Rocky Hanna Tied to $50,000 Las Vegas Campaign Donation to Andrew Gillum PAC

Rocky Hanna Tied to $50,000 Las Vegas Campaign Donation to Andrew Gillum PAC

With less than seven weeks left in the hotly contested Florida gubernatorial campaign between Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum, campaign records show that a company tied to Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna and registered in Las Vegas, Nevada, donated $50,000 to the Forward Florida PAC which was supporting Gillum.

Records show that two $25,000 donations were made by HAH I and HAH III on September 24th, 2018. The two LLC’s were listed as real estate development companies.

TR has determined that the donations were made to the PAC at a fundraiser held at the home of Sean Pittman.

This is the same PAC that has faced criticism from the likes of John Morgan for not spending donor money during the 2018 gubernatorial election.

TR has recently written about Pittman’s relationship with the Leon County School Board. Also, there have been reports documenting monthly payments to Sean Pittman owned companies in 2018 & 2019 from the Forward Florida PAC.

TR first determined the connection between Rocky Hanna and the companies – with the nondescript names of HAH, HAH I, HAH II, and HAH III – after a review of corporate documents revealed that the companies are controlled, at least in part, by Hanna’s brother, Darrell Hanna.

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A further connection was discovered after reviewing Rocky Hanna’s financial disclosure Form 6 on file with the Florida Commission on Ethics. The documents show that Rocky Hanna has a financial interest in the companies registered in Las Vegas.

Rocky Hanna listed “HAH Investments” on his 2019 form as a financial asset with a value of $210,000 in 2018. Hanna also listed 2018 income of $167,000 from “HAH I,II, III, LLC”.

The address of the companies on the Form 6 – 4730 South Fort Apache Road Suite 300, Las Vegas, Nevada – is the same address attached to the two $25,000 donations to Forward Florida.

It appears the companies are registered in Las Vegas due to the business benefits allowed by Nevada law. These benefits include strong privacy protection for owners, who can remain anonymous, no taxes on corporate shares or profits, and no formal information-sharing agreement with the IRS.

TR is still researching the web of company connections related to these LLC’s, however the business activities appear to take place near Atlanta, where Superintendent Hanna’s brother resides.

The donations to Gillum’s PAC raises several questions still being researched by TR, which include the following:

Who is behind the corporate donation to Gillum’s PAC? Is it Superintendent Hanna or his brother?

Second, what prompted the donation? Seldom do you see local elected officials tied to such large donations.

And finally, have these companies or related companies made other donations to candidates in the Tallahassee area?

42 Responses to "Rocky Hanna Tied to $50,000 Las Vegas Campaign Donation to Andrew Gillum PAC"

  1. Rocky and his brother gave more money to Gwen Graham and Andrew Gillum than Rocky has paid in owed child support. Rocky and or his brother paid a private investigator to follow people around town during the election, but Rocky could not fully pay his child support that he HID from for 10 years!

    Rocky gave Gwen Graham thousands. Gwen gave Rocky a pass when she knew he violated his oath of educator ethics dating then bullying a teacher into a transfer. Rocky promoted Kathleen Rodgers to Assistant Superintendent without an interview after Kathleen would not put forth an investigation into the acts listed in an affidavit stating the things Rocky did to a teacher were sickening!

    Time for Rocky to go! Don’t worry Rocky, you brother will give you a job. After all through llc’s he gave you over $200,000 in campaign contributions as you tried to frame the former Superintendent all the while you admitted to the school board attorney you knew of no wrongdoing.

    1. Dont forget who brought this pox on to our communitty.
      It’s not the individual elected officials…no Sir… its the lock-step sheeple local voters who vote straight Democrat down the line in each and every election. We hate you sheeple.

  2. I suppose he stabbed her in the back by not picking her to run for lieutenant governor.

    A lot of people are making poor decisions it’s about time we how to turn around.

    There is one good elected official making good decisions and that is our governor. We all can be thankful for having such a wonderful governor!

  3. After reading the article and the comments, other than attempting to smear Mr. Guillum, why is his picture attached and what does this have to do with him? Does Mr Gillum who is running for office control WHO is making the contributions? If someone knowingly wanted to harm someone’s chances of becoming elected, knowing that the walk on the dirty side, a campaign contribution appears to be a good way to go to connect them to the corruption already taking place and being called out.

    1. I am pretty sure the person running for Office controls who donates. They also decide weather or not to take PAC Money. If they have someone helping, they tell them who NOT to accepts Money from. In the end, the AX falls on THEIR neck.

  4. Rocky Hanna failed to disclose his Conflict of Interest when he hired Curtis Richardson and awarded him a salary at almost twice that of a starting teacher. Curtis has failed to disclose this conflict. The School Board should DEMAND a full investigation.Things done in the Sunshine? Not on Rocky’s watch!

    Rocky Hanna claimed he was not a politician, we know know he is one of the most calculating misleading politicians in all of Leon County. What is new thanks to Steve Stewart is that the evidence points to a very cold calculating Rocky Hanna who used voter intimidation, campaign contributions, and false information to federal and state authorities to get elected.

  5. Would an honest man just stroke a check to Andrew and Curtis from Rocky and his lovely wife’s joint checking account?
    Or would an honest man jump thru a bunch of hoops and Nevada red tape to set up a shell corporation to donate to Andrew and Curtis from???
    Think about it!!!

    1. Everyone also need to know that after Hanna was elected, he hired Curtis Richardson to work full time at Lively. Doing what? Who knows? What a circle of corruption of elected officials in this county.

      1. If it is true that RICHARDSON was hired and paid by Hanna to work at Lively while also contributing to RICHARDSON and GILLUM’s re-election – from a Las Vegas money laundering operation; then this is Huge and explains Maddox and the Midget visiting VEGAS! Snidely/Maven – thoughts?

  6. You all might be interested in this bit of News………City Commissioner Curtis Richardson received Campaign Contributions from ALL THREE (HAH I – HAH II & HAH III)

  7. I would wager the HAH companies, the source of their money, and the donations are a centeral part of the FBI investigation that is currently spanking Scott, Paige, and that Burnett fellow.
    This may be a little too complex for the FBI to understand though. Because in order to protect Gillum the FBI would have to default to not wanting to know about this or understand anything to do with the HAH companies.
    Its my feeling the FBI has a hands off Gillum end goal and will only use this HAH information if they can not somehow avoid it.
    Thanks Steve keep on working this Sir.

    1. It’s just a sad state here in Tallahassee. I continue to be embarrassed by our public officials and the by the people that keep re-electing them.

  8. I hope your issues will include the seriousness of keeping our drinking water clean; has the recent breach and sewage spill at Weems Road entered the aquifer and contaminated our drinking water?

    Also, the Leon County Sheriff using taxpayer funds to funnel money to his campaign manager under the guise of being a lobbyist. Who was responsible for letting that go through the system?

    1. They say the sewage spill was minor but, any sewage spill is never minor. Our Drinking Water is VERY Important to me. I am pushing for Central Sewer Systems so we can get rid of Septic Tanks.

      I will have to go back through the County Commission Meetings to see if it was even brought up about the Sheriff hiring a Lobbyist. WHY do they need a Lobbyist, that’s crazy. If they need extra Money, McNeil should be the one going to the Governor or Legislators NOT a Lobbyist.

      1. It was in no way shape or form a minor breach it was a major breach and don’t let them fool you.

        I believe it is possible that the contaminated water reach the aquifer and that is our drinking water.

        Of course they are going to hide it which brings up some other concerns they are putting our health safety and Welfare at risk.

        You need to be jumping up and down waving your hands screaming and getting to the bottom of this don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.

  9. It is amazing how so many people in Public Office think they can slip something by with no one noticing, especially when it comes to Donations. I am glad I have NO connections with Lobbyists, Contractors, Developers, Big Business and PAC’s. In FACT, I do not want to accept any Donations for my Campaign from Businesses.

  10. And they don’t have anything on the buffoons in the state attorney’s office and judicial system that used a sexual predator to harass whistleblowers and protected the sexual predator where the sexual predator went on to hurt more people.

    If you are going to call out people here then let’s call out Judge Hankinson, Jack Campbell, Jon Fuchs, Owen McCaul, Bill Blocker, Paul Driver, the county attorney, three detectives at Leon County Sheriff’s Office, an investigator married to a Leon County deputy, a former judge.

    The corruption is so vast that some of the darkest areas need to be cleaned up.

    Rocky looks like a saint compared to the rest of them and I am not condoning Rocky’s actions or behavior, but let’s get some reality checks here.

    1. Hope, don’t forget about the Administrative law judges at DOAH. Pittman pretty much advertises his ability to influence DOAH hearing outcomes on his website.

  11. If you think Scott Maddox and Carter Paige are crooked, they ain’t got nuthin’ on the dead beat dad, Mr. Rocky boy. That boy ain’t right, he ain’t never been right… so it makes perfect sense he would end up as school superintendent for Leon County. What a bunch of dolts.

  12. When you look beneath the smiling face of Rocky Hanna you find a person that…

    As a school Principal he dated teachers he supervised, bullied at least one women into a transfer with a monetary settlement

    Had to be sued to pay child support

    Created a notebook filled with what he knew to be false allegations that cost taxpayers over $600,000. It is on the record that Rocky admitted to the school board attorney at the time he created his notebook he had no firsthand knowledge of any wrongdoing in the district

    Promoted his political allies into assistant superintendent positions without an interview paying them over $100,000 each while teachers are the 46 lowest paid in Florida

    Now this.

    We all see the real Rocky Hanna.

  13. I know how Rocky got the $50K: It was tips from Scotty to the midget stripper, who donated it all to Rocky via the LLCs.

    Wonder how much those sacks of quarters weighed?

  14. Rocky Hanna made over $168,000 PLUS his salary from Leon schools and he is paying back child support? Criminal. No words can be used other than disgusting!

  15. The LLC’s share suite 300 with a legal company that creates LLC’s as a business (among other things)?
    Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc.
    4730 S Fort Apache Road
    Suite 300
    Las Vegas, NV 89147
    “Nevada Corporate Headquarters Inc. (NCH) has been the business startup specialist in Nevada for over twenty-five years. NCH has formed over 90,000 business entities worldwide and has a nationwide reputation for assisting entrepreneurs, corporations and licensed professionals.”

    I wonder if all these people know each other:
    JK PROPERTY HOLDINGS, LLC (Florida registered business)
    LAS VEGAS, NV 89147

  16. Will the circle be unbroken….; now tie in the Panama City pukes with this. Mark consider yourself partly vindicated for being such a pain in the arse….

  17. I wonder if Hanna or any Board member that ran in 2016 or any member that ran in 2018, had contributions from Vegas? Did Pittman donate to any of these folks? Has Hanna collected any Vegas money for his 2020 run? Maybe someone in the School district should become a whistleblower and publish an anoymous book and send to the FBI.

    1. GREAT article just posted on how Andrew Guilty has spent $1.5M (of John Morgan’s money) since losing his last election on registering a million Democrat voters to “Trip up Trump”:

      Only two problems:
      1) Net new Democrat voters after purging illegal ones:
      Only 11,000!
      2) $70,000 of John Morgan’s cash ended up in Saan Pittman’s pocket.

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