City Workshop Sets Priorities and Focuses on 2024

City Workshop Sets Priorities and Focuses on 2024

The Tallahassee City Commission kicked off a strategic planning workshop at the Goodwood Museum and Carriage House on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

The purpose of the workshop was to facilitate a discussion among the elected officials related to the final stages of a process that will result in a formal strategic plan. The strategic plan will drive the direction of the City over the next five years.

Tallahassee Reports has previously reported on this process.

Mayor John Daily told the attendees that the workshop is an informal opportunity for a discussion about planning and he said there would be no votes taken on any issues.

City Manager Reese Goad, Asst. City Manager Wayne Tedder, Mayor John Dailey.

City Manager Reese Goad, in opening remarks, said that “this is about long range planning.”

Other remarks by elected officials and management staff applauded the efforts to develop a detailed strategic plan.

The strategic plan is built around six priorities as determined by the city commission. The priorities are Public Trust, Public Safety, Quality of Life, Economic Development, and the Impact of Poverty.

The workshop lasted for three hours and was focused around gathering input from city commissioners on the their impressions of where the city is regarding the priorities and goals. The city commissioners also shared their views on where they hope to be in five years.

Listed below is information gathered from the workshop attended by TR.

Priorities & Goals

Impact of Poverty: To be a leading community partner that actively connects residents to resources that remove economic and social barriers

Impressions….. Officials desired a more global view of what causes poverty and wanted to understand the impact of family. Also, officials noted the need for workforce training and a more precise definition of “affordable” when it comes to affordable housing.

In five years…..poverty numbers will be down and there will be job programs focused on 16-24 year olds.

Quality of Life: To be a creative and inclusive community with beautiful public spaces that protect and promote resources and culture

Impressions….. Officials agreed Tallahassee has first rate parks and recreation opportunities, does a good job scheduling festivals, and has opportunities with regards to historic tourism. Some officials voiced a need to increase awareness of these assets to the community and figure out how to include more people.

In five years…..Tallahassee will be a regional destination for arts and musics, home to 100 parks (currently 90) and more family friendly with enhanced sidewalks and connectivity.

Public Safety: To be a safe, resilient and inclusive community

Impressions……. The investment in community policing is working by reaching out to teenagers. The recruitment of a new police chief must focus on commitment to community policing.

In five years…..Tallahassee will have a new law enforcement complex. Law enforcement will be focused on meeting public safety goals by unifying local resources and the use of applicable technology. There will be further investment in stopping human trafficking and commitment to fairness in enforcing laws.

Public Trust: To enhance public trust through ethical business practices and transparency

Impressions……Tallahassee is headed in right direction, trust is being built, but it will take time. We must go the extra mile to instill ethics.

In five years…Tallahassee will have one of the strongest ethics ordinances in the country.

Public Infrastructure: To be the leading publicly owned utility that supports a growing and progressive community

Impressions……Officials are proud of energy plan and believe the City is doing a good job of delivering services.

In five years……Tallahassee will expand the retrofitting of underground utilities, increase electric fleet and expand solar resources. Also, current plans include enhancing green spaces, sidewalks, increasing access to fiber, and public transportation alternatives.

Economic Development: To advance the City of Tallahassee as a competitive, innovative and sustainable regional economic hub.

Impressions…. Officials indicated that Tallahassee has the resources and opportunity to train and create a workforce to meet local job demands. Must focus on retaining talent and supporting local businesses.

In five years – Tallahassee will have expanded the private sector employment base, have stronger university partnerships, and work programs that engage the 16-24 demographic. Also, the airport master plan, the airport gateway and the Northwood Mall development will be completed.

8 Responses to "City Workshop Sets Priorities and Focuses on 2024"

  1. LE: …… “a commitment to fairness in enforcing laws??” That’s code for stop arresting people who look a certain way no matter how guilty they are.

  2. “Officials desired a more global view of what causes poverty and wanted to understand the impact of family”. What causes Poverty? REALLY? Poor People make themselves. They do it a couple of ways, by dropping out of School and not doing anything or they graduate and don’t do anything. The decide to live off the Government because it is easier for them. Many would rather live in squalor and live off the Government than get a Job. When you guarantee them a Monthly Check, Food Stamps, Housing, Cell Phone, Internet, Bus Pass, etc……….. why Work?

  3. “Quality of Life: To be a creative and inclusive community with beautiful public spaces that protect and promote resources and culture”

    I know, let’s allow Blueprint to plow a major road through Killearn Estates, that will be beautiful and ‘protective’ of culture.

  4. There is one giant and glaring element missing to this plan. That is education. Jobs for young adults are meaningless if they cannot get a basic education which unfortunately is the case for so many on the southside. Education policies are feeding the criminal base, not helping to eliminate it. Additionally, people in growing industries such as technology will never want to move to Tallahassee if there are not quality public school opportunities for their children. The school district is in chaos and is unfriendly to parents, rich and poor. If they don’t solve that problem, many of the city goals are meaningless

      1. Forcing at risk students to “homeschool” when its clear they won’t graduate to artificially inflate the District’s graduation rate. Not only do they get no education (because most likely there is no one to homeschool them), they end up getting into trouble. Case in point – the boy whose mother was told by LCS to take him out and homeschool him They knew she worked and he wouldn’t get an education. He ended up being shot dead at 1 pm on Old Bainbridge Road on a weekday. If he had been in class he would not have been involved in a crime which resulted in his murder. Just one example, happens all the time, hence the county crime rate.

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