Superintendent Hanna Fundraiser Draws Broad Support from Local Leaders

Superintendent Hanna Fundraiser Draws Broad Support from Local Leaders

Superintendent Rocky Hanna will kick-off his re-election campaign with a fundraiser sponsored by a number prominent business, elected and community leaders this Wednesday.

Information on the event is provided below.

Hanna, who recently filed for re-election, won the his first four-year term in 2016 by defeating incumbent superintendent Jackie Pons. So far, Hanna is the only candidate in the race.

The list of sponsors include Mayor John Dailey, super lobbyists Brian Ballard and Sean Pittman, public relations expert Ron Sachs, and former Congresswoman and Florida gubernatorial candidate, Gwen Graham.

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    1. Rusty, give Rick a break. He’s just a washed-up lonely old man that has to run with Don Lemon and Wajahat Ali just to be relevant- two folks who would turn on him in a second, and are just using him now to continue the party as the hand begins writing on the wall.
      Rick done hitched his wagon to the wrong star, and it seemed like such a good ride, didn’t it?
      (Rick, maybe SoCal is more your speed?)

  1. January 29th. Great. I can’t believe he didn’t wait till February 5th to give him time to doctor the Donations before having to report them. I will bet that he waits until the last minute to file his Finance Report though……….

    1. Alex,.

      You give Stanley too much credit to be a super lobbyist. I believe a “super sycophant” is more suitable.

      If Stanley did receive an automobile from the Hannas then that erases any credibility Stanley has in support of Mr. Hanna.

  2. Nice to see Rocky’s brother attending. Add voter intimidation to night as we all know Rocky and his brother paid a PI to follow staff in Leon around during the last election. I wonder if Rocky will have doctored photos and videos on sale at the event. Outright voter intimidation notice has just been sent to all Leon School employees by Rocky.

    1. Maybe that is why no Leon School employees are on the list other than the Hansens. Why is Dan Ausley’s name on there without his wife’s. She used to work for Leon schools.

      1. The same Scott Hanson that in an affidavit the mother of the child said knew that Rocky was the father and he did not report Rocky to officials either in the school system or child welfare? I’m pretty sure it’s an educator in the state of Florida he had a responsibility to report Rocky Hanna for a form of child neglect and he did not do so. welcome to those who endorse and support Rocky Hanna.

        1. Come on guys. Scott and Rocky are best buddies. They travel together and Scott got his big promotion this past year. Would you report your best buddy?

  3. Seeing this nest of political, liberal thieves, one has to conclude that the triangle is complete. They now own city Gov. county Gov. and the School district. Hanna, the leader of thieves had bought his throne. Let us all yell: HAH, HAH HAH. Amen.

  4. Gwen Graham returns as a never ending support to Rocky when she put his interests first and left a teacher out to dry after Hanna broke his oath as an educator. Great to see Ron Sachs and Gwen openly supporting a man that hid from child support for 10 years!

    This list reveals what is the heart of those that not only give money to Rocky but want to have their names associated with someone that openly engaged in child neglect. As a parent I wonder how any that is a parent condones and endorses the behavior of Rocky Hanna

  5. Great to see first hand the names of people that support Rocky Hanna for Superintendent after he acknowledged he hid from child support for 10 years, he broke the Educator Oath of Ethics by dating teachers he supervised then bullied one of them into a transfer with a taxpayer funded settlement, he has our teachers being paid the 46th lowest salaries in Florida, he contributes thousands of dollars through LLC’s to buy influence, he admitted he falsified information to state and federal authorities and he provided the leadership for the largest busing debacle in Florida.

    Now we see front and center the people in Tallahassee that endorse child neglect and unethical behavior.

    1. Well, now we have the official list of those who are more interested in their politics and pocket books than the education of our children. Thank you Tallahassee Reports!

        1. Everyone should stop disrespecting the Republican Party by referring to Dislodge as a Republican.

          He’s a RINO. A Republican In Name Only.

          1. I’m a DINO. I am asking everyone to do what I am doing. Register as a Democrat to throw the Numbers off. Vote for the worst Democrat Candidates in the Primaries to throw the numbers off, then Vote for Trump and all Republicans in the General Election to Destroy the Numbers and Destroy the Democrats. They will NEVER know what hit them………AGAIN…….LOL.

  6. If I were in a business relationship with any of the names on the list of proud Rocky supporters I would take it as a “Here’s Your Sign” moment and replace them in my business relationships.
    Because odds are somewhere close to a 99.99999….99999% probability those on the list are unethical backstabbing folks that will bring nothing but trouble into your life.
    But I do not condone or push for a boycott in the style of the leftists when someone whizzes them off. That’s just me speaking for me.

    1. Every one of them would give your kids a new bus route system that would leave them stranded in exchange for the pleasure to feed at the public trough.

    2. Exactly.
      About the only Usual Suspects missing from this list are Yordon, Marx, Maddox & his walking buddy.
      I wonder if “Mike Miller” will stop by with a wad of Benjamin’s?

      1. Follow the money and you will see the money raised here then goes to Gary Yordon, Vancore Jones, and vehicles for Stanley Sims. I wonder if they in turn report their windfalls to the IRS?

        The cycle of corruption continues.

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