Leon County Commission Votes to Re-Bid Waste Collection Contract

Leon County Commission Votes to Re-Bid Waste Collection Contract

Faced with one bidder and a 35% increase in costs, the Leon County Commission voted to re-bid the exclusive right to provide waste collection services in unincorporated Leon County.

The monthly subscription rate is paid for by residents opting to receive curbside residential solid waste collection for the unincorporated area of Leon County. 

The original invitation to bid (ITB) was advertised locally on September 30, 2019.  A total of 90 vendors were notified through the automated procurement system.  A total of 30 vendors requested bid packages and 5 attended the mandatory pre-bid.  On November 15, 2019, a single bid was received from Waste Pro of $19.19 per month for residential collection or a 35% increase.  The current rate is $14.15 per month. 

Waste Management responded with a no-bid and provided specific objections. The objections are listed below.

  • Unlimited yard waste collection, even though the ITB states yard waste must be placed at the curb within specification, it states there will be no limit to the number of compliant piles.
  • No limit on Bulk Waste, including the collection of white goods that contain freon. We are unable to dispose of any appliances that contain refrigerants.
  • Disaster Debris Collection language is a major issue since Leon County is dictating to the solid waste collection contractor that they must accept the negotiated rate that Leon County has with their Disaster Debris contractor, which is a specialized service with specialized equipment on an as needed basis.
  • Unilateral three-year extension, we would only consent to a mutually agreed upon renewal.

Waste Management provided curbside collection to County residents for over 25 years, 1987-2013.  The County’s current franchise agreement with Waste Pro was awarded through a competitive invitation to bid, commencing service on October 1, 2013. 

The agreement with Waste Pro has been riddled with controversy and customer service issues.

As presented to the Leon County Commission at the September 24, 2019 meeting, the ITB terms and conditions were written with the intention to increase the level of service and reduce the number of complaints experienced over the past six years. 

The Leon County Commission vote will restart a new bidding process.

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  1. OK. Someone, please do some research and answer my question. I have been told that plastic water bottles are not recyclable in Tallahassee. Is this true? I know that this is the number one item in recyclable bins in town but I am told that Tampa is the closest place to recycle them. If, in fact, this is true, make the truth be known to city residents. Maybe the City can build a recycling plant that takes plastic. Inquiring minds want to know the truth.

  2. We’ve been very pleased with Waste Pro’s price and service since 2013. They have been very responsive the few times that I’ve had a customer service inquiry. I don’t see a 35% increase in six years as being unreasonable, given the inflation rate and increased cost of fuel, etc.

    In the 13 years prior that we had Waste Management, I recall numerous complaints that I filed regarding leaking hydraulic hoses spilling oil on the pavement at every stop and liquid waste dripping out of poorly maintained trucks. They were good at offering excuses but short on providing solutions.

    We are very happy with Waste Pro!

  3. Will the new contract continue to be by subscription so that those county residents who now use the county collection sites continue to be able to us them? Or will the new contract become universal requiring all county residents to use the chosen waste service?

    I ask this as the existing contract with Waste Pro has 3 options for residential collection service. Just asking


    Article 3 – sub para 3.1.1 – page 12 of 36


    3.1 Subscription and/or Universal Collection

    3.1.1 The County shall advise the Contractor, not later than July 15, 2013, of which
    Residential Collection Service option the Contractor shall be required to provide:

    If Option 1 is selected by the County, Residential Collection Service
    throughout the Franchise Area will be by subscription;

    If Option 2 is selected by the County, Residential
    Collection Service within the Urban Services Area (USA) will be universal,
    meaning that all Residential Customers will be provided and billed
    for collection service, and Residential Collection Service within
    the Rural Service Area (RSA) will be by subscription; or

    If Option 3 is selected by the County, Residential Collection
    Service will be universal throughout the entire Franchise Area.

    The County hereby reserves the right, within the first five (5) years of the Initial
    Term, and upon one hundred eighty (180) days prior written notice, to require
    Contractor to provide Option 3 level Residential Collection Service, at a cost as
    described in the Rate Schedule set forth in Exhibit 3, as adjusted consistent with
    Section 8.5.

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