a previous TR story about the relationship between Solz and a married teacher at Gilchrist.

On September 4, 2018 LCS forwarded information to the FDOE which included letters from Superintendent Hanna and an anonymous email sent to LCS Board member Alva Striplin detailing other allegations that Solz has denied.

Last week TR reported that investigators were at Gilchrist Elementary interviewing teachers.

8 Responses to "TR’s Story on Leon County Principal Cited in Tampa Bay Times"

    1. How can “she” be the problem when Rocky used and bullied her? To be clear, Rocky Hanna is the problem. She is a victim, Rocky victimized her. A bully and admitted liar is the Superintendent of Leon Schools.

  1. By hiring Inserra to a consulting contract Rocky Hanna once again shows all of us who he is, filled with a vendetta to get rid of those on his “hit list” while using his new found “authority” to reward those who helped him. Hanna’s “hit list” will soon be made public through Steve Shelton’s lawsuit, I am sure we will find out that at least one current school board member will have to testify that they saw said list from Rocky.

  2. Inserra was the Principal that got dismissed from Deerlake for misuse of funds. He was hired by FDOE in there Facilites Dept. He wrote the opinion that Leon County Schools did not need a new Southside High School . Mr. Hanna ran against the new SouthSide H.S. Sounds like hiring Inserra may be a payback for that opinion. Rickards is a great deserving school with a good Principal. They should not be used this way.

  3. ?The local media always ignores stories, especially those involving the city and the county. They are afraid of them and worried about cutting off their supply to press releases and interviews. ?

    A perfect example is Andy Adcock. Once he confronted Anita Favors-Thompson about things in the City… Andy (and WCTV) was giving limited access to interviews and press releases were “accidentally” not sent to them. It was made perfectly clear that the media could not investigate the city and the county (this includes the school board) That’s one reason why such ethical and criminal issues exist in the city. Not to mention Andy don’t work here no more, and WCTV then started to get press releases and interviews.

  4. Keep up the great work! Please, please look into the costs associated with the construction at Rickards, look at the contracted person that Rocky hired, former employee Tom Inserra. Rocky Hanna is handing out Assistant Superintendent positions to people that helped him in his campaign while also empowering Rocky to put in place his “hit list”. Political payback for Assistant Superintendents that did not have to be interviewed that receive $100,000 jobs each while having no contact with students, now Inserra, cost overruns at Rickards the list goes on and on.

  5. Add this the United Way data breach that also did not appear in the TD – wonder why -as the head is also the chair of the UW board – how do we get rid of this corruption – can someone report these goings on to Gannet headquarters ?

    1. Depending on how the vote for board directors goes May 16, Gannett may cease to exist shortly thereafter. MNG (Alden Global, a hedge fund) is attempting a hostile takeover of Gannett, and has nominated it’s own board of 6 director candidates.

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