Desloge, Welch: Two Different Views of Northeast Tallahassee

Desloge, Welch: Two Different Views of Northeast Tallahassee

Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge is being challenged by political newcomer Brian Welch. It is almost a year away from votes being cast in the race for District 4, but both candidates are providing an early look into their campaign.

Desolge, who has held the seat since 2006, recently wrote about what he has accomplished while serving District 4 and his future goals.

Desloge highlighted improvements along Bannerman Road, the purchase of a 100-acre parcel for a Northeast park and the expansion of the Northeast Library.

Desloge, Welch Report Donations for District 4 Campaign

Desolge also wrote about the consolidated and improved law enforcement dispatch operations which has shortened 9-1-1 response times.

He also noted that the Commission has expanded services to a growing population while the overall county budget is $10 million less than when he first took office.

His main goal, if re-elected, will be to hold the line on taxes. Desloge wrote, “I know you work hard for your money and I will, too. I will continue to try and squeeze out every last penny and be a good fiscal steward of your tax dollars.”

Brian Welch, a long-time Northeast resident and current Chiles High School teacher, recently stated that “It’s time that we stop taking NE Tallahassee for granted, and start addressing its needs, while recognizing the value it brings to our entire community.”

Welch argues that the long overdue Northeast Park, with its much needed ball fields waiting to be built on the corner of Thomasville and Proctor roads, has been on the County’s radar for well over a decade.

Welch noted the only community center in the Northeast is the old Bradfordville School House, which is hardly sufficient to meet the needs of the many organizations within the community.

Welch also criticized the lack of citizen engagement with regards to development projects.

Welch said that “while development after development is given approval and thrown at the feet of these established neighborhoods, without any real opportunity for discussion and compromise….residents are dismissively told that they just don’t understand and to disregard their concerns about how the growth will impact their quality of life.”

Welch, if elected, states he will staff an office in District 4 to more effectively engage with the citizens in the Northeast.

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  1. Their are ordinances and rules in place for development of property in Leon County and if you meet their requirements you can develop your property! No individual County Commissioner can stop said development, the board would have to vote against, during the appropriate hearing. If you do not like what is being built on private property anywhere. You need to buy the property so you can control it’s use!

  2. 14 Years is enough for a Commissioner. He’s scared to run for a higher office because he is not really known that well outside of Leon County.

  3. Mr Desloge failed to mention he is making excellent progress in his goal of having a Car Wash every 1/2 Mile on Thomasville Road…Once that’s accomplished they can turn their attention to using The Killearn Country Club to build the world’s largest Zaxby’s

  4. This district is much larger than the challenger realizes. Over the years Mr. Desloge has assisted organizations that use the Miccosukee ball fields and Miccosukee Community Center too. Both are still standing.

  5. The county should acquire the empty retail building both of Public for both meeting space and indoor sports. The county survey showed a high demand for indoor activities. It’s a long drive to John Knox for families in the NE.

  6. What we need is a alternative to the Shamrock Rd extension that happened under Desloges watch. Act now Brian and get that abomination moved!

    1. The problem is that, Every Road but Thomasville Road is classified as a “Canopy Road” and can not be widened……unleeeeeessssss they reclassify one or two of them………..hmmm.

    2. They COULD just widen Bradfordville Rd, Roberts Rd., Crump Rd., and Chairs Cross Rd. to a 4 Lane Road with Turn Lanes. That will allow Cars to travel from Thomasville Rd to Apalchee Parkway.

    3. Amen to that, Paul. Kill that “extension” that would turn Killearn into just another commuter highway – or face the electoral consequences. We’ll vote for the one who gets that done. Ticking off Killearn is not a good political career move.

  7. That is all Brian Desloge can point to in 13 years. The people of the Northeast deserve better. Bannerman happened because private investment saw the need in the Northeast and the opportunity to get a solid return on that investment. What we don’t need is another fast food restaurant on Bannerman, it cheapens the area. We need to be learning from other cities that have successfully integrated commercial space and living space into viable communities.

    1. But you DO need two more Cell Phone Businesses and 3 more Mattress Businesses and 1 more Car Wash………………

  8. It should be noted there is a community center in NE Tallahassee, the Northside Community Center. Located near Bannerman and Meridian and the Oak Grove neighborhood, this CC was built by Wildwood Church for the community. It is open to all and has ball fields, covered pavilion, gymnasium, classrooms.

    1. You are so correct. In fact the new woke leftist rules demand Proctor’s inclusion under penalty of both Desloge and Welch both being called the dreaded “R” word. Unless of course in the case where Welch may be a minority then he’s off the hook for being called the dreaded “R” word.
      Man these new woke leftist rules are hard to keep up with!!!!

    2. I am thankful. I though Mr. Procter is now a Senater of the New S. He is a wise and savvy gentleman and has secretly been a U.S. Senater for a while. I am thankful

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