TR Covering Tallahassee Like No Other Local Media

TR Covering Tallahassee Like No Other Local Media

On September 3, 2019 Tallahassee Reports published three stories on local government that were not covered by any other local media.

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TR’s September 3rd Reports

Owners to Seek Urban Designation for 180 Acres Around Chiles High School to Facilitate Development

Elected Officials to Consider Moving Up Northeast Park, Fairgrounds Construction Dates

City Commission to Host Strategic Planning Workshop

13 Responses to "TR Covering Tallahassee Like No Other Local Media"

  1. Thank you Cathy and Steve. TR is the only media that gives me hope that someone is watching out for us and telling us the truth. I would love to see either of you run for public office. I would be willing to host a fund raiser for either of you. We could have a mask party and all of us that comment could come and wear our comment name tag and give you the maximum contribution. I would like to meet Mark and others.

  2. Its time Steve:
    Just go ahead and start doing obituary listings for your service area.
    That is the only reason 50% of the local citizens even take a look at “The Fake Newsocrat” [thanks Maven].
    Yeah its time Steve just drive those final nails in The Fake Newsocrat’s pine box.

    1. With an online obit platform where people could upload photos and write memories….TR would destroy the paper….great idea Snidely…

    2. And legal notices.
      Sue the city to take the rights away from the Fake Newsocrat. TR now has a larger circulation, just not daily. I believe a case could be made now, and that would generate tons of income.
      Especially when the Fake Newocrat STOPS PRINTING EVERY DAY (it’s coming, folks – you heard it here first!)
      Skippy got dinged for his lame column of excuses for why the rag won’t be printing the final scores from FSU games (because they fired the pressroom and have to get it printed in Panama City.)
      If you love Tallahassee, you should NEVER give them your money.
      How to cancel your subscription to the Fake Newsocrat:
      Call (800) 999-2271

  3. Relocated from Tallahassee to New Orleans I have found the TR most informative… awesome publication please keep up the good work
    Tony Parker

  4. I believe the Tallahassee Reports publication most recent triumph was the truth that was able to be reported in the last election. I believe it was a source nation-wide and helped get the word out and Florida therefore had a favorable result for governor.

    I wish I could apologize for Bob Gabordi and the way he treated Steve Stewart and Steve Stewart’s wife.

    Steve, please consider running for a Leon County Commission seat, a city commission seat, or mayor in the future and very near future.

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. I love TR….not happy with governor outcome on election day, but I’m not so super upset by our new governor’s moves thus far. Keep it up SS.

    2. Hope:
      Gabordi treated the excellent, veteran Knight-Ridder staff he inherited with total hatred. (I think he was certifiably jealous.) If he couldn’t run them off, or lay them off, he fired them. A newsroom of almost 100 in the late ’90s, cut to the 70’s when he slithered in in 2005, was hacked to the 20’s by the time he left for Florida Today.
      Every one of us who lost our jobs had more talent in the tip of our pinky then he has.
      No one played a more significant role in destroying that rag than him.
      Now that he’s retired, he can go take a walk around the fed pen in the near future with our Usual Suspects whenever he wants.

      Ah, to be an unindicted co-conspirator…

      1. One of Tallahassee’s most credible Watch Dogs told me personally that he had met with Gabordi soon after Gabordi arrived at the TD. He said Gabordi was trashing the prior management and indicated that that was unprofessional. My was it ever as Gabordi turned out to be one of the most unprofessional, nastiest, inept, and corrupt editor’s we have ever seen!

        He personally and professionally victimized my family with his wrath.

        Those walks with Maddox were ridiculous and at least they were well documented.

        Gabordi is personally responsible for many of the problems in Tallahassee that he ignored or his corruption help to incite.

        Thank goodness he can do no more harm.

        I am sorry for all the harm he caused to so many reporters and their families.

        Have you ever thought of writing a book?

        1. Wow, how telling.
          Although I’m not surprised.
          He left a discussion with a bunch of us his first week there to go fire the managing editor “Goth Girl.”

          Books don’t have lasting power.
          A 3-minute Top 40 song would be better, hah!

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