No Charges in Downtown Truck Incident During Protests

No Charges in Downtown Truck Incident During Protests

State Attorney Jack Campbell has made the decision not to charge the driver of a red truck that was involved in an altercation with protesters in downtown Tallahassee on May 30.

Campbell called the action by the driver a “reasonable use of force” and stated that a protester was punching someone in the truck before the truck moved through the protesters. Protestors had surrounded the vehicle on Monroe Street.

In addition, Campbell said that a protestor involved in incident stated he did not believe the driver intended to hit him.

Other factors noted by Campbell:

“Although the Tallahassee Police Department offered to assist protest organizers by blocking off a safe area for the event, these protesters chose not to utilize that service. Consequently, there were no traffic control devices or other safety measures in place at the time of the incident.”

“In assessing whether the force [the driver] used was reasonable, there is no evidence that [the driver] specifically aimed the truck at persons or intended to harm anyone. To the contrary, he navigated the crowd in such a way that very few minor injuries were sustained.”

Initial reports of the incident were based on a video that seemed to indicate the driver deliberately drove through a crowd of protestors without provocation. However, other videos, including one published by Tallahassee Reports, showed a protester punching through the passenger side window of the truck before the truck began moving forward.

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  1. So called Democrat “leaders” cannot even protect local citizens, public property or historical monuments… they take a knee and bow to unarmed thugs, order law enforcement to retreat and abandon their stations, and surrender entire swaths of cities to ill-educated lawless foul-mouthed children… yet they profess that they are the ones to be trusted to govern Our Nation, protect and defend Our Homeland, and command Our Military.

    … let that sink in a bit people… let that sink in…

  2. When there are pictures and in this case… a video, comments don’t even matter. There does, though, need to be a retraction of sorts by the Mayor, who did get ‘waylaid’ with the truth.

  3. Now arrest and charge those protesters who assaulted the people in the truck,and vandalized that truck. Hold them accountable for their crime’s.

  4. Was there even a chance of charges for the attackers? Wasn’t the truck vandalized? How are there no charges?

  5. But how does the virtue signaling, pandering, leftist Tallahassee Mayor Flintstone feel about this? Somehow I think Mayor Flintstone was hopefull for a Pickup Truck – Georgia – Honkies = Guilty decision by the leftist Campbell. But Flintstone did not get his pandering dream of prosecution.

    Oh BTW the Fake News-O-Crat ran an unflattering story on former Mayor Gillum. Kinda dancing around his addiction to spend spend spend all John Morgan’s money and some other stuff.
    And that Florida Political publication also ran a different “What if Gillum Won as Governor” story today which was somewhat pandering to the left but not in a disgusting cant finish reading it way.

    1. The people under these comments are always problematic WHITE people who feel like their voice matters in these LITTLE news comment sections. (This is for you NewsMaven)

      It’s because ppl like me, don’t get on here enough to lay y’all out !!! In the black community that just simply means “PUT YALL IN YALL PLACE !”

      (Let’s forget about race real quick) Why do you think it’s okay for a man to run through a crowd of protestors in streets that were blocked off, hit a man and drive at least 200 feet before he falls off the front of the truck and not get charged. Just because no one was hurt doesn’t mean he didn’t have the intent to harm !

      My second point:
      You all love to show US (black ppl) at our worst BUT NEVER our best !!! This article was supposed to be about racist hillbilly monster who wasn’t getting charged (even though he should), and y’all posted a young, angry, tired of all systematic racism going on in the world African American man throwing a punch … Whoever wrote this article or chose the picture you’re just as guilty as the ppl in these comments.

      Y’all are sick, pathetic, wrong, unlawful, stupid, too entitled, and worthless pieces of crap … and you are hoodrat if you ask me !!!

      1. Sorry, but I’ve forgotten all about George Floyd… what with all the rioting, looting, arson, destruction, and murder committed in his honor.

        My empathy and sympathy now rests with the families of Patrick Underwood, David Dorn, and many others – black and otherwise – who have been murdered (in Floyd’s honor) by black Democrat-financed anarchists. 

        The completely avoidable and tragic deaths of good people, and their blood is on the hands of Democrats and their Media PACs.


      2. @C. Robinson (A BLACK WOMEN)…You should be ashamed of yourself…you are making excuses for thuggery just because he’s a young black male. YOU obviously have some frustrations but DONT give the green light to others to become thugs and criminals! Everyone is NOT like the policeman in Minneapolis.

        Let those who commit these acts be accountable for their own actions. These young black people you’re inspiring with your own hate and vitriol, may not even have seen racism in their own young life as you have. Give them a chance to see the world for themselves in hopes of making it better. If you can’t do that, then you could be responsible for helping to condemn them to a life of hate…such as you have.

      3. > Why do you think it’s okay for a man to run through a
        > crowd of protestors in streets that were blocked off

        The streets were not blocked off. The state attorney’s report specifically states:

        “Although the Tallahassee Police Department offered to assist protest organizers by blocking off a safe area for the event, these protesters chose not to utilize that service. Consequently, there were no traffic control devices or other safety measures in place at the time of the incident.”

      4. In the interests of community improvement, please resist the urge to breed, sell your crack pipe, and use the proceeds to buy a copy of “English for DUMMIES.”

    2. Snide, Speaking of Gillum and feeding at the public trough. We are about to be hit with another tax increase for the Children’s Services at the least, and possibly another property tax increase for public safety, and some other fee for raises for city commissioners to go with their already healthy car allowances shared with other top staff. Couple this with the new hole in the budget from the scamdemic and we are going to be in a world of hurt.

      We had a property tax increase a few years back that was supposed to hire more officers and purchase body cameras. That didn’t happen. The tax did, but not the investments and Andy promised that. Instead, we got a reorganization of City Government including obscene raises that was suggested and facilitated by the latest Tallahassee City Commissioner who was a compensated city vendor consulting on the reorganization.

      That Commissioner is Elaine Bryant. She was not elected. She was appointed to fill Scott Maddox’ seat. Appointed by the City Commissioners and Mayor. It is a pattern, a revolving door of insiders and non profit proh-fessionals.

      But Taxpayers have plenty of money. Just ask Mayor Chuckles, or Curtis, or anyone on Blueprint. (Please buy an Infinity)

  6. The hoodrat should be charged! That’s a fact, JACK.
    So, throwing a punch (or a brick) is OK, especially while TeePeeDee is watching?
    Next time, maybe Goad will at least let the cops use their Super Soakers.

    Say goodbye to tax-paying businesses, city commissars.
    Glad my name isn’t Sue Dick – especially with a record Kung Flu day yesterday..

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