Three Finalists Selected for Chief of Police

Three Finalists Selected for Chief of Police

In a meeting on Monday, the Community Partners Committee refined the list of candidates for the next Chief of Police to three finalists.

The Community Partners Committee consists of community leaders from the faith, business and law enforcement communities in Tallahassee. The committee previously met on October 9th to consider the eligible applications and narrow the candidate pool.

“Each of the nine candidates that interviewed today are highly qualified and deserving of our gratitude for their dedication to public safety,” City Manager Reese Goad said.

The committee interviewed nine candidates, ultimately refining its recommendations to the following finalists:

  • Antonio Gilliam
  • Lawrence Revell
  • Lonnie Scott

Both Revell and Scott have professional ties to the Tallahassee Police Department. Mr. Gilliam is from St. Petersburg, Florida.

The selection process for the Tallahassee Police Department’s (TPD) next leader continues Monday, Nov. 18, with a TPD employee panel review, candidate presentations to City leadership and a community meet-and-greet at the Lincoln Center, located at 438 West Brevard Street.

Upon conclusion of this process, the City Manager will select the top candidate and offer that individual the position.

A nationwide search to fill the police chief position was conducted by the Florida Police Chief’s Association from August 9 through September 12. This resulted in 52 applications received, 20 of which were deemed eligible and recommended for consideration.

10 Responses to "Three Finalists Selected for Chief of Police"

  1. Now that the choice has been made we find out about Gilliam being from here in Proctor’s district.
    Now you know why he raised hell. You need to investigate there relationship further

  2. Why do we need a police chief? I didn’t think we had any cops in this town. Just ride around and you’ll see speeders, people running red lights and stop signs, texting, doing U turns and God only knows what else. Oh! Wait a minute. Maybe that is a police car flying by me and speeding but not going on a call. They think they are above the law.

  3. With Tallahassee’s nationally-known high-crime reputation and indictments on one long-time former city commissioner (probably followed by others), I have to wonder how attractive the job of “Police Chief of Tallahassee” may appear to capable, experienced candidates around FL and the country. Also, most wise candidates would call up former Police Chief DeLeo and ask him:
    (1) what the job was like for him from a Chief’s perspective?
    (2) Was the COT straightforward and honest in dealing with the Chief when he needed answers and-or committments from them?
    (3) how much resources and additional officers did COT officials give him when he requested those?

    It would be normal and customary to ask former Chief DeLeo (and our Chief before him) all that – along with maybe a dozen other questions. It’s just normal research any smart candidate for the police job would do. “Why did you resign or were you forced out?”, etc.
    I hope Chief DeLeo’s answers will sound good to any out-of-town candidates, but I do wonder. Tallahassee desperately needs a tough, capable Chief lawman who can get our crime rate way down. And we desperately need a COT that gives the Chief everything he needs to get the job done, period.

  4. Outlaw should be on the final list. This process should have never included a committee of people who put there own interest first ahead of the good citizens of Tallahassee.
    Selecting candidates who will continue to follow the failed doctrine of community policing is not the way the City will succeed in reducing crime in Tallahassee.

    1. Apparently reducing crime is not anywhere near the top of their list. Note the 2 new departments: Diversity & Inclusion and Community Affairs.

  5. Strange some names absent, happy some names present in this group. Not sure just yet on this process? Did COT take this selection process from some other city? If so, why? And, I’ll ask the question that may be the elephant in the room….is Mr. Antonio Gilliam any relation to our former mayor, Andrew Gilliam?

    1. That’s what everyone wants to know. He does have 2 strikes against him (W/M) for some folks, but there is no doubt that he is the most qualified.

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